In 2016 the first rifle hunt had 7 elk hunters kill 6 bulls, with the best bull grossing 325 inches. The second ri e hunt was 3 for 3, third hunt 1 for 3 (2 hunters had to leave early due to an emergency) and the fourth hunt went 3 for 4. Overall the October/November ri e hunts had 17 hunters kill 13 bulls and as usual the average bull would gross score around 300 inches. The two late December hunts had not started at press time.
In 2015 the first rifle hunt 6 of the 7 elk hunters tagged bulls with the top bull gross scoring 330 and the rest were in the 290 to 300 class. The unsuccessful hunter was holding out for a 350 bull. The second hunt went 2 for 3, a 310 and 300. The unsuccessful hunter passed on a 290 bull. Third hunt went 2 for 2 and both hunters took super 330 type bulls. December hunts went 4 for 4 on the rst hunt with the smallest bull grossing 320. The nal December hunt also went terrific and on the late hunts bulls taken averaged well over 320.

This 12,000 acre ranch in northeastern New Mexico borders the Philmont Boy Scout Ranch on one side and the famous Veremejo Park on the other, in fact, this outfitter is also issued a few tags to hunt 8,000 acres in Dean Canyon on Veremejo.

All rifle and archery elk hunts are priced at $6,000 with a $2,000 kill fee for 5 days guided 2×1 and this includes the landowner voucher, guaranteeing you an elk tag without any drawing, but you still have to buy the state license and tag.

The first 5 day hunt is normally October 1 to 5, second hunt, October 11 to 15 and third hunt is October 22 to 26. Hunters can expect to hear some bugling on the rst couple hunts. Two December hunts are normally scheduled in the first half of the month (all dates are approximate). The late hunts have typically produced some of the larger bulls. If you draw blood the trophy fee is paid.

He also offers a 5 day archery hunt for September 11 to 15 or September 18 to 22. In 2016 he hosted 2 archers and one killed a 290 bull and the other hunter was in a wheelchair and did not get an opportunity, but is scheduled to be back in 2017. Old ranch house accommodations with satellite TV, phone and screened in porch. 3 day cow hunts are also available for only $1,800 and last fall 3 cow hunters tagged 3 cows. Hunters y into Colorado Springs, Albuquerque or Amarillo and rent a car. License and 7 percent tax is not included. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz, Scott Steinkruger and Cliff Graham have all been on this ranch. Hunt EK333.