2016 was tough with all the warm weather, but this out t still produced pretty well. First rifle went three for six on bulls, four more were missed and one crippled and lost. Second rifle hunt four hunters killed one bull, missed two bulls and a bear. Third hunt he had one elk hunter kill a 310 bull. The archery hunt had action, but not much for success. Over the course of the archery season they only killed one bull, missed a couple, killed a couple cows and missed a bear. Over the course of four mule deer hunts he had 15 deer guys tag 13 bucks. 7 or 8 grossed over 180 inches with the top two going 206 and 194 on the last hunt.

In 2015 over 2 hunts his 8 archery elk hunters harvested 5 bulls, 4 were between 250 and 260 inches, and 2 mule deer, a 180 and 175 inch. His first rifle elk hunt had 7 hunters kill 6 bulls, including a 320 bull. The second hunt was a rarity with only one 310 inch bull being taken for 6 hunters. The elk were on the ranch, but for some reason they just couldn’t get it done. Third hunt he had a father/son elk hunting team and 5 mule deer hunters. The son killed a typical 260 class bull and the father hit and lost a bull. All 5 deer hunters tagged bucks, including a 190, 3 in the 180’s and a 170 inch deer.

All 5 day hunts, archery elk is $4,500 from August 28 to September 26. Muzzleloader hunts are $5,500 September 11 to 19. First season ri e is $5,500 for October 16 to 20, second season $4,500 October 23 to 31, third season $4,500 November 6 to 12 and fourth season $4,500 November 17 to 21. Elk/mule deer combo is $8,000 with a trophy fee of $1,000 for any buck grossing over 180 Boone and Crockett. First and fourth rifle elk draw has been 100 percent on these private land tags, second and third seasons are over-the-counter. Muzzleloader elk usually requires 3 points to draw. Mule deer are draw, 4 or 5 points should get you a tag and landowner vouchers are available. 8,000 private acres with cabin accommodations, meals and 2×1 guide service. Airport pickup included at Montrose or Grand Junction. Few scattered openings for 2017, book now for 2018. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz has visited this ranch.  Hunt EK163.