In 2016 on the first rifle hunt 9 guys tagged 8 bulls; one hunter had to leave early. The second hunt went 8 for 8. The third hunt was really tough and only 2 of the 8 hunters killed bulls, with only half having an opportunity for a bull. They also run two late hunts November 28 to December 4 and December 17 to 21 and neither had taken place at press time. Success is typically very good on bulls averaging just over the 300 inch mark with the top bulls going up to 340 inches and sometimes more.

In 2015 on the first rifle elk hunt 8 guys killed 5 bulls and everyone had shooting. Second hunt went 6 for 8 again with the average bull grossing over 300 inches. The third hunt went 6 for 7 and some really big bulls were taken.

5 day rifle hunts guided 2×1 including landowner voucher (no drawing for tags) are priced at $9,500. Dates are October 1-5, 8-12, 16- 20, November 28 to December 2 and December 17-21. 5 day archery hunts are priced at $9,500 for September 11-15 and 18-22.

Hunters fly into Colorado Springs, Albuquerque or Amarillo and rent a car. License and 7 percent tax is not included. These hunts ll quickly due to the high elk numbers, guaranteed elk tag and high success rate on quality bulls. Hunt EKP333.