This southwest MONTANA out tter does the high adventure traditional horseback hunt in the Snowcrest Mountain Range. In 2016 shooting was a little off with 9 archers only killing one bull, 5 of the bowhunters had shooting. In 2015 his 9 archers killed 4 good bulls over the course of two rut hunts. Only 2 bowhunters didn’t get any shooting. In 2014 his 9 bowhunters killed 3 bulls and the top two grossed 300 inches. They hit and lost 4 and only 2 hunters did not take a shot. A day horsebacking in, hunt 5 days and a day out is $4,000 guided 2×1. Two or three hunts typically run back to back starting September 10 with wall tent accommodations. Elk draw has been 100 percent at $789.  Hunt EKB775.