This rancher/outfitter has been 100 percent on nice mature deer and pronghorn for several years. He runs a small personal operation in southeastern Montana. Muley bucks average 23 to 25 inches with good mass gross scoring in the 160’s, with the chance on a 170 inch deer. Deer tags are good for either mule deer or whitetails and he takes some nice whitetails. IF YOU DRAW A PRONGHORN TAG HE ALLOWS YOU TO TAKE ONE AT NO CHARGE DURING THE FIRST TWO DEER HUNTS.

Success has been 95 percent on mule deer ranging from 155 to 170 inches, same with whitetails in the 130 to 160 inch range and 100 percent on antelope. This rancher will normally take about 12 rifle deer hunters per year between mule deer and whitetails.

4 days guided 2×1 is $3,250 and hunters pay for their own meals and lodging at the local motel for about $70 per room or the rancher has an older trailer on the property that the hunters can use for lodging and do their own meals. Hunt dates are about October 20 to Thanksgiving. Hunters fly into Rapid City or Billings and rent a car for the 2 1/2 hour drive.

Montana has changed their deer license program, so now you can typically draw an elk/ deer license for $944 and then apply for the special draw for bull elk in this trophy unit and it is very unlikely that you would draw so you should get back $383, so your deer license is only $561. If you do draw the elk tag this is a great trophy unit and the outfitter will upgrade your hunt to include a bull on a $2,500 trophy fee only. Montana now allows you to purchase a bonus point from June to September for $50. Deer/elk draw deadline is March 15 and pronghorn draw is about 20 percent with a June 1. IF YOU WANT TO BOOK THIS HUNT CALL ASAP AS 2017 IS BOOKED FULL AND 2018 IS PARTIALLY BOOKED. HE TAKES A VERY SMALL NUMBER OF HUNTERS. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz has hunted this ranch. Hunt MD427.