This outfitter has 7 ranches totaling about 200,000 private acres near Miles City and also another 40,000 acres he only hunts two weeks during the rut. Over the course of about 5 weeks of hunting he normally takes a total of 35 to 40 deer hunters and success typically runs 90 percent or better. Mulies average in the 155 to 160 inch class with the top bucks grossing 175 to 180 inches. Whitetails average close to the 140 inch range. Pronghorn is a tough rifle draw, but hunters lucky enough to draw a tag have been 100 percent success on bucks averaging around 15 inches. If you are lucky enough to draw a bull elk tag success is near 100 percent on bulls gross scoring 300 to 350 inches.

5 day hunts are $4,750 for either of the first two rifle deer hunts and if you draw a pronghorn tag there is no additional charge to add pronghorn. Later dates, deer rut hunts, are priced at $5,150.

The season normally opens around October 20 and he hunts until late November. Accommodations are a nice ranch house with full service including home cooked meals and 2×1 guiding.

Montana has changed their deer license program, so now you can typically draw an elk/ deer license for $944 and then apply for the special draw for bull elk in this trophy unit and it is very unlikely that you would draw so you should get back $383, so your deer license is only $561. If you do draw the elk tag this is a great trophy unit and the out tter will upgrade your hunt to include a bull plus your deer for only $6,950. Montana now allows you to purchase a bonus point from June to September for $50. Deer/elk draw deadline is March 15 and pronghorn draw is less than 20 percent with a June 1 deadline. Hunters y into Billings and rent a car. Hunt MD232.