2016 was going well for the archery hunters. At press time over the course of several weeks of bow season 27 archers had killed 12 bucks and hit and lost 3. Best buck grossed 187 with 26 points down to the smallest going 136.

This outfit is unique as they prefer hunters wanting to assist in their own hunt. Some hunters come every year and the area they hunt is set aside for their group and only their group, it is not hunted any other time. They assist in stand placement and come out at different times just to scout. The out t also has about 40 stands, 180 acres of food plots and feeders on the properties.

This family operation owns 9,000 DEEDED ACRES in Adams County, which is considered one of the top producing counties in Ohio. It is located in the south-central part of the state near Kentucky.

Accommodations can be a nice ranch house known as Poplar Flat that sleeps 12 with 2 bathrooms or they also have a couple cabins at separate locations equipped for groups of 4 or 5.

5 day bow hunts October to late November hunts are priced at $1,900 with a $500 trophy fee. Late season muzzleloader hunts January 7 to 10 are $2,200 with a $500 trophy fee. Hunters arrive on Sunday, hunt Monday through Friday and depart Saturday. Tags are over the counter, no draw. Very limited openings due to repeat clientele. Hunt WD430.  

This outfit will offer a fully guided hunt out of their main lodge in 2017. This will be a 5 day bowhunt or the late season 4 day muzzleloader hunt priced at $3,500. We especially like this early January muzzleloader season. Call us for more details. Cliff Graham and Bob Wodzisz have visited these properties.