2016 season ended with 6 archers killing 3 bucks, a 150 and 2 in the 130’s. Rifle hunters went 5 for 10, with the top 2 bucks grossing 160 inches and 145

2015 October/November archery hunt produced 4 bucks for 10 hunters, including two great bucks pushing 160. The first rifle hunt had 6 hunters kill a 170, 148 and a 145.

In 2014 his 9 archers killed 6 bucks, hit and lost 1. Best buck grossed 162 and also a 157 and they went down to about 125. Rifle hunters tagged 4 bucks out of 9 hunters, including 2 in the 150’s.

This 5th generation farmer/outfitter has 8,000 private agriculture/ranch acres in east central Nebraska. Archers are allowed crossbows and muzzleloader hunters do not have any restrictions and are allowed scopes.

They are set up with 20 real nice imitation round bale blinds with windows and one-way curtains. They also have 15 box blinds, some on stilts and some on the ground, all enclosed. 80 ladder stands are also in advantage spots to be used on any hunt. Hunters are to bring their own buddy heaters and propane if they want heated blinds.

Accommodations are nice private cabins with separate bedrooms that can accommodate up to 6 hunters or as low as one and include bedding and towels. All meals are provided and the evening supper is a hot home cooked meal.

Archery hunts are priced at $2,750 from October 15 to November 14 for 5 days, we prefer the later dates. Rifle hunts are 4 days from November 15 to 18 and 20 to 23 at $3,500. Muzzleloader 4 day hunts are December 1 to 31 for $3,000. Prices do not include 5.5 percent state tax, licensing or processing. Licenses are normally $209 plus $28 habitat stamp and can be purchased online in June. Kids up to 16 years of age are only $6. If you wait until arrival licenses can be as high as $400 depending on availability so buy them in advance. He does enforce the cripple policy; if you hit a deer you can only hunt that particular deer.

Hunters fly into Omaha or Lincoln and rent a car for the 2 1/2 hour drive to camp. Hunt WD550.