This outfitter has one of the largest bear hunting areas in Manitoba CONSISTING OF OVER 3,000 SQUARE MILES. He can take quite a few hunters over his large area and still take big bears.

Spring of 2016 his 48 hunters killed 44 bears with a couple bowhunters crippling bears and a couple repeat hunters passing while looking for really big bruins. Fishing proved very good last spring and non-hunting fishermen can tag along for only $1,050.

2016 fall season had 19 hunters kill 18 bears. The unsuccessful hunter passed on numerous bears. 16 boars and 2 sows were taken averaging 275 pounds and the largest went over 450.

2015 spring produced 46 bears for his 50 hunters with 100 percent shooting opportunities for all hunters. Best bear went 550 pounds and the top 3 went 7 foot or larger. The 4 hunters that did not kill were repeat hunters that turned down bears looking for bigger bears.

2015 fall 23 hunters tagged 22 bears with 100 percent shooting opportunities and the largest bear tipped the scales at 400 pounds.

Camp is located on the Winnipeg River so shing is right outside your door for pike, walleye and smallmouth bass. You will be transported to and from your remote bait site by ATV. Average shots are about 20 yards for either gun or bow. We like the spring hunts from mid May to June and the fall hunts from late August to September 10. Opportunity has been close to 100 percent spring or fall and color phase runs about 10 percent for chocolate or cinnamon.

He offers a 6 day full service guided hunt for $3,450 that includes lodging, meals, shing with boats and motors, skinning and preparation of your bear and airport pickup at Winnipeg. Not included is the 5 percent GST tax or $332 bear license. 2017 openings. Hunt BL522.