2016 was a tough year for a lot of brown bear outfitters in southeastern Alaska. Due to an early spring the bears were rubbed extensively causing hunters to pass. The fall salmon run was extremely poor in many areas causing the boars to head back up into the hills early leaving the sows and cubs at the river mouths. This out tter dropped his prices due to the poor success of 2016 and a slow economy.

Spring of 2016 produced 2 boars for 4 hunters.  HCU hunter, Mike Hallam, took a nice 8 1/2 bear with a few rubs and another hunter killed a monster boar with a 26 inch skull. One unsuccessful hunter passed on rubbed bears and the other hunter just could not physically get around. The fall hunt wasn’t any better with one hunter tagging a sow and the other hunter hurting his knee and at age 70 just couldn’t get up the streams far enough to find a boar.

In the spring of 2015, over the course of 3 hunts, all 4 hunters took home boars ranging in size from 8 1/2 foot to over 9 foot. He didn’t run any fall hunts and instead did some moose hunting for himself. This seasoned out tter has been running brown bear boat hunts in southeast Alaska for over 30 years.

Spring hunts are typically April 24 to May 5 for one or two hunters, May 5 to 16 for two hunters, May 21 to June 1 for one hunter and black bear can be added on the last hunt if time allows. Spring hunts are normally conducted by cruising Admiralty or Chichagof Island shoreline until a bear is sighted and then approaching the shoreline by skiff ahead of the bear to intercept him. At times you and your guide may take a small skiff into the more remote bays glassing for feeding bears.

Fall hunt is September 14 to 25 and or 21 to October 1. Fall hunts are typically for one hunter per hunt. This hunt will require more walking possibly up salmon streams looking for feeding bears. Normally the first fall hunt takes place on the mainland shoreline, while the second hunt is on the western edge of Chichagof Island.

.In the past this has been a very high success hunt priced at $20,000 for 10 days, but due to a tough 2016 season and slow bookings he has reduced the price. Accommodations and base camp will be on his 48  foot yacht. Hunters y into Juneau and charter a oat plane to the yacht for $300 round trip. Non- hunters are priced at $3,000. At press time he has 3 spring openings. One on the first hunt April 24 to May 5 and two spots on the second hunt May 5 to 16. He also has one fall opening for September 14 to 26 of 2017. These 2017 hunts are reduced to only $17,000. Hunt BR209.