Last fall he had 8 sheep hunters tag 8 rams, including an ALL TIME BOONE AND CROCKETT RAM scoring 171 and was 14 years old.

In 2015 his 8 sheep hunters killed 6 rams, including a 168 inch broomed ram. One rifle hunter hit and lost his ram. It was a big ram that they spent 8 days looking for him with no success. The other unsuccessful hunter was an archer that spent 6 days sitting on a good ram and wasn’t able to make it happen. One bowhunter did kill his ram.

2014 all 8 stone sheep hunters took home a ram including 2 bowhunters. Best ram went just over 164 inches and overall age was 10 1/2 years.

The hunt is 15 days with horses and the price is $42,500 and this INCLUDES tax and government royalty fees.

He offers 2 hunts in the month of August and additional animals can be taken on the second hunt for a $4,000 trophy fee. A sheep hunt consists of spike camps, guide, wrangler and 6 horses. Rams are typically quite dark in his area. Hunters pay for their charter ight from Ft. Nelson priced at $1,500, license and tags. Hunt SS483.