10 DAYS FOR ONLY $15,500

Last fall his 9 hunters killed 7 bulls, including 2 monsters going 250 and 230. 6 of the 7 had spreads over 60 inches, including a 72 inch bull. Both unsuccessful hunters quit early saying it was too tough a hunt. This is a true Alaska wilderness moose hunt with Alaska weather, so be prepared, but success and quality of bulls make up for it. 3 hunters also tagged grizzly bears.

In 2015 his 6 moose hunters tagged 5 bulls, including 65 and 64 inch bulls down to a 54 inch with incredible 7×9 brow tines.

In 2014 all 5 hunters scored on bulls including the PENDING NEW WORLD RECORD SCORING AN AMAZING 272 BOONE AND CROCKETT! The bull was 72 inches wide with 54 inch long paddles. They also took a 66, 62, 60 and 52.

This had always been one of the top moose areas in northwestern Alaska, but when the state made it a draw area it just got better. He hunts 2 areas that have drawing odds ranging from 20 to over 70 percent and although the odds are high it chases some hunters away. HCU has only ever had four hunters not draw their moose tag. ALASKA NOW ALLOWS NON-RESIDENTS TO BUY A GRIZZLY TAG FOR THIS UNIT OVER THE COUNTER ON A FIRST COME BASIS, so now if you draw the moose permit you can purchase a grizzly tag as a add on for an additional $6,500. Hunter and guide are typically own into a remote area where they base out of their spike camp.

The season is from September 1 to 20, but early has been better for calling and they are normally tagged out by September 8. 10 day hunts guided 1×1 are $15,500; moose/grizzly combos are $22,000 and possibly a caribou can be added.

Hunters fly from Anchorage to Kotzebue, where they charter to camp. Draw application deadline is December 15 and results are out in February, so if you are unsuccessful you have time to apply or purchase another hunt elsewhere. Hunt MS247. 

Gary Bologna with his 62 inch bull taken on Hunt MS247!