This 4 day hunt guided 1×1 takes place on Victoria Island from October 20 to November 14 under early winter conditions. Hunters fly commercially into Cambridge Bay, overnight, and then travel to the basic plywood hunting cabins often hunting while en route. Hunters will travel in wooden sleds that are pulled by snow machines. Success continues to be virtually 100 percent for both species priced at $8,650 for muskox only or $8,950 for caribou only or combination muskox/arctic island caribou for $13,950. Many hunters prefer to come back to Cambridge Bay to overnight at the motel at their own expense. No charter flights.

HCU’s Cliff Graham and Scott Steinkruger have been on this hunt and they both report it as one of their most memorable and interesting adventures. Hunt MUV89. 

Dave Armel and his muskox taken with a bow!

HCU Cliff Graham with his nice musk ox.

Mark Rickmeyer with his big muskox taken with archery gear.

Dave Armel with his nice caribou.

Dave Armel taking a ride in his wooden chariot!

Jeff Meyerl with an Arctic Island Caribou.

Dave Wright and his big bull.