Hunting Consultants Unlimited

How Hunting Consultants Unlimited Free
Service Can Assist You

HCU works with over 100 Outfitters, Ranchers, Bush Pilots and Guides. Unlike booking agents, who have contracted to fill up an outfitters openings, we are hunting and fishing consultants. To do our job properly, we often put you directly in touch with the outfitter or rancher before you decide on a specific trip. This is to ensure that you understand what to expect and to determine whether it is right for you. Bottom line, you can contact the outfitter to discuss the hunt and make your own decision before sending us a deposit.

Our service is free to you because we charge the outfitters or ranchers a commission. Some of the best outfitters do little or no self-promotion. Instead they rely on their reputations, word-of-mouth advertising and on Hunting Consultants Unlimited. Some ranchers and small outfitters take so few hunters per year that they cannot afford to advertise, print expensive brochures or attend sport shows.

Think of us as a free information service. You can benefit from our experience, knowledge and information network by reading our newsletters, calling us on the phone or consulting our constantly updated website, We can put you in touch with the outfitter or rancher and when you are ready to book we expect you to send the deposit to Hunting Consultants Unlimited. When you return from a successful hunt booked through HCU, please have your friends call us rather than the outfitter. This keeps our service free and quite often the right hunt for you may not be the right hunt for a friend.


All bookings are accepted on the specific condition that Associated Hunting Consultants and their subsidiaries, affiliated or associated companies, consultants, agents, sub-agents, act on as booking agents for independent owners or contractors, outfitters, guide, and professional hunters who are not employees of Associated Hunting Consultants, and therefore we are not responsible for their actions and have no control over the actual hunt, safari, fishing trip, travel or accommodations. Information regarding the hunts in this brochure is supplied by the outfitters, ranchers and professional hunters.
All prices are subject to change without notice.


Hunting is a very physical sport with a certain amount of risk involved when using firearms and traveling to remote destinations. Customers must use their own judgement and know their limitations.