Mountain Goat


$17,500 1X1 $13,500 2X1

Here is one of the best priced high success goat hunts in northcentral British Columbia. He has a 3,500 square mile concession and they typically only book half the quota of goats they are allocated per year.

2023 ended with all 10 hunters tagging a goat, no Booners, but they had an incredible 11 year old average.

2022 his 10 hunters killed 9 billies, one hunter left early.

10 day horseback/backpack/river goat hunts are priced at only $17,500 guided 1×1 or $13,500 guided 2×1 (2×1 goat hunts are jet boat only) from September 1 to October 8 and horseback combo hunts are 12 days priced at $29,500 for goat/moose.

Hunters arrive in Fort Nelson overnight and then take a charter flight for about $3,500 to the main lodge at their own expense, along with license, tags, hunter preservation fund and 5% tax. Flights from base camp to the hunting area are included. Book now for 2025/2026. Hunt MG277.


This outfitter offers both horseback hunts and fly-in hunts about 375 miles north of Prince George, British Columbia. He offers bargain prices for a quality hunt with basically no resident pressure. Success is determined by hunter fitness and weather.

2023 finished with 10 hunters killing 8 billies. Overall average was a good 9 1/2 inches and best billy went 10 1/4.

One hunter’s father passed, and he had to leave early and the other unsuccessful hunter never had an opportunity.

2022 produced 8 goats for 10 hunters, one was a nanny.

10 hunting days horseback is $16,950 guided 1×1 and a second antlered animal, moose or caribou, can be taken for a $8,000 trophy fee or black bear at $2,500. Fly-in hunts are also available for $18,950. Hunts start in mid-August and run to late September. Additional costs are license, tag and 5% GST tax. 2024 is booked full, book now for 2025 or 2026.

Hunters fly to Prince George, overnight and get picked up the following day, NO CHARTER FLIGHTS. Hunt MG4.

$24,000 7 DAYS BOAT HUNT

The outfitter has decided to only run 3 hunts of 2 hunters each for these late season big bodied long haired billies. This is a premier hunt with plenty of goats with many weighing in excess of 300 pounds. These are not the most physical of mountain goat hunts and if you can hike and shoot, odds are you will be bringing a billy home.

2023 first hunt October 19 to 27 both hunters tagged big billies, second hunt October 27 to November 4 again both scored in 4 days, third hunt went 1 for 2. The unsuccessful hunter was unable to hike, but still missed a billy. No book billies were taken but had an overall average of 9 1/2 inches.

2022 season finished with 9 hunters tagging 8 billies and the unsuccessful hunter hit and lost a billy. Best goat went 10 1/2 inches and 2 billies were so old they were toothless.

This is an extremely high success hunt on big bodied mature billies if you can physically hike. 9 days total, 7 hunting days are priced at $24,000 guided 1×1 by the outfitter or his head guide and they only take 2 hunters per trip. He typically does 3 hunts starting mid to late October and finishing mid-November. These hunts are conducted off his 45 foot hunting vessel pulling along two 18 foot skiffs to access shoreline. Normally the first hunt is the most physical as the billies are usually higher at 3500 foot elevation. Later hunts billies tend to be lower as the rut is in full swing and they travel lower looking for nannies. All the billies are long haired even on his first hunt as it is so close to winter.

Hunts take place off the mainland shoreline in southeastern Alaska. Charter flights out of Juneau to the boat are about $300 per hunter. At press time 2024 hunt dates are available. Hunt MG907.

7 DAYS 1X1 HORSEBACK $22,000

Here is an exciting mountain goat hunt that offers horseback or backpack hunts in one of the most beautiful areas of North America.

2023 finished with about everyone seriously wanting a goat taking home a billy. A dozen or so billies were taken averaging over 9 inches and best went 10 1/2 inches.

2022 season produced about 15 billies and one was record book. Pretty much everyone wanting a goat was successful.

This 4,500 square mile area located in northcentral British Columbia is only 60 miles from the Yukon border in the Cassiar Mountains. Mountain goat and moose numbers are quite high, with big bodied goats and moose having strong genetics producing great antlers. Success on goats is typically 85 percent as your primary animal if you are capable of hiking. Starting from August 25 to October 8 they offer horseback or high fly-ins to alpine lakes and backpack from there. September combination hunts adding moose are very high success especially on 10 day hunts.

7 days 1×1 horseback or backpack is $22,000 and we feel this is sufficient amount of time to get your goat unless weather or physical ability becomes a major problem. If you are seriously wanting a good chance for both a goat and a moose, we recommend the 10 day 1×1 hunt at $25,000 with a $9,000 trophy fee on the second animal. Trophy fees are also paid on wounded and lost animals.

The Cassiar Mountains in his area run up to 6,500 feet and timberline is at 4,500. The valley floor is about 3,000 to 3,500 feet above sea level, and they normally hunt between 4,000 and 5,000 feet for goats.

Hunters arrive overnight in Whitehorse, all-inclusive from there including a rental car to Watson Lake, round trip charter to camp, licenses, tags, tax and hunter preservation fund. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz and Cliff Graham have hunted this area. Hunt MG491. MG491 Hunt Photos


$17,500 PLUS $2000 FOR BEAR

This small personal outfitter/guide offers a couple different August and September goat opportunities that are high success and affordable, but you need to be physically fit.

September 1, he offers 2 goat/black bear combination hunts or strictly mountain goat. This is a great area that has had little to no hunting pressure. Goat numbers are very high, and this will be a boat hunt conducted off his 45 foot hunting vessel. Expect to climb probably half a day to get to the bivouac location and if lucky only spend one or two nights on the mountain before returning with your billy to the boat. 7 hunting days plus 2 travel is priced at $17,500 with a $2,000 trophy fee on the bear.

First week and last week of August he does a fly-in hunt where the hunter charters into an alpine lake and then him and the guide will bivouac from spike tents. By flying in the hunt will be less physical than the full hike in. 7 hunting days 1×1 will be $16,500 and the later August hunt is $18,500 plus charter flight.

2023 the outfitter/guide and his hunters scored on both August hunts taking 9 inch billies.

He conducts his hunts west of Juneau on Chilkat Peninsula and south of Juneau on the mainland coastline, mostly operating off a 45 foot hunting boat typically pulling along an 18 foot skiff with 40hp motor to access the shorelines.

Hunters should be in very good physical condition, and we expect every hunter to see goats and have an opportunity if they are up to the challenge.

Hunters are picked up and dropped off in Juneau, unless chartering into a lake location. Hunt MG838.



This outfitter runs a true winter mountain goat hunt in February along the west coast of British Columbia. If you are looking for a record book goat with record book hair this, is it. They also offer a November hunt, which will catch the rut, normally producing some lower elevation billies, along with the traditional September into October hunt.

This outfitter has a 3,000 square mile area in the Coastal Mountain range, which has produced more of the “Top Fifty” record book goats than any other area and has the highest goat density area in North America. This is a true physical backpack hunt where hunters must be in shape, but the reward can be the ultimate hunting experience.

2023 season finished with 11 hunters tagging 8 billies with an overall gross score average of 50 inches, including a couple all-time B&C goats. One bow hunter just didn’t get it done and 2 hunters quit early.

Hunters are typically flown into one of a dozen remote lakes by floatplane where they and their guide set up spike camp. The November and February winter hunts are conducted out of winter cabins accessed by snowmachine or possibly a hotel.

The fall hunt from September 1 to October 10 is $21,900. Early winter hunt is November 1 to 30 and the late winter hunt is February 1 to 28, both are priced at $24,900. All are 9 hunting days 1×1 and are all inclusive, charter to camp, license, tag, taxes, etc. Hunters are met in Terrace. Hunt MG474.