You will probably need 19 elk preference points to draw the third or fourth season elk tag, first and second seasons will require more and they started an early rifle season in 2016 requiring 24 points. We personally prefer the last rifle elk season for the best bulls. By then the bigger bulls have left the cows to feed in the low country getting back into shape before winter, making them a little easier to find. Archery elk hunters will need 21 points and muzzleloader probably 23.

In 2016 his 5 bowhunters tagged 4 bulls, one hunter hit and lost 2 bulls. They got 2 in the 330’s and 2 right at 300 gross. Muzzleloader went 2 for 2, a 335 bull and a 300. Early rifle was 4 for 4, top 2 went 345 and 330. First regular rifle was 9 for 9, best went 345 and 340. Second and third rifle hunts had 6 hunters taking 6 bulls and they killed 11 bucks for 12 deer hunters, with the best buck going 208 with a 34 inch typical frame. Fourth season 4 of the 7 elk hunters tagged bulls and one big bull was hit and lost.

In 2015 his 2 archery elk hunters killed a 310 inch bull and crippled two. Muzzleloader went 6 for 6, averaging 315 inches and they were done in 3 days. First rifle elk 5 for 5 averaging 300 to 310. Second hunt 1 for 1 on a 320 bull and they hosted 5 mule deer hunters and all scored averaging in the high 170’s. Third elk season there was one elk hunter and he tagged a 325 bull. 11 mule deer hunters killed 9 bucks, including a 196 inch deer with a 33 inch frame. 2 unsuccessful hunters passed. Fourth elk hunt went 3 for 3, with the best bull going 378.

These numbers are typical almost every year. Normally the average bull taken gross scores over 300 and the top bulls tip the 350 mark. Mule deer success is near 100 percent and the average buck gross scores just under 180 inches with the top buck grossing 200.

5 day hunts guided 2×1 are only $5,500 with wall tent accommodations on the early archery and muzzleloader hunts and cabin accommodations on the rifle hunts. Airport pickup in Grand Junction can be arranged for $150. Deer hunts require 11 points minimum to draw and the hunt is $5,500. Mid-April draw deadline. HCU’s Cliff Graham has hunted with this outfit. Hunt EK21.