North American Sheep


Here is a 14 day horseback hunt, 12 hunting days, with scattered remote cabin accommodations, not like the normal backpack and spike camp operation.

 2022 season saw 13 hunters take 11 rams and everyone saw legal rams. Average age was 10 1/2 years old, and one hunter tagged a 15 year old ram. They had 2 older hunters that saw plenty of rams and did get some shooting but struggled to get in close. The last hunter of the year tagged out on day 4 and looked at 29 different rams.

2021 season finished with 9 of the 12 hunters taking home a ram, one hunter passed, and 2 hunters were older and not in sheep shape.

2020 Canada border was closed due to Corona virus pandemic.

Rams typically average 36 to 37 inches and 10 1/2 years in age. All horseback 14 days, 12 actual hunting days, with more than 6 rustic cabin accommodations with wood heat scattered throughout the area. Cabins are mostly located from 3200 feet to 4000 foot elevations and the highest mountain in the area is at 7000 feet. They typically take 3 sheep hunters per hunt starting August 1 to mid-September for a total of about 12 per year.

$32,700 all inclusive guided 1×1, charter flight, license, tags, government royalties, hunter preservation fund and tax. Most hunters take their sheep horns and cape with them on the flight home as long as they get checked in town by Fish and Game saving shipping costs. Only 2 openings left in 2024, book now for 2025 or 2026 with a $9,000 deposit. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz has been on this hunt.   Hunt DS393.  DS393 Hunt Photos.


Here is a hard working family operation that has an exceptional sheep and moose concession. They only take a small number of hunters to maintain top trophy quality and high success.

2022 finished with 9 of the 10 hunters taking home a ram. The unsuccessful hunter missed. Top 2 rams scored in the 160’s.

2021 they had 12 hunters take 12 rams with the top ram going 40 inches and scoring in the mid 160’s.

All inclusive horseback hunts are priced at $34,000. 12 days with 10 actual hunting days including roundtrip charter from Whitehorse, license, government royalties and tax. Sheep hunts will run from August 1 into October. Grizzly can be added on a trophy fee of $12,000.

In September they offer a 14 day combination hunt for sheep, moose and grizzly for $50,000. 2023 horseback moose hunts are $32,000 all inclusive for 8 hunting days starting mid-September into October. Next available sheep openings are in 2025. HCU’s Craig Green and Cliff Graham has hunted this concession.   Hunt DS135.  DS135 Hunt Photos.

BACKPACK 10 DAYS $34,000

The outfitter rotates his sheep camps to maintain good mature ram numbers and there has never been any resident pressure in this 7,000 square mile concession. The main base camp has hydroelectric power for all the cabins along with email. Once your ram is taken most hunters fly back to the main base camp for relaxation and some fun lake trout and grayling fishing.

2022 had 24 hunters tag 20 rams, 2 were hit and lost and all the hunters had chances. Average ram went 37 inches and over 10 years in age.

2021 they only had 13 hunters due to the late border opening and all 13 killed rams.

Hunts start July 15 and run to early September. 10 day backpack/raft hunts guided 1×1 are $34,000 and 12 day horseback hunts are $36,000 plus licenses, preservation fund of $100 and 5 percent HST tax. Mountain caribou can be taken for a $9,000 trophy fee.

They also offer a 12 day backpack combination hunt with a base price of $17,000 and trophy fees of $17,500 for sheep, $15,000 for moose and $9,000 for caribou on August 28 to September 8.

Hunters charter from Norman Wells for approximately $1,900 round trip. Limited openings for 2024.

HCU’s Cliff Graham and Bob Wodzisz have hunted out of this camp.  Hunt DS250.  DS250 Hunt Photos



This Yukon area is known to have the highest dall sheep density per square mile. Here is a terrific horseback hunt with unquestionably high success on quality rams. Parts of this area is very physically forgiving, which makes it a good choice for older hunters still wanting to take one last ram.

2022 finished with 12 hunters tagging 10 rams, one hunter missed and the other couldn’t hike. 2 rams went 39 inches. 2 wolves were missed.

2021 they hosted 13 hunters, but 2 had to leave early due to a personal problem. All remaining 11 hunters tagged rams including a 40 incher.

These are 1×1 horseback hunts, typically with a wrangler and a string of horses. Hunters are flown into one of two base camps where they normally meet their guides and travel by horseback into their hunting area. Tents are the main accommodations throughout the hunt.

Sheep hunts are priced at $34,000 for 10 hunting days and are all inclusive. THIS INCLUDES ROUND TRIP CHARTER FROM WHITEHORSE, LICENSE, GOVERNMENT ROYALTIES AND TAX. They also offer a September 14 day combination sheep, moose and grizzly hunt for $50,000, all inclusive. A grizzly can be taken on a straight sheep hunt with a $12,000 trophy fee. Hunts start August 1 and continue into September. Next available sheep openings are in 2024.   Hunt DS145.


This northcentral British Columbia area has high sheep numbers with good quality partially due to the remoteness of the area as it is not conducive to resident pressure.

2022 had 11 hunters kill 7 rams, hit and lost a ram, one hunter missed a ram and a hunter passed on a legal ram.

2021 finished with 9 rams in the salt for 11 hunters, including 2 taping the magical 40 inch mark. One hunter passed on a legal ram and the other unsuccessful hunter did not have any opportunities at a legal ram.

He runs 3 back to back 10 day horseback or backpack hunts starting July 30 and finishing early September priced at $69,500.

Hunters arrive in Fort Nelson, overnight and then charter to the main lodge for about $2,950 at their own expense, along with license, tags, hunter preservation fund and 5% tax. Flights from base camp to the hunting area are included. Next openings are 2024.  Hunt SS277.


STONE SHEEP $56,500 14 DAYS 

This outfitter has a large 4,500 square mile concession in northcentral British Columbia with a good stone sheep population.

 2022 his 12 hunters killed 9 rams, nothing over 40 inches. 2 of the 3 unsuccessful hunters hit and lost their ram.

 2021 his 9 hunters tagged 8 rams and the unsuccessful hunter passed on a ram. All the rams were in the 37 or 38 inch class, no monsters were taken.

This is a 14 day horseback or backpack sheep hunt in the Cassiar Mountains. Hunts run from August 1 to October 15 and are priced at $56,500 and you can take moose, mountain goat, or black bear on trophy fees of $6,000 each.

The Cassiar Mountains in his area run up to 6,500 feet and timberline is at 4,500. The valley floor is about 3,000 to 3,500 feet above sea level. Hunters arrive and overnight in Whitehorse. Drive to Watson Lake and round trip charter to camp, add licenses, 5 percent HST tax and $250 hunter preservation fund for an all inclusive price of $63,515. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz and Cliff Graham have taken stone sheep with this outfitter.   Hunt SS491.


$75,000 10 HUNTING DAYS

This outfitter grew up in his concession when it was owned by his father. All this knowledge of the area is a major factor to his high success on all the species he hunts here, including shiras moose, mountain goats, mule deer, elk, bears, cougar, lynx and bighorn sheep.

2022 he only took one HCU hunter and he hit and lost his ram, HCU’s Bob Wodzisz was on this hunt.

2021 he had 4 bighorn hunters kill 3 rams; rams were mostly in the 150 to 160 inch class. The unsuccessful hunter was on some good rams, but it just didn’t come together.

2020 Canada border was closed due to Corona virus pandemic.

2019 he had 2 tags. First hunter put a ram in the salt and the second hunter was unsuccessful passing on a group of 8 rams looking for something special.

Rams normally score from 150 to 170 and average 7 to 8 years old. 10 day hunts starting August 25 and continue throughout September are priced at $75,000. It is a 6 hour horseback ride to his high country camp. Once there it is basically short rides each day to different hunting areas. Very limited openings call for availability. Hunters are picked up in Penticton. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz has been on this hunt.   Hunt BS292.  BS292 Hunt Photos.


This longtime aoudad outfitter has some of the best free range aoudad ranches West Texas has to offer. Most rams taken will be in the 28 to 30 inch class and they have taken a few exceptional rams as big as 34 inches. He has 2 main ranches consisting of 240,000 private acres, all top quality with lots of sheep. HCU has never had an aoudad sheep hunter go home without a ram with this outfitter.

2021/2022 winter/spring was another year of 100 percent success for both aoudad and scimitar oryx. Top rams went up to 33 inches.

2020/2021 winter/spring season continued at 100 percent with all 24 hunters taking home a ram, including some top end trophies.

These ranches are located south of Marfa in west Texas in mountainous country with elevations up to 6,000 feet. Rams typically average over 28 inches, with most shots ranging from 150 to 400 yards.

Not every year is going to be 100 percent success, but he has always had 100 percent opportunity with a very high success rate. He has been hunting rams in West Texas for over 30 years and manages his country for trophy rams being careful to only take the most mature rams every year. All hunts are 4 full days of hunting, ranch/bunkhouse accommodations, includes meals, 2×1 guiding at $5,550 or $6,150 for 1×1. Texas non-resident license is only $48. Hunts begin just after Thanksgiving and go to mid-April.

Hunters need to be in shape and prepared for long distance shooting, as some shots are across canyons and fairly open flat land. Spot and stalk, using pickups and quads to traverse the country is the method of hunting. Hunters can fly to Midland or El Paso and rent a car for the 3 hour drive to one of the ranches.   Hunt AU11.  AU11 Hunt Photos.


$3800 PLUS $3000 TROPHY FEE

This outfitter has 40,000 private acres in “The Canyon” of the Texas panhandle where he hunts some of the most awesome looking country for big aoudad. It is rough country, but the ranch has a good road system and they access it with Polaris Ranger side by sides.

2022 season 19 hunters killed 17 rams and one hunter missed. Several rams went 33 inches with an overall average of 30 inches.

2021 had 18 hunters take 16 rams averaging an amazing 31 inches! Both unsuccessful hunters either passed or missed rams. They had added more country bordering the large ranch, so they took a few more hunters.

4 day hunts from mid-February to mid-March are priced at $3,800 with a $3,000 kill fee and includes super lodge accommodations with excellent meals. Once you tag out on your sheep you can fill the time by hunting hogs and predators. Hunters fly into Amarillo and rent a car for the 45 minute drive to the lodge. They also offer separate 3 day hog/predator hunts for $1,500. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz has been on this hunt.  Hunt AU565.