Last fall this outfit took 7 rams, including a real nice heavy 40 incher. One hunter missed a 40 inch ram and went home empty. Two hunters just weren’t prepared for a sheep hunt. Three more rams were seen that would go 40 inches during the season.

HCU’s Cliff Graham took a ram here in 1997 and a couple years later the area was closed to non-residents for well over a decade. It reopened in 2014 with a new, young outfitter taking 15 rams for 17 hunters, both unsuccessful hunters missed rams. 3 grizzlies were taken, including HCU’s Craig Green’s B&C grizzly.

In 2015 they went 10 for 13 on dalls, including an all time Boone and Crockett record book 42 inch ram, taken by HCU’s Jim Elker. Of the 3 unsuccessful hunters 2 missed and 1 passed then the weather changed with an early snow and he never had another opportunity.

All inclusive horseback hunts are priced at $24,000 for 2018. Sheep are booked full for 2017. 10 actual hunting days INCLUDING round trip charter from Whitehorse, licenses, government royalties and tax. Sheep hunts will run from August 1 into October.

On the later hunts moose can be added on a $10,000 trophy fee and male grizzly for $10,000. 2017 horseback moose hunts are $21,000 all inclusive for 8 hunting days starting mid September into October. Next sheep opening is in 2018. Hunt DS135. 

DS135 Chuck Behary 2014
huck Behary with his dall taken on Hunt DS135.