Bison – Muskox – Exotics

SPRING $7200 OR FALL $8,100

HCU’s Bob Wodzisz has hunted with this outfit 3 times experiencing the March spring muskox hunt, River combo hunt, and the helicopter combo hunt.

This outfit has 4 camps and conducts spring muskox only hunts or fall muskox can be combined with caribou. These hunts can be 3 days, which is typical in the spring for muskox only, or up to 5 or 6 days for fall hunts that can be single animal or combination hunts. Success remains near 100 percent for both animals.

Spring muskox hunts in March and early April can run 3 up to 6 days for $7,200 and a second muskox can be taken for an additional $3,500. Non hunters are priced at $3,500. Early March hunts are typically the coldest and by late March and early April the days are getting longer with more sunshine making it more pleasant, especially for bowhunting. This time of year make for a great adventure experiencing this beautiful frozen country where you see plenty of muskox and have a chance to hunt small game such as ptarmigan, arctic hare, arctic fox and seeing the Northern Lights. Spring hunts are the least physical as they can travel by ATV or snow machine. Accommodation is a cabin, or some hunters prefer to stay in town at the motel at their own expense, about $200 per night.

Fall River Camp hunts running from August into mid September are normally 5 or 6 days out of a modern tent camp with heat, beds, and toilets. Camp is accessed by riverboat from town and is approximately a one hour ride. This hunt is priced at $8,100 for either muskox or caribou and the combination hunt is $11,100. An additional muskox or caribou is priced at $3,500 each. Non hunters are $3,500. Caribou hunting is more physical and can require several miles of hiking in more mountainous terrain. Caribou tend to lose their velvet late August into the first few days of September. Temperatures normally run from 30 for the low and up to 70 for the high.

High country helicopter hunts from mid-September into October are 6 to 7 days and higher priced as it requires a helicopter transport to camp, which is included in the price. Typically, they have cabin accommodations, and this area is known for very good caribou hunting. This is a combination hunt for a muskox and caribou or just 2 caribou priced at $12,500. Non hunters are $5,000. Temperatures normally are 30 for the low and 50 for the highs.

They also offer a late October town hunt for both muskox and caribou using ATV’s to access the area. This hunt is conducted out of a house or motel in town and is fully guided with lodging and meals included. We ask hunters to be able to operate an ATV on their own. This hunt is priced at $8,100 for one animal or $11,100 for the combination.

Travel to Greenland is typically best accomplished by flying to Copenhagen, Denmark and overnight at the hotel at your expense, then onto Kangerlussuaq the following day. Another possible option is from Iceland to Kangerlussuaq but this normally involves more stops and overnights.

Hunt pricing includes tent or possibly cabin accommodations, meals, guiding, licenses, and taxes. RIFLE/AMMO AND SLEEPING BAG are also available at no additional cost but MUST BE RESERVED IN ADVANCE.

Not included are flights to and from Kangerlussuaq, hotel accommodations, tanning of hides, cleaning skulls and shipping of your trophies from Denmark to your home country, which take place several months after your hunt. THESE PRICES COULD FLUCTUATE WITH CURRENCY CHANGES. Limited openings for 2024, schedule now for 2025 but expect a slight price increase.

Call HCU’s Bob Wodzisz at 330-730-3473 for more details. Hunt MU299.


We work with an outfitter that offers a couple low fence ranches for bison in northeastern Wyoming. The bison are priced out at $5,500 for a meat hunt for younger animals up to about 4 years old or maybe an old cow. They can do a few trophy bull hunts primarily for bulls over 6 or 7 years up to about 10 years in age. Trophy bull hunts will run $8,500.

These are a 2 day 3 night deal where the hunter typically stays in a cabin on the outfitter’s ranch with his lodge and meals provided. Processing can be done in Gillette and most hunts take place from late November into early December. Airport pickup in Gillette might be arranged or hunters fly into Rapid City and rent a car for the 3 hour drive. Hunt BI682.