Bison – Muskox – Exotics


This 4 day hunt guided 1×1 takes place on Victoria Island from October 20 to November 14 under early winter conditions. Hunters fly commercially into Cambridge Bay, overnight, and then travel to the basic plywood hunting cabins often hunting while en route. Hunters will travel in wooden sleds that are pulled by snow machines. Success continues to be virtually 100 percent for both species priced at $8,650 for muskox only or $8,950 for caribou only or combination muskox/arctic island caribou for $13,950. Many hunters prefer to come back to Cambridge Bay to overnight at the motel at their own expense. No charter flights.

HCU’s Cliff Graham and Scott Steinkruger have been on this hunt and they both report it as one of their most memorable and interesting adventures. Hunt MUV89.  MUV89 Hunt Photos.



The highest scoring muskox in Boone and Crockett and Pope and Young came from the Nunavut mainland near Queen Maude Gulf. Using snow machines on the March 16 to April 13 hunts allows hunters and guides to see lots of animals. Accommodations are primarily in cabins/homes, but tents may be used if necessary for 5 days of hunting guided 2×2. This hunt can be combined with a wolf for an additional $3,250 and success has been 100 percent. Hunt MUM89.

They also offer the Victoria Island spring hunts out of Cambridge Bay from March 15 to April 10 priced at $7,850 guided 1×1 for 4 days. Heated cabin accommodations. Hunt MUSPV89.  MUSPV89 Hunt Photos.



This has been one of the few high success wolf hunts out there. Last winter he hosted a total of 4 hunters and they killed 6 wolves. Over the course of the winter he had 31 wolves hitting 5 bait sites and he has the hunter on call so when the baits are active he calls his hunter.

The previous 2 winters 4 wolves for 5 hunters.

All HCU customers that have hunted with this Alberta farmer have been successful and have given him top-notch reviews. Price is only $4,000 plus 5% GST, a second wolf is $1,500 plus $500 per day and you might get an opportunity at a coyote. He shot 32 wolves himself over the course of 3 winters and then decided to take a few hunters every year. He has 4 box blinds with propane heat on 4 different bait sights within 30 miles of his house. Once wolves start coming into one of his baits he patterns them with trail cams and then calls one of his hunters to take a ight and get up here ASAP. All hunters are on an on call basis and quite a few of them have scheduling conflicts so he then calls the next hunter on the list. He prefers only one hunter at a time and on a 6 day hunt he averages seeing wolves at least two times. Hunts can run from January to mid-April and include house accommodations, meals, guide service and airport pickup in Edmonton. Hunt WF254.  WF254 Hunt Photos.

One of our N.W.T. out tters has been offering a pretty successful spring snowmobile wolf hunt out of their main lodge, with some overnight stays at spike camp cabins. Each hunter has his own snow machine and guide and last spring 3 hunters tagged 4 wolves. 7 or 8 day hunts in late March and early April are priced at $7,000 plus $1,400 charter flight from Norman Wells. License is free and tags are $105 each, with a 2 wolf limit, plus $100 preservation fund fee. Hunt WF250.



The owner of this Texas panhandle ranch has some of the nest red deer hunting in North America. Years ago he artificially inseminated his females with the semen from the largest stags available in New Zealand. That was all it took to start a good genetic self-sustaining herd on the property.

The 6 point management hunts are priced at only $3,000. 3 day trophy hunts are $5,000 and you can take a stag grossing up to 350 SCI. Stags scoring 350 to 400 SCI are priced at only $7,500 and over 400 points is currently $12,000.
Hunts include great lodging, fantastic meals with wine and are guided 1×1. This is no easy shoot, the property is quite brushy and it can be dif cult to locate stags.

This hunt can be done from late August into October and can be combined with trophy whitetail or quail and chukar shoots. Non-hunters are also welcome. Hunters are picked up at Amarillo airport. Hunt RD806.  RD806 Hunt Photos.



This 7,000 acre high fence ranch is located between Rock Springs and Kerrville. Most hunts are scheduled for 2 1/2 days of hunting with many species available. ALL PRICES INCLUDE LODGING, DAY RATE, GUIDE FEE AND THERE IS NOT A SLIDING TROPHY FEE SCALE ACCORDING TO SIZE. Some examples of pricing; addax $4000, aoudad $4500, axis deer $3500, blackbuck antelope $2500, catalina $550, corsican ram $950, fallow deer $2950, gemsbok $4500, mou on $2500, russian boar $850 along with additional African species also available. REMEMBER THESE COSTS ARE ALL INCLUSIVE EXCEPT FOR YOUR $48 non- resident hunting license.

Free range hunts are available for blackbuck antelope and axis deer. Over the years these species have escaped many high fence operations and now live on working cattle ranches. These animals can also be hunted basically for the same price as on the exotic ranch. Just an FYI, blackbuck generally has a nice darker hide from November to March and axis deer are best hunted from mid May to mid June during the roar.

These hunts can take place any time of the year. Hunters fly into San Antonio and rent a car for the 1 1/2 hour drive to the ranch. Hunt EX11.  EX11 Hunt Photos.