Mountain Goat

NORTHERN B.C. TROPHY GOATS 7 DAYS 1X1 ONLY $10,000 10 DAYS 2X1 $10,000

This premier outfitter in northern British Columbia runs a top quality hunt for trophy class animals. They normally only take about 5 to 8 billies per year and success is normally 100 percent if the hunter is in goat shape.

In 2016 they had 5 hunters wanting goat as their primary animal and all 5 scored on billies, including one Boone and Crockett. Moose hunters were also 100 percent taking 12 bulls and 5 should make the book, with 4 more grossing over 200 inches.

This longtime outfitter has exclusive guiding rights to over 5,000 square miles in one of the game richest areas of northern B.C. Trophy quality is unsurpassed with moose averaging 55 inches, goats at 9 inches and mountain caribou in the 355 to 360 range.

7 day 1×1 special is $10,000 or 10 days guided 2×1 is $10,000 per hunter. A second animal can be taken on a $4,000 trophy fee. He also offers 10 day 2 species hunts guided 1×1 for $20,000 that includes trophy fees.

He has a fantastic deal for kids. They can hunt just for the price of trophy fees on moose, mountain caribou or goat as long as they are accompanied by a paying adult. No base hunt price, only $4,000 per animal.

Additional costs are license, tags, hunter preservation fund $200 and HST tax. Roundtrip charter flight from base camp to hunting areas is $1,000. Hunters are picked up in Ft. Nelson. Hunt MS728.



Last fall this outfit had 8 hunters wanting goat as their primary animal and all were successful. Quite a few took a second animal on a trophy fee. HCU hunter, Alan Henderson, took an old dry nanny and was very happy with his hunt. It was the first nanny taken in several years and this does not hurt the population. Top billy gross scored 47. No bowhunters last fall. Two grizzlies were taken on trophy fees and one was a MONSTER WITH A 26 2/8 SKULL SQUARING OUT AT 9 FOOT 1 INCH interior grizzly.

Fall of 2015 there were 7 hunters in camp with goat tags. 6 billies were killed and the best scored 47. The one combo hunter that had a goat tag did see some, but couldn’t get to them and he took a moose.

In 2014 all 3 goat hunters tagged billies. In 2013 all 10 goat hunters took home billies and a combo hunter also scored. Best goat went 47 inches with 5 inch plus bases.

10 day 1 on 1 hunt is $12,500 and you can add additional animals on a $4,000 trophy fee basis and success typically runs near 100 percent on moose and elk. The outfitter INCLUDES the tax and government royalty fees.

He offers your choice of horseback hunt, river hunt or backpack hunts. Spike camps are the norm and dates are August 25 to October 15. They have exclusive guiding and outfitting rights to over 4 million acres.

Hunters pay for licenses, tags and charter from Fort Nelson to base camp for about $1,500. THIS OUTFITTER ALSO OFFERS YOUTH PRICES FOR 18 AND UNDER WITH AN ADULT ON A 2X1 BASIS FOR ONLY A $3,500 TROPHY FEE. Hunt MG483.  MG483 Hunt Photos.



Here is the premier mountain goat boat hunt in Alaska, it may not be the cheapest, but it may be the best. This outfitter just has an unbelievable hunt with such high success on big billies. In 2016 at press time his 6 hunters had tagged 6 mature billies, he does not shoot nannies or small goats, they ranged from 8 1/2 to just over 10 inches. He still had 4 more goat hunters to go.

2015 all 10 goat hunters killed 10 billies, including 2 book animals.

2014 his 8 hunters killed 8 billies.

You get the picture; this is a very high success hunt on big bodied mature billies if you can physically hike. 9 days, 7 hunting are priced at $13,900 guided 1×1 and he takes 2 hunters per trip. He typically does 5 hunts starting October 16 and nishing November 30. These hunts are conducted off his 50 foot boat pulling along two 18 foot skiffs with 40 hp motors to access shoreline. Normally the first 2 hunts are the most physical as the billies are usually at 3500 foot elevation. Later hunts billies tend to be lower as the rut is in full swing and they travel lower looking for nannies. These billies are long haired even on his rst hunt as it is so close to winter.

Hunts take place off the mainland shoreline in southeastern Alaska. Charter flights out of Juneau to the boat are about $300 per hunter. 2017 is booked full. Book now for 2018, all dates are open. Hunt MG907.


This is a bargain priced hunt that still has good success for the hunter that just cannot afford the more normal $12,000 to $14,000 goat hunt. Boat hunts can be just as physical as the more normal high country hunt, so be in shape.

In 2016 his 5 hunters tagged 3 billies and a nanny. The unsuccessful hunter had hip problems, making the climb too demanding. Size ran from 8 inches up to just over 9 inches.

Fall of 2015 he had 4 hunters tag 4 mature billies, all 7 or 8 years in age. Over the last decade his hunters have taken 61 goats and 59 were billies. This is a very personal operation typically guided by the outfitter himself.

In 2014 he only ran 3 goat hunters and they took 2 billies and a old dry 9 and a half inch nanny. In 2013 they took 6 hunters and harvested 5 billies. Hunter and guide typically stay on a 57 foot yacht and take a zodiac to shore once a huntable goat is spotted. Goats are spotted almost daily, but not all are reachable or are in spots that would be extremely dif cult to retrieve them, so the decision is made as to which one to stalk. Elevation from the boat up to the goats is about 2,800 to 3,200 feet or a little over a mile to climb. Most hunters will take 5 to 7 hours to pick their way through the lower alders and up to the higher elevation where the goats typically live. Goats are normally spotted from the boat when hunter and guide make the climb and try to score that day, camp that night and bring the goat down the next day.

7 day September 14 to October 7 hunt guided 1×1 is $9,500 or a father/son 2×1 hunt or for a couple buddies is $8,500. A packer is normally there to assist the hunter and help bring out the goat. Hunters overnight in Anchorage and are met the next day to get licenses and driven to Whittier where you boat a couple hours to the hunting area in Prince William Sound, no charter fees. Hunts do not include license, tag or shing license, which is recommended. September 14 to 20 and 20 to 27 are open dates for 2017. HCU’s Craig Green has been on this hunt. Hunt MG242.  MG242 Hunt Photos.



Last fall they had a total of 11 goat hunters, all 5 rifle hunters tagged billies and of the 6 archers 2 killed, 2 hit and lost, one hunter missed and the last hunter had no good opportunities. Top 2 billies went 53 and 50 inches.

2015 was a superb year with 16 hunters killing 15 goats and 10 were archers. Best goat went book at 52 inches and several were taken in the 48 to 50 inch range.

This outfitters 4,000 square mile area in the Coastal Mountain range has produced more of the “Top Fifty” record book goats than any other area and also has the highest goat density area in North America. They specialize in bowhunts and their clients have taken many book billies with archery gear and rifles.

The fall hunt is from August 1 to October 31. 10 days 1×1 is $12,900 plus a $2,000 trophy fee. Black bear can be added on a $2,000 kill fee and they take some monster coastal bears. Hunters are own to one of 30 remote lakes for this backpack hunt.

They also offer the winter goat hunt November 1 to February 28 at $19,400 plus a $2,000 trophy fee. Prices do include charter ights, but not license, tags or tax. Hunters are met in Terrace. October openings for 2017. Hunt MG473.  MG473 Hunt Photos.