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Hunt AUS643.



HCU has been sending hunters to Manuel for over 7 years and without exception, everyone has been satisfied as over 50 percent of our bookings still come from repeat clients. Pricing will remain the same for 2018. Keep in mind our winter is their summer. Their fall months are March, April and May, but hunting is year round. December, January and February have higher temperatures and the better shooting at that time is more in the mountains than in the plains. No matter when you go there are always birds and lots of them.

Most hunters fly into Cordoba a day early to relax and get over any jet lag from the airline flight. Hunters stay at one of the finest hotels and eat at the best steak houses in Cordoba.

You are picked up at the hotel on the morning of your first day, taken to the lodge for orientation and lunch and maybe a short siesta. That afternoon, you will be taken to the field and your hunt begins. The shoot lasts 2 to 3 hours (always up to the hunters), then gather for relaxing refreshments, and return to the lodge for snacks and then supper. You will enjoy Malbec and/or white wine, or your favorite soft drink or highball with your 4 course meal. After supper you can relax and enjoy the atmosphere of country living on the Argentine plain before retiring to bed. The next morning you will awaken to coffee/tea and a hearty breakfast. After breakfast you will be taken to the field for your morning shoot. After two or three hours of shooting you will either be taken back to the lodge for lunch or stay in the field for a cookout and a siesta. Afterwards you will return to the field for the evening shoot, and then back to the lodge for the evening meal and drinks. The next day is a carbon copy of the previous day. The final day in camp starts with breakfast and then the morning shoot the same as day 2 and day 3, except at lunch, you will return to the lodge, eat and prepare to be taken back to Cordoba for your return flight home.

Manuel has two lodges, the Plains Lodge is about 75 miles north of the airport and the terrain is fairly flat farmland and ranchland. The shooters will be stationed at strategic locations like tree lines, cattle ponds, food plots, etc.. The Mountain Lodge is about 110 miles north of Cordoba in hilly terrain. This hunt is largely pass shooting, with multiple presentations for honing your shooting skills. Both locations are scouted for maximum shooting opportunities. Both lodges are very comfortable, clean and well cared for. Menus are similar and service is second to none. Most shooting areas are from 2 to 25 minutes away from the lodges. It is not uncommon for hunters to shoot 1,000 rounds in the morning and then another 1,000 rounds in the afternoon. Keep in mind, it is your hunt and you can shoot as much or as little as you prefer. Non-hunters and spouses are also welcome.

Most hunters will rent shotguns from the outfitter for $70 per day. They have both Benelli and Beretta autoloaders in 20 gauges. Shotgun shells are $13 per box of 25. The $1,750 price includes all transport from hotel to airport, meals, wine, beer and spirits.

HCU’s Scott Steinkruger has hunted with Manuel several times and has not found any hunt comparable. From personalized service to the accommodations and cuisine, he feels this is one of the best hunting values. Manuel can take up to 12 people (double occupancy) per lodge, per hunt. We have corporate, group and family rates along with a group leader incentive.

Costs are typically $1,400 to $2,000 for flights from the states, $1,750 for 3 nights and 6 shoots, tipping of birdboys is $30 per day plus a onetime tip of $160 for the house staff, license $190 and your hotel room before the hunt begins of $140.

The dove hunts in Argentina are legendary and Manuel’s are second to none. Contact Scott Steinkruger at 806-679-9893 for more details on hunting dove, perdiz, pigeons or the big game options including free range red stag and water buffalo. Hunt ARML.  ARML Hunt Photos.