Argentina – Australia


This outfitter has exclusive rights to some of the best water buffalo and banteng hunting and the prices are extremely reasonable. He has 5 day buffalo hunts in the Ahrnem Land for only $8,000 2×1 or $9,000 1×1 and he allows you to add up to 10 management cows for only $3,500 or a second trophy bull for only $3,800. Suc- cess has been 100 percent and the average buff has SCI scored an amazing 104 inches. Price includes trophy fees, guide, lodging, meals and the use of rifles and NT International visitor permit.

Hunters take a charter from Darwin east about 300 miles to camp for approximately $1,500 roundtrip per hunter. It is a very basic remote bush camp in the outback with solar power, single cots, flush toilet and shower. He hunts on a 5 million acre concession of tidal plains, very open vast country near the northern coast. Best dates are during the dry season from June to September. HE IS OFFERING A SPECIAL 4X1 TROPHY BUFF HUNT FOR 4 HUNTERS PRICED AT ONLY $6,000 EACH PLUS CHARTER FLIGHT AT $800 EACH.

He hunts another area 3 hours south of Dar- win and hunters are picked up and returned to Darwin Airport for $250. Buff hunts here are $8,000 2×1 or $9,500 1×1.

Banteng camp is located 100 miles south of Darwin with more bush and trees than the buf- falo tidal plains camp. 5 days 1×1 for banteng is $13,500 plus the $250 travel from Darwin air- port, guide, lodging, meals and the use of rifles are included. Best dates here run from April to October.

Banteng/water buffalo 9 day combo hunting two areas is $17,500 2×1 or $19,500 1×1.

Outback camel hunts take place in central Australia in the Simpson Desert. 3 day hunt for 2 camels is only $9,000 and they make a unique trophy.

He also has a game ranch in southern Austra- lia where you can hunt rusa, hog deer, sambar, etc. on a $450 2×1 or $500 1×1 day rate plus trophy fees. Hunt AUS41.


HCU has been sending clients to this outfitter near Cordoba for over 10 years. Manuel has 3 lodges to choose from, each with its unique areas to hunt. This gives him the versatility to put you where the birds are, thus making 1 to 2 hour trips from the lodge to hunting areas unnecessary. Most all the shooting fields will be within a 10 to 30 minute transport. He places each group of incoming hunters to the particular lodge that has the most birds at that particular time. Ranch style accommodations, along with Argentinean main courses with locally grown fruits and vegetables, and top shelf desserts. All liquor, wine and beer are provided. Hunting is year round and most hunters prefer February to April. Beginning in May duck season and upland bird (perdiz) hunting is open and easily arranged.

Most hunters fly into Cordoba a day early to relax and stay at a downtown luxury hotel. After breakfast, you will be picked up at the hotel and taken to your lodge that will serve you for the rest of your hunt. You will enjoy a light lunch, meet your bird boy, then out to the hunting area for your first shoot. Then your hunt begins with wave after wave of incoming and passing birds. When your shoot is over, everyone will gather for relaxing refreshments and then return to the lodge for a short siesta before getting ready for supper. Appetizers and drinks are waiting for you to enjoy before the evening meal. The next two days will begin with breakfast and then be tak- en to your morning shoot. Hunting until lunch and then you will go back to the lodge, or your crew will do a BBQ lunch cookout on location. Afterwards enjoy a small siesta and then back to hunting until evening. The last day, morning as usual to the shoot then about noon returning to the lodge eat and back to Cordoba for your flight home. Additional days and excursions can be arranged for additional cost.

The particular lodge you will stay at is at Manuel’s discretion. He will put you in the lodge that is best suited for your group and expecting the highest bird numbers and he does not mix groups. We can custom tailor a hunt for you with added days. All locations are scouted weekly to see where the birds are best.

It is not unusual for hunters to shoot 1000 rounds in the morning and 1000 rounds in the afternoon. Again, this is your hunt and you can shoot as many rounds as you desire. Most hunters rent their shotguns from the outfitter for $70/ day as entering Argentina with a firearm can be difficult. Shells are $13.50/box of 25. 20 gauge Benelli and Beretta semiautomatics are typical.

The price of $1,350 includes all the transport from hotel/airport, accommodations, meals and spirits. Staff tipping is extra. Group/family rates are available and they can accommodate up to 12 guests (double occupancy).

HCU’s Scott Steinkruger has been with this operator many times and you can call him at 806-679-9893 to answer any questions. Waterfowl, perdiz, red stag, water buffalo and other big game hunts can also be arranged with this outfitter.

This hunt is highly personalized and com- bined with the service, accommodations, cuisine and hunting experience, is one of the finest destinations in the world. Manuel will continue to conduct his hunts the same way he has for the past 25 years, not cutting any corners to ensure all hunters will have the hunt of a lifetime.

Argentina border opened November 1, 2021, and currently requires covid vaccination along with the normal test 72 hours before border crossing. Hunt ARML.  ARML Hunt Photos.


We work with another outfitter where hunters fly into Buenos Aires and are driven a cou- ple hours to the South East Entre Rios Province for high volume dove, ducks, perdiz and pigeon shooting. They also offer fresh water Golden Dorado fishing on the Uruguay River from this lodge. The country house features 10 double bedrooms with private baths, Wi-Fi, AC and gourmet meals.

Typically dove hunters arrive at camp in time to hunt that afternoon for one shoot. Next 2 full days include morning and afternoon shoots. The last day hunters enjoy a morning shoot and leave after lunch, totaling 6 shoots with 4 days and 3 nights.

Dove shoots 4 days and 3 nights runs from $1,250 for September 1 to March 31 or April 1 to August 31 for $1,650. Mixed bag combination hunts for dove, ducks and perdiz is $2,550 from May 1 to August 15. Water buffalo can be added for only $350 per day with a $3,650 trophy fee.

This outfit also assists with big game and dove hunts in the La Pampa Province 450 miles southwest of Buenos Aires. Hunters fly into Santa Rosa and are taken to the La Mota Lodge on 57,000 private acres. 6 days 5 nights of free range trophy red stag hunting is $5,950 with no trophy fees or size limits. Black buck gross scor- ing up to 52 points can be added for $1,250 and water buffalo scoring up to 79 is only $4,000. They offer estate and free range hunting, along with dove shooting.

Patagonia Mountains is another one of their destinations located 1,100 miles southwest of Buenos Aires in the Neuquen Province. Hunters fly into the famous touristic destination of Bariloche City. Two private ranches totaling 80,000 acres are located in the transition area between the mountains and Patagonia Steppe. They offer big game hunts on 30,000 free range acres and another 30,000 estate acres for red stag, black buck, axis deer and wild boar along with fly fishing. Red stag 5 day hunts are $7,800 for stags scoring up to 320 SCI. Non-hunters are $350 per day with full board luxury accommodations. Hunt ARPG.