Brown – Grizzly – Polar Bear

$21,000 10 HUNTING DAYS

This outfitter does not shoot small bears or sows and he had only had one hunter go home without a boar spring or fall in 6 years until 2018, which was hampered by an extremely late spring. He normally has a videographer aboard his 50 foot yacht to film your hunt at no additional charge. We feel this is the best brown bear or black bear boat hunt in Alaska and his cost is much less than the high priced well known competitors.

2018 spring on the first hunt he had an 86 year old father with his son and they only saw about 15 bears with the late spring and neither connected. On the second hunt an 8 1/2 footer was taken and the second hunter hit and lost a real nice bear. On the third hunt his single hunter tagged a nice 9 footer with exceptional hair.

2018 fall went 2 for 2. A 9’2” boar was taken the first day and an 8’11” boar with terrific fall hair was taken on day 5. It was a poor salmon year, but this outfitter has a couple go to streams on Admiralty that never lets him down.

2017 spring his 5 hunters tagged 4 bears. First hunt was slow only taking one bear at 8 foot 6 inches. They chased several other bears, but one hunter went home empty (first hunter that went home without a bear in 6 years). Second hunt was 2 for 2, taking a 9 foot 4 inch and 9 foot. Third hunt took place on the mainland and the hunter killed an 8 foot bear.

Fall 2017 hunt he only took one hunter and he scored on a 9 foot 6 inch bear with a 25 3/4 inch skull.

2016 spring produced 4 brownies for 4 hunters, 3 squared out at 9 foot and one went 8 foot 10 inches.

Fall of 2016 was 2 for 2 ,a 9 foot 4 inch and one over 8 1/2 feet.

2015 spring went 5 for 5, 9 foot 10 inches, 2 over 9 foot, one 9 foot and an 8 1/2.

Fall was 2 for 2. One bear was tagged and turned out to be 38 years old.

10 day 1×1 brown bear boat hunt is $21,000 spring or fall. He normally takes two hunters April 27 to May 8, two hunters May 8 to 19 and one hunter May 21 to June 1. Fall hunts he normally takes two hunters September 15 to 26.

Accommodations are a nice 50 foot yacht pulling along two 18 foot skiffs with 40hp motors to access the shoreline. He normally conducts hunts off the coast of Admiralty and across Chatham Strait off the mainland coast. Charter flights out of Juneau to or from the boat run about $300 per hunter. Fall hunts typically do not require a charter flight. Next available openings are 2020 spring and 2021 fall.  Hunt BR907.


2018 – 6 BEARS OVER 10 FOOT

This Alaska Peninsula hunt in Unit 9 takes place near Sand Point on the southeastern side of the peninsula, one of the top brown bear trophy ar-eas. The outfitter has done tremendous past years mainly due to having exclusive rights to prime native land with 3 major bays and rivers, including over 30 miles of coastline.

2018 spring was late causing some difficulties, but overall they killed 11 bears for 14 hunters, including 6 super bears squaring at 10 foot or better. The best bear was just shy of 11 foot with a 29 5/8 inch green skull.

Fall of 2017 was tough due to too many salmon and the bears were scattered. They ended up killing 5 for 9 in the 8 to 9 1/2 foot class.

2016 spring was nothing short of fabulous! 14 hunters killed 13 brownies and 7 squared over an honest 10 foot! Best skull was just shy of 30 inches and largest went 10 foot 8 inches.

Spring hunts are conducted on even numbered years like 2020 and then in 2022, from May 10 to 31. Fall hunts are on odd years like 2019 and then 2021, from October 1 to 21. 2019 fall season and 2020 spring are currently at $24,000. Rates are for the entire season, stay until you kill, and most hunters are successful in 7 to 9 days. A packer can be hired for $200 per day.

Hunts can be conducted out of base camp with the use of 4 wheelers or jet boats, but mainly this is a spike camp operation. Round trip flights from An-chorage to Sand Point run about $1,000 and the flight from Sand Point to base camp is included in the price. 2019 fall and 2020 spring has openings. Hunt BR781.  BR781 Hunt Photos.



This outfitter has a superb lodge that even has a steam bath along the Hoholitna River about 75 miles northwest of Lake Clark. Five nice log cabins are used for accommodations. 10 day hunts typically run 80 percent success for both spring and fall. These brown bears average 8 to 8 1/2 foot.

2018 spring came so late that the bears were not out of their dens this past April. Due to the freak weather only one bear was taken. The 2018 fall season was pretty typical with 4 hunters killing 3 bears, 9, 8 1/2 and an 8 footer. The unsuc-cessful hunter had limited mobility and never had an opportunity. One of the hunters was a combo hunter and besides taking his bear he also killed a good bull moose.

2017 spring went 3 for 4 on bears and in the fall success was 8 for 9 and all the bears taken were in the 8 to 8 1/2 foot range. He had 4 moose hunters and 3 tagged bulls, including 2 at 60 inches and a 58.

2016 spring went well with all 4 hunters tag-ging bears, two just over 8 feet and two at 8. Fall season there were 8 hunters and 5 killed including a monster for an interior brownie that squared 9 foot 7 inches and had a 27 3/4 inch skull.

10 day hunts are only $14,500 spring or fall. Spring hunts are April 14 to May 1. Snowmobiles are used on the spring hunts to access den areas and catch boars coming out of hibernation. Fall hunts start August 20 and finish September 25. They are spent glassing blueberry hillsides or checking moose kills. They utilize jet boats and quads in the fall. This brown bear hunt can be combined with moose for $24,000 and would be mid to late September.

Hunters fly from Anchorage to Port Alsworth for $500 round trip and then the outfitter will charter you into camp at his expense. Limited open-ings available for spring and fall of 2019 or book now for 2020. Hunt BRSF781.  BRSF781 Hunt Photos.


$12,500 7 DAYS 1X1

If you are interested in a grizzly then this is your hunt. This longtime Alaska outfitter/bush pilot has taken many many brown bears on the fa-mous Alaska Peninsula and also lots of grizzlies in northwest Alaska out of Kotzebue over his 30 years of guiding and he is super excited about ac-quiring a Refuge Permit allowing him to take non- residents into the Noatak National Preserve grizzly hunting. This large area is located northeast of Kotzebue and last fall unguided caribou hunters in this area were seeing 20 to 50 grizzlies in a week of caribou hunting. The outfitter and one of his guides went in there as residents and they killed an enormous 9 foot 2 inch with a 27 12/16 skull and also a 7 1/2 footer.

He had been running moose, caribou and griz-zly hunts the past years near the refuge and in 2018 his hunters killed 14 grizzlies and half were done in 2 days, so he is not new to the area.

7 day grizzly hunts guided 1×1 will be $12,500 running from early September to the 25th. Caribou can be added for $4,500 or straight caribou guided 2×1 for 5 days would be $8,500. Grizzly and caribou tags are sold over the counter. Moose is now closed to non-residents in this area mainly due to grizzly predation.

Hunters fly from Anchorage to Kotzebue, where they charter to camp. Hunt GR247.


$12,800 1×1 $9,800 2X1 8 DAYS

HCU has worked with this outfitter for 16 years with great success on fall caribou/grizzly hunts and spring brown bear hunts. He no longer runs his spring brown bear hunt and still continues the fall grizzly and caribou hunts. Now he will offer a spring grizzly hunt in the same area out of Tok. Price will be $12,800 guided 1×1 or $9,800 guided 2×1 and this WILL INCLUDE THE CHARTER FLIGHT priced at about $2,000 per person. He has taken over 10 grizzlies in this area on fall hunts and has glassed many more. The main method of hunting will be looking for boars covering country during the spring breeding season and also watch-ing the caribou calving grounds. The caribou have shown a tremendous comeback in this area and they have seen as many as 5,000 on his fall hunts. Calving takes place mostly late May and early June, but the cows will start to congregate in this area earlier. Hunts will be 10 days, including a day for arrival and departure plus 8 hunting days. Weather may determine exact starting dates. He wants to take everything into consideration to improve odds of success. This small outfitter also does the guiding and he is planning on conducting one spring hunt per year.   Hunt GR64.