We work with 2 outfitters in the Northwest Territories that offer premier mountain caribou hunts. Success generally runs at or near 100 percent on bulls with average gross scores of 375 to 380 Boone and Crockett, with some scoring into the 430’s and typically about 25 percent score over the 390 record book minimum. Both outfits will typically take 15 to 25 bulls per year, either on straight caribou hunts or as extra animals on the sheep and moose hunts. Both hunts require a round trip charter out of Norman Wells priced close to $1,400.

The first outfitter takes about 25 bulls per season, including quite a few record book bulls over 400 inches. 7 day backpack hunts are priced at $9,500 guided 2×1 plus licenses and tax. Caribou can be taken on a $6,000 trophy fee as add-ons for his sheep and moose hunts. He normally starts hunting caribou in this 9,000 square mile area in late August and continues until mid October. Hunt CU119.  CU119 Hunt Photos.

The second outfitter offers 9 day backpack hunts guided 2×1 from July 26 to September 19 priced at $11,000 plus $100 preservation fund and 2 1/2 percent taxes. He also offers moose on the later caribou hunts for a kill fee of $11,500. Caribou can be taken on a $5,000 trophy fee as add-ons for his sheep and moose hunts. HCU consultants Bob Wodzisz and Cliff Graham have taken moose and caribou with this outfit.  Hunt CU250.  CU250 Hunt Photos.



Here is a very small personal operation that the outfitter/guide and his partner only take a few select hunters each fall. 2016 season stayed the course with all 4 HCU hunters killing bulls in the 360 to 380 class. Thousands of caribou were seen and hundreds of bulls. One of the two hunters that had a grizzly tag scored on a nice bear. The other hunter missed a wolverine several times.

2015, all 5 hunters took home a bull grossing from 360 to 390 except one hunter that shot the wrong bull. Past years success has been 100 percent and the hunting just seems to get better every year.

HCU has worked with this outfitter/guide for over 15 years with a terrific record. He is willing to take a party of 2 hunters for $7,800 each for 6 hunting days guided 2×1. If a hunter really wants 1×1 the price is $9,000. This out tter will INCLUDE YOUR CHARTER FLIGHT PRICED AT $2,300 AND THE $800 FEE TO TRANSPORT YOUR CARIBOU BACK TO TOK. These guides do this because they love it and take enjoyment out of assisting hunters to ful ll their Alaskan dreams. He is also willing to let hunters take a grizzly on a $4,500 trophy fee and HCU has had several hunters take grizzlies on this hunt. This is a true Alaskan experience, where you will be spike camping on the tundra and hiking during the day with plenty of glassing. Hunters need appropriate gear and in decent physical condition.

This hunt takes place in late August or early September in Unit 20E where the limit on caribou is one bull per hunter. It is the 40 Mile Herd and according to the biologists is one of, if not, the healthiest herd in Alaska growing 8 percent per year. The state is also doing a very good job on wolf control, which has really enhanced the caribou herd.

Hunters fly to Fairbanks, rent a car to Tok for a 4 hour drive or book a round trip ight to Tok for about $380, license $85, caribou tag $325 and the option on a grizzly tag is $500. Next available is in 2019. Hunt CU64.  CU64 Hunt Photos.



We work with 2 different outfitters for both caribou and moose in Newfoundland. Both are premier outfitters with great success, typically 100 percent on mature bulls. The ministry had drastically lowered the amount of tags allocated to all the out tters due to the drop in caribou numbers, causing prices to increase. Since then the numbers have been improving and trophy bulls are not uncommon.

Both outfitters offer archery hunts during this special season the last week of August and rst week of September just before the gun hunts that start in mid September.

In 2016 they had 11 archers and killed 10 bulls, including some monster bulls. They hosted 3 rifle hunters and all took really good bulls. In 2015 all 11 hunters tagged bulls, including some real monsters. In 2014 his 11 hunters killed 10 bulls; the unsuccessful hunter was a traditional archer that missed 2 bulls.

6 day hunt is priced at $9,000 plus 15 percent HST tax and includes your license and airport pickup in Deer Lake. Moose can be added for $6,000. This outfitter has an extremely nice lodge with a sauna and hot tub. Limited 2017 openings. Hunt CU709.  CU709 Hunt Photos.

This next outfitter hosted 5 caribou hunters in 2016 and all killed nice bulls, including one book bull. In 2015 they went 6 for 6, including 4 monster bulls that should make the record book. Success has been 100 percent the past several years and every year record book stags have been killed.

6 day hunt guided 1×1 with nice cabin accommodations is currently $9,700 INCLUDING license, but not the 15 percent HST tax, moose can be added for $4,000. NEXT AVAILABLE OPENING IS 2019. Many camps are accessed only by helicopter and flights are included in the price. Rifle hunts start mid September and run to November. Hunters can drive to Newfoundland or y to Deer Lake Airport and be picked up. HCU consultants, Cliff Graham, Bob Wodzisz and Scott Steinkruger have all hunted with this out tter. Hunt CU94.  CU94 Hunt Photos.