Mule Deer – Blacktail


This 20,000 acre private ranch is located in southeastern Utah near Moab. It is one of the mostscenic ranches you will ever hunt and definitelyhas some mule deer that will gross 200 inches. If you are a serious mule deer hunter you realize not many properties have deer of this quality, but killing a mature deer over 180 inches is not easy. It is in the CWMU, Controlled Wildlife Management Unit program, allowing hunters to use riflesSeptember 1 when the bucks are still in velvet and bachelor groups. It can be one of the most pro- ductive times to hunt a trophy muley. This $4,500 hunt is priced on a sliding trophy fee scale, making it quite a bargain.

The 2018 September 1 to 5 hunt finished upwith all 5 hunters tagging bucks, most were nice 4×4’s grossing in the 170’s.

The 2017 September hunt had 5 hunters tag 5 bucks. Top bucks gross scored in the 170’s and averaged close to 170. Two archery hunters killed a 188 and crippled a buck.

In September of 2016 they had 6 hunters tag 5 bucks averaging 173 inches. Best buck went 176. 5 hunting days guided 1×1 with cabin accommo- dations will be $4,500 plus a trophy fee on a slid- ing scale if your buck gross scores over 170 Boone and Crockett. 170 to 179 will be an additional $1,000 trophy fee, 180 to 189 is $2,000, 190 to 199 is $3,000 and any buck grossing 200 or more inches is $4,000.

Nice lodging, home cooked meals and the ranch is picturesque with high deer numbers.Hunters fly into Grand Junction and rent a car.Limited 2019 openings or book now for 2020.HCU’s Craig Green has hunted this ranch.  Hunt MDGE72.  MDGE72 Hunt Photos.



These trophy units do not require all that many preference points like some other units in Colo- rado and keep in mind landowner vouchers areusually available for a price. The outfitter primar- ily hunts 2 adjoining units. One unit should only take 3 points to draw the second season and the other unit just 4 points. The third season is tougher taking 7 points for one unit and 13 for the second unit. Fourth season is over the top requiring 20 and 24 points. Archery tags can normally be drawn with 2 or 3 points. He has over 10 private properties varying from mountain country with oakbrush hillsides to agricultural property including alfalfa,hay fields and he also hunts some BLM.

In 2018 he had 5 archery hunters kill 4 bucks, 189, 2 in 170’s and a nice framed 160 type buck.Over the course of 4 rifle hunts his 19 mule deerhunters killed 13 bucks, best buck grossed 198 and 5 more bucks went over 180 inches. The drought conditions really hampered antler growth in 2018.

In 2017 his 2 bowhunters killed a 195 and a170. He did 4 rifle hunts totaling 17 hunters killing15 bucks, 2 hunters on the last hunt passed. Top 4 bucks grossed 201, 196, 195, 191, with an overall average of 180, only one buck scored under 170.

In 2016 he had 2 archery hunters kill a 178 anda 170. Over the course of 4 rifle hunts a total of 15 hunters tagged 13 bucks, including a 206 and a 194.

Archery hunts are spot and stalk, normally conducted along the river bottom near agriculturalland. Rifle and muzzleloader hunts take place onmany private lands and also BLM. As the season progresses more deer come off the high countryand filter down into agricultural lands for feed andthe breeding season.

Archery, muzzleloader or rifle hunts are$5,500 for 4 or 5 days guided 2×1 or $6,000 guided 1×1, with escalating trophy fees of $500 for every 10 inches; deer harvested gross scoring 170 to 179 inches has a $500 trophy fee added to the price, 180 to 189 is $1,000, 190 to 199 is $1,500 and any buck taken scoring over 200 inches is $2,000.

Second gun season (first deer rifle) vouchersare usually available from $2,000 to $3,000 de- pending on which unit and private land only tags or unit tags, which is priced higher.

Third season (second deer rifle) vouchersare $2,500 to $5,000 depending on unit and type. Fourth season vouchers can be anywhere from $5,500 for private land to $10,500 for a unit wide voucher.

Cabin or ranch house accommodations withairport pickup included at Montrose or fly into Grand Junction and rent a car. Early April drawdeadline, with limited 2019 openings. We consider this a great opportunity for a hunter with 3 or 4 preference points for a second season mule deer hunt or 7 points for third season.

HCU’s Cliff Graham and Bob Wodzisz have hunted with this outfitter. Hunt MD163.  MD163 Hunt Photos.



Here is a good priced muley hunt with high success on nice bucks averaging in the 160’s, with achance to see something special. The outfitter onlytakes a few deer and elk hunters per year on several small private ranches in southwest Colorado.

2018 he had 4 mule deer hunters tag 4 bucks, all 4 points up to 170 inches. Two of the hunters were on elk/deer combo hunts and both took bulls, a 260 inch 6 point and a small 4 point.

5 day rifle hunts are $5,000 guided 2×1. Com- bination elk and deer hunts are only $8,500. He prefers to take only up to 4 hunters per hunt. Meals and lodging are included.

Hunting methods can vary from sitting onfields, which was the most productive, to hikingand glassing various locations. He can also hunt some BLM land in this area.

Most hunters have drawn without any points and landowner vouchers should be available priced from $750 for the second season to $1,500for third season. Fly into Grand Junction and rent a car or fly into Montrose and get picked up at theairport. Draw deadline is early April. 2019 openings. Hunt MDM554.



Here is a terrific bargain for a mule deer huntwith a guaranteed tag for only $4,000! HCU hasworked with this outfitter for the past 12 yearson his private ranch elk hunts and success has typically run near 80 percent on bulls. In 2017 he was able to obtain a couple mule deer landowner permits and in 2018 he had 6 deer permits. This is their family owned 13,000 acre ranch in northwestern Colorado that he has been running hunts on for many years, so he knows the property.

Last fall his 6 deer hunters killed 4 bucks and the top bucks only went 160, but so many elk were migrating through that may have pushed the deer out. Most hunters wanting a bull were successful.

In 2017 he had 2 deer hunters and both took nice bucks, including a super 29 inch buck gross- ing 181 and a real nice 168 inch deer.

With 6 landowner voucher he plans on taking 3 deer hunters on the second season, late October, and 3 on the third season hunt in early November. This is a 4 day hunt priced at $4,000 guided 2×1 with lodging and meals and will include a land- owner voucher, but you still have to buy the li-cense and tag. Elk/deer combo hunt is $7,000 andsuccess on bulls has been over 80 percent.

Accommodations is a remodeled 100 year old cabin and hunters typically enjoy a 45 min- ute horseback ride up the mountain in the morn- ing and back again at the end of the day. Hunters are picked up at the Hayden airport at no charge. These guaranteed tags will not last long so if you are interested call immediately. Hunt MD824.



This is not a trophy hunt, but a really bar- gain priced private land combination hunt that nears 100 percent success on representative ani-mals. The outfitter has over 30,000 private acres in southeastern Wyoming. Deer tags for Region JArea 64 are generally left over so the draw should be good on the regular tag. Pronghorn will prob- ably require the special tag to draw or have one preference point and you should draw on the regular tag. It always pays to purchase preference points from July to October on the Wyoming website to insure drawing your tag.

2018 produced 8 bucks for 8 hunters, including 4 combination deer/pronghorn hunters. Best buck grossed an amazing 178, but this is a 140 to 150 inch type hunt, with the top buck normally going about 160 inches. Pronghorn bucks averaged in the mid 60’s.

In 2017 he had 8 combo muley/pronghornhunters and all 8 filled their tags. One really bigbuck grossing 181 inches was taken and the rest averaged around 150 inches. One pronghorn grossed over 82 inches and the rest were in the low 70’s.

In 2016 his 6 muley hunters all killed bucks ranging in size from 135 up to their best buck grossing 170. Pronghorn was 100 percent and averaged in the high 60’s.

5 day mule deer hunts guided 2×1 are only $4,000 or combination hunts are $5,500 from October 15 to 25. Rustic cabin accommodations with electricity make this a very nice affordable hunt. March 31 draw deadline. Hunt MD264.  MD264 Hunt Photos



This is a small personal no frills operation in southeastern Montana on about 40,000 private acres. Deer numbers are high with muley bucks averaging 22 to 25 inches with good mass and the riverbottom whitetails are solid deer in the 130 to 160 range. Deer tags are good for either mule deer TAG HE ALLOWS YOU TO TAKE ONE AT NO CHARGE DURING THE FIRST TWO DEER HUNTS.

Success has been 90 percent on mule deer ranging from 155 to 170 inches, same with whitetails in the 130 to 160 inch range and 100 percent on antelope. This rancher will normally take 12 to14 rifle deer hunters per year.

4 days guided 2×1 is $3,450 and accommoda- tions are an old trailer with meals provided. Hunt dates are about October 20 to Thanksgiving. Hunt-ers fly into Rapid City or Billings and rent a car forthe 2 1/2 hour drive.

Montana has changed their deer license pro- gram and drawing a straight deer tag can be dif-ficult. One way with better odds is by applying fora deer/elk combination tag. Purchase a $50 deer preference point during the application process. Apply for your deer tag and the special elk tag in this same area, which is less than a 5% draw. This way when you don’t draw the special elk tag they send back the elk fee leaving you with the deer tag at the regular cost.

If you do draw the elk tag this is a terrific trophy unit and the outfitter will upgrade your hunt to include a bull on a $2,500 trophy fee only. Montana now allows you to purchase a deer point with your application to improve your drawing odds and we strongly recommend it. Deer/elk draw deadline is March 15 and pronghorn draw is about30 percent with a June 1 deadline. Points can also be purchased from July to September, but a license must be applied for within 2 years of purchase. This hunt is booked full for 2019, call now for 2020. Hunt MD427.  MD427 Hunt Photos.


204, 188, 181
2017 – 7 HUNTERS 5 BUCKS

This small personal outfit normally does 8 or 9trophy mule deer per year plus some management hunts on this 14,000 acre ranch in the CWMU program allowing them to hunt from September 1 to November 1.

2018 produced 6 bucks for 8 hunters including a 204, 188 and a 181. Of the 2 unsuccessful hunters both were several year repeat hunters. One was 86 years old that hit and lost his deer and the other got on a 190 class buck that just didn’t work out.

In 2017 he had 7 trophy hunters and they killed 5 bucks, including 2 grossing over 190 and 1 in the 180’s. They also killed 7 management bucks.

In 2016, 8 trophy deer hunters and killed 6 bucks, including a 191 and 2 in the high 180’s.

In 2015 they had 9 hunters tag 7 bucks. A 203, 2 in the low 190’s, 185, a 29 inch 4×4, a heavy 27 inch buck with a 10 inch cheater and a 170.

Accommodations are travel trailers in a park where they can take ATV’s right into the hunting area. Hunts are Monday to Friday and include meals priced at $8,000 guided 1×1 or $7,500 for 2×1, plus license and tax. Hunting is mostly done by using pickup trucks and Ranger UTV’s with plenty of glassing and spot and stalk.

They also offer several management deer hunts priced at only $3,500 guided 2×1 for mature 3×3 or sometimes 3×4 bucks, typically scoring in the 140 to 160 class.

Licenses are guaranteed, NO DRAW, land- owner vouchers are included in the price. Airportpickup at SLC is included. HCU’s Cliff Graham has been on this ranch. Hunt MD830.  MD830 Hunt Photos



Here is a special hunt New Mexico has opened for certain areas to hunt trophy bucks in the rut. This hunt has a landowner voucher guaranteeing a tag, no draw. 5 days guided 1×1 is $7,500. Theycould do a TROPHY MUZZLELOADER HUNT LATE SEPTEMBER and we think it could be thebest hunt. If you are interested give us a call as this should be a great chance for a buck over 180 inches.He will run a late October rifle hunt and possibly alate November and early December hunt.

In 2018 his 2 late October hunters scored on a 180 plus buck and one grossing over 170 inches. He was expecting to take 2 late November and 2 early December hunters, but it had not taken place at press time.

In 2017 they took one September muzzleloader hunter and 4 hunters over the two late season hunts and all killed bucks, best was a nice 4×4 with a kicker grossing 192 inches. Most of the bucks were just respectable 170’s deer.

In 2016 all 3 hunters scored on nice bucks grossing a little over 170 inches.

2015 ended up with all 4 hunters tagging bucks scoring from 175 to 185 inches.

This outfitter hunts several ranches in north- eastern New Mexico totaling over 60,000 acres.Guaranteed landowner voucher is included so there is no draw. Hunters fly into Colorado Springsand rent a car for a 2 hour drive to the lodge. Very limited openings for 2019.  Hunt MD278.   MD278 Hunt Photos.    


2018 – 6 FOR 7 (5 190+ &1 CRIPPLE) 2017 – 7 FOR 7 ALL 190+
2016 – 8 FOR 8 (2 OVER 200, 3-190’s)

This hunt is for the very serious mule deer trophy hunter and he has to be willing to sign up and expect to wait 2 years to go on the hunt dueto repeat bookings. Guides are looking for deer that GROSS SCORE OVER 190 INCHES on this35,000 private acre free range ranch.

2018 was hot and dry, but 6 of the 7 hunters tagged bucks, with 5 grossing from 190 to 195 and one hunter insisted on shooting a 35 1/2 inch wide buck that just wasn’t going to score. The unsuc- cessful hunter hit a buck they thought would go high 190’s, but it was not recovered.

2017 produced 7 bucks for 7 hunters and all scored between 190 and 195 4/8 inches. 2017 wasthe first year in the previous 10 that they did nottake a 200 inch deer.

In 2016 on the early velvet hunt one hunter creased a 209 inch buck that they later killed on the hard horned hunt and they also took a 213 inch buck. On the hard horned hunts 8 more bucks were killed, including a 209, 203, 199, 196, 192, 2 in the high 180’s and a low 180’s.

2015 was a spectacular year for big deer on this ranch. This outfitter killed 9 bucks for his 9hunters and amazingly 6 grossed over 200 inches along with a 197 and 2 in the 180’s.

This 35,000 acre ranch normally averages gross scores over 190 Boone and Crockett and several bucks have been taken over the 220 inch mark. The ranch is in the Cooperative Wildlife Management Unit Program where they can set their own dates and the guaranteed landowner voucher is included in the price. State license and tag still need to be purchased. They take 2 hunt- ers September 1 on a more expensive velvet hunt and the rest are hard horned in later September and early October.

The ranch is located in northeastern Utah along the Wyoming border. Hard horned hunts are $16,000 guided 1×1 for 5 days including lodge accommodations and airport pickup in Salt Lake City. Next available opening is in 2020.  Hunt MD255.  MD255 Hunt Photos. 



This outfitter is one of the best in the west with great guides and plenty of private land to hunt besides BLM. They are local ranchers that can huntsome terrific low ranch properties owned by theirneighbors. The guides are outstanding and everyone is there for the same reason, to try and get you a trophy buck.

2018 he had one archer and she killed a 180inch buck. The 2 rifle hunts combined produced15 bucks for 16 hunters. Best buck gross scored in the mid-190’s and 3 more were taken in the 180’s with an overall average of 175 to 180.

2017 was a tough year with a total of 10 hunters killing 8 bucks. 4 bucks grossed 180 or better, butno monsters, although one terrific buck was seen.

In 2016 they had 12 muley hunters kill 11 bucks, including a 208 inch typical with a 34 inch frame, a 187 and 186.

In 2015 over the course of 2 hunts 16 hunters tagged 14 bucks, with the best buck having a 33 inch main frame and gross scoring 196 inches.

This is a premier hunt that requires 12 preference points minimum to draw. Landowner vouchers are sometimes available, but they are normally at least $5,500.

5 day hunt guided 2×1 is only $5,500 with cabin accommodations and airport pickup can bearranged in Grand Junction for $150. HCU has had over 100 hunters with this outfitter in the past 20plus years for elk or deer with nothing but praise and have taken lots of great trophies. Next avail-able deer opening is in 2020. HCU’s Cliff Grahamhas been on this hunt. April 3rd deadline.
Hunt MD21.  MD21 Hunt Photos.



This outfitter takes a very limited number of hunters in a trophy unit that is a draw for residents. This zone only gives out 125 permits to residents and just a few for non residents and the area is 40 square miles. The hunt takes place in farm country east of Red Deer near Stettler, Alberta. It is known for big mule deer, whitetail and hard to believe moose.

They normally run close to 30 mule deer hunters per year with about an 85 percent success rate. Top bucks break the 200 inch mark and several are taken in the 190’s. This may very well be your best bet for a buck grossing at least 180 inches. We would sug- gest having a whitetail tag in your pocket and take advantage of the combination hunt, as quite a few hunters have an opportunity on a quality whitetail from 150 to 180 inches while chasing mule deer.

6 day rifle hunts throughout the month of No- vember guided 1×1 are $9,500. Nice cabin accom-modations, meals, and airport pickup in Edmon- ton. He also offers a 6 day combination hunt for both mule deer and whitetail for $10,500 guided 1×1 or the last hunt is 9 days for $12,000. White- tail success has run 70 percent or better on bucks averaging close to 150 and some 160 to 180 inchdeer are killed yearly. Archery hunts are the first 2weeks of September for 6 1/2 days at $7,000 plus license and tax and consistently produce some su- per monster mulies. Very limited openings due to repeat bookings. Hunt MD/WD883.  MD883 Hunt Photos.



This private ranch is located near the town of Powderville in the southeast corner of Montana. The property has good deer numbers and is easy country to hunt, pretty open with coulees, good for glassing, and decent vehicle access if the roads don’t mud up. This is not a trophy hunt, but just a fun do it yourself hunt for a group of buddies that has produced very high success.

If you want to apply in the June draw for apronghorn tag and are successful there is no addi- tional charge to shoot a pronghorn if you are deer hunting. Pronghorn hunting is good up to about November 5 when they start shedding their horns.

Accommodations consist of a small rustic cabin for no additional cost. It is 12 x 16 with 4 bunks, mattresses, running water, small gas stove, pro- pane heat with a wood stove, no shower. Hunters should take sleeping bags and towels, so they can get a shower at the ranch manager’s cabin. If a hunter wants to butcher his own deer they have a facility with a hoist and tables.

Hunters arrive on Saturday, hunt Sunday to Friday, 6 days, and leave Saturday morning. Hunts start about October 20 and run to the end of November. It takes a group of 4 minimum to book the ranch. Remember this is a trespass hunt, no guides, no food and you will need at least one four wheel drive truck.

Deer draw deadline is March 15 and we recommend purchasing a deer point during the application process to increase your odds. Antelopedraw deadline is about June 1. If you don’t draw make sure you purchase a preference point to draw for the following year either with your application or between July and September. Hunt MDUN534.  MDUN534 Hunt Photos



HCU works with 2 Kodiak Island outfitters offering sitka blacktail deer along with ducks and fishing. This can be a physically demanding hunts so hunters should be in shape.

This outfitter offers a 4 day unguided hunt for $3,800 and hunters can take up to 3 bucks and also enjoy some fantastic duck hunting and fishing. Private cabins or suites for accommodations with prepared meals are included, along with daily transport to hunting area by boat. He starts about the second week of November and finishes by early December.

5 days/6 nights is $4,750 or 6 days/7 nights are $5,500. License is $85 and deer tags are $300 each, no taxes. Hunt SD162.

We work with another outfitter that operatesout of a lodge with 6 bedrooms, shower, bar, TV and sauna. Success has run 100 percent on this 7 day guided hunt from October 5 to November 30. One deer limit priced at only $4,000 guided 2×1 or $5,000 1×1. Many hunters have taken record bookbucks with this outfitter including the new #3 SCI and #11 Boone and Crockett. Excellent sea duckhunting for many species and fox hunting is alsoincluded. Hunters fly into Kodiak and charter tothe lodge for about $200 round trip. Hunt SD783.  SD783 Hunt Photos.