This is a trophy hunt that does not require all that many preference points like some other areas in Colorado, only 3 to 11 depending on the season and unit (he hunts two). He has over 10 properties varying from mountain country with oakbrush hillsides to agricultural property including alfalfa and hay fields.

In 2016 he had 2 archery hunters kill a 178 at 42 yards and a 170 at 31 yards, both spot and stalk kills. Over the course of 3 rifle hunts a total of 15 hunters tagged 13 bucks, including a 206 and a 194. A 200 inch deer was missed 6 times due to a scope problem. Overall the average was around 180 and of the 2 unsuccessful hunters, one was a repeat that passed and the other crippled a good buck.

In 2015 he had 2 archery hunters take a 180 and a 170 inch deer. Rifle hunts produced 6 bucks for 7 hunters. The six bucks harvested included a 190, 4 in the 180’s and a 170 inch buck.

In 2014 this out tter took 2 archers and both scored taking a 188 and a 171 inch buck. Archery hunts are normally conducted along the riverbottom near agricultural land. He hosted one muzzleloader hunter and he scored on a nice 178 inch buck. First rifle hunt produced 3 bucks for 4 hunters, including a 180, 179 and a big old heavy 3×3. Extremely warm weather and lack of snow kept a lot of the deer up in the high country that is normally down on his leases at lower elevations. Second deer hunt went 5 for 5 with bucks scoring 195, 182, 177, 176 and 171. Late season his only hunter bought a voucher and took a 32 inch 4×4 with a few stickers that grossed just over 180 inches.

Archery, muzzleloader or ri e hunts are $5,000 for 5 days guided 2×1 or $5,500 guided 1×1, with escalating trophy fees of; deer harvested gross scoring 170 to 179 inches has a $500 trophy fee added to the price, 180 to 189 is $1,000, 190 to 199 is $1,500 and any buck taken scoring over 200 inches is $2,000.

Elk/mule deer combo is $8,000. Cabin accommodations include a shower house and cook cabin. Second gun season ( first deer rifle) normally takes 3 or 4 points to draw a deer tag, third season (second ri e) is 6 or 8 depending and fourth season is 17 to 19, but landowner vouchers are available. Airport pickup included at Montrose or Grand Junction. April 4 draw deadline, limited 2017 openings. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz has been on this ranch. Hunt MD163.