Black Bear


This Manitoba outfitter doubled the size of his area in 2015 to over 1,000 square miles! He is one of the hardest working and detail-oriented outfitters in the business. His property is lightly hunted ensuring high success on quality bears. Nice lodge accommodations with good home cooked meals. The only problem is availability. 2018 is booked full and half of 2019 is booked. HUNTERS NEED TO BOOK THIS HUNT A YEAR IN ADVANCE AND IT IS WELL WORTH IT.

2017 spring he had 24 hunters kill 23 bruins and the largest spring boar weighed in at 392 pounds. The unsuccessful hunter missed twice and crippled one.

2017 fall had 15 hunters take 14 bears and the best was a chocolate weighing 325 pounds. The unsuccessful hunter had early opportunities, but held out for a large bear too far into the week.

Spring of 2016 produced 26 bruins for 29 hunters, with everyone having an opportunity to kill a bear. Two of the unsuccessful hunters were archers and they both hit and lost bears, while an additional 6 bowhunters killed bears.

In the fall of 2016 he hosted a total of 20 hunters and all 20 took home a bruin, including 5 big boars weighing between 300 and 365 pounds.

Spring hunts are mid May into June and fall dates are early September. 5 day lodge hunts are $3,000 plus $150 tax and $335 for bear license. Airport pickup in Winnipeg is included. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz has been in these camps. 2018 is full so book now for spring or fall of 2019 or 2020. Hunt BL372.


This same outfitter also offers ALBERTA SPRING BEAR HUNTS, where you can take 2 BEARS FOR ONLY $4,200! This is a true Alberta adventure with nice floored tent camps in a great environment.

Spring of 2017 his 10 hunters killed 16 bears, including 9 bow kills that will make Pope and Young record book. They took a variety of colors, including a 300 pound blonde bear.

Spring of 2016 was cancelled due to unprecedented extreme wild fires, with this turn of events both springs of 2017 and 2018 were booked full with new and rescheduled hunters.

2015 spring they hosted a total of 8 hunters spread out over 3 hunts. 13 bears were taken; including 4 over 300 pounds and 2 were crippled and lost.

6 day hunt is $4,200 plus $210 tax and $342 for the bear license. Openings are available for spring of 2019. Hunt BLAB372.



This outfitter purchased a very large area that is the size of 4 outfitter areas combined, 680 square miles, near Meadow Lake in northwestern Saskatchewan. The area is well known for big whitetails and the bear hunting has not been hunted to any extent. Hunters that know northern wilderness bear hunting realize that areas that have not been pressured are where big bears reside.

Over the last 2 springs he has only taken a couple hunters each spring and all have taken nice sized bears.

Super nice lodge accommodations with ATV’s being used to reach bait sites. Ladder stands are placed about 20 yards from the bait for archers and further for rifle hunters. Fishing is just outside the lodge door on a large lake with plenty of walleye and pike. Hunters have the use of boats and they can provide rods and tackle if needed. Most hunters will fish in the mornings and hunt the evenings.

$3,800 plus $315 bear tag and $225 tax. Hunters arrive on a Sunday, hunt Monday through Friday and depart Saturday. He will do 3 hunts throughout the month of May. Hunters fly into Saskatoon and rent a car for the 3 1/2 hour drive to the lodge. Hunt BL304.



Baiting is not allowed in British Columbia so the main method of hunting is driving logging roads and glassing clear-cuts or watching feeding areas. If a hunter would like to experience hunting with hounds that is typically available, but most prefer spot and stalk. If a hunter wants a second bear the outfitter encourages the hunter to only shoot if it is larger than his first bear. Color phase normally runs about 50 percent.

This outfitter had been 100 percent for the past several springs on bears averaging 6 foot or better, but last spring proved a little tougher with 11 bears being tagged by 10 hunters, including a couple smaller bears. Best bear squared out at 6 foot 10 inches.

5 day hunt guided 2×1 is $5,000 or 7 days is $6,000. After your first kill a second bear can be hunted for $500 per day with no kill fee. On a normal year hunters typically see bears everyday and sometimes up to 10. If a hunter hits a bear and he gets away the outfitter will get his dogs and bay him up. If the dogs cannot catch him he is not hurt too bad. He also offers one fall hunt in September when they hunt near apple, grape or peach orchards catching the bears early and late in the day coming and going from the orchards. Fall bears typically weigh 100 or 150 pounds more than spring bears with some real nice hair.

Nice lodge accommodations and hunters get picked up in Penticton airport or they can fly into Spokane and rent a car for crossing the border. Hunts are May 1 to June 31 and he will take up to 4 hunters a week for a total of about 12 to 14 per spring. Fall hunt is in September. Limited openings for 2018. Hunt BL292.



This outfitter takes some of the largest black bears, brown bears and mountain goats in southeast Alaska and is priced less than the more famous boat outfitters in Alaska. He operates off a nice 50 foot yacht typically pulling along an 18 foot skiff with 40hp motor to access the shorelines. He has hunted these areas for over 20 years, taking a very limited amount of hunters. He guides along with one of the best younger guides in the business. His amazing wife takes a video of each hunt that is given to the hunter. In our opinion this is one of if not the best boat hunt for the money in southeast Alaska.

Fall of 2017 he hosted a husband and wife. She took a nice 7 foot 4 inch bear and her husband crippled and lost a good bear.

In 2016 his two hunters took home two trophy bears, one squared at 7 foot 6 inches and the other a little over 7 foot.

This outfitter only does fall black bear hunts, no spring hunts and only takes boars. He conducts his hunts off the mainland beaches near his goat hunting area.

7 hunting days, 9 days total, is $7,000 guided 2×1 from September 1 to 8. Hunters are picked up and dropped off in Juneau, no charter flights. 2018 is booked, call now for 2019. Hunt BL907.



Last spring all 12 hunters tagged out on bears and several had skulls scoring over 20 inches! 3 or 4 bears would weigh in between 300 and 400 pounds and half of the hunters were archers. He didn’t have any fall hunters and it would have been a good season as there were not any berries.

2016 spring was a slow hunt with 12 hunters taking 8 bears. 2015 went 9 for 12 and everyone had opportunities to tag a bear.

6 day hunts are priced at $2,900 for rifle or archery plus license $315/tax $225 and include nice cabin accommodations and meals. The cabin is situated right on Tobin Lake and fishing is just outside the door. The Saskatchewan River is also boat accessible from the lodge and it holds some fantastic walleye fishing. He provides boat, motor and gas. Most bear hunters only fish about 2 to 3 hours per day and normally catch enough walleyes to keep busy.

Spring hunts start mid May and finish mid June. Saskatoon airport pickup is available for $400 per vehicle round trip or rent a car for the 3 1/2 hour drive. 2018 openings are available for May/June and late September. Hunt BL577.  BL577 Hunt Photos.



This longtime Newfoundland moose/caribou outfitter had been taking a very limited amount of spring bear hunters (6 to 10) up until 2010 with great success on big bears. They didn’t run any bear hunters for the next 3 years and then in 2014 they started back to offering spring hunts.

Spring of 2017 produced 6 bears for 8 hunters, including one over 500 pounds and most were in the 350 pound class. The majority of the bears were coming into the baits too late, so for 2017 they are looking at making some changes to their baiting methods to try and have more bears on the baits before sunset.

Price is only $2,400 for a 6 day spring bait hunt plus license and tax, with nice cabin accommodations that are suitable to bring along a non hunting spouse for only $700. They typically run hunts from mid June to mid July and hunters can do some fishing for small brook trout right by the cabin or also in a nearby river. Fly into Deer Lake where you will be met by the outfitter. Hunt BL94.   BL94 Hunt Photos.



Spring of 2017 had 55 hunters kill 50 bears with an overall average of 250 pounds. 3 hunters hit and lost bears and the other 2 unsuccessful hunters passed on small bears. Largest bear squared at 7 foot 5 inches. Spring fishing continued to be very good on the Winnipeg River.

Fall of 2017 had 24 hunters take 21 bears. One hunter crippled and 2 hunters passed on small bears. Largest bear squared out at 7 foot. Fall fishing was poor due to a very low water level on the river.

Spring of 2016 his 48 hunters killed 44 bears with a couple bowhunters crippling bears and a couple repeat hunters passing while looking for really big bruins. Fishing proved very good last spring and non-hunting fishermen can tag along for only $1,050.

2016 fall season had 19 hunters kill 18 bears. The unsuccessful hunter passed on numerous bears. 16 boars and 2 sows were taken averaging 275 pounds and the largest went over 450.

This outfitter has one of the largest bear hunting areas in Manitoba CONSISTING OF OVER 3,000 SQUARE MILES. He can take this number of hunters over his large area and still remain successful on good sized bears.

Camp is located on the Winnipeg River so fishing is right outside your door for pike, walleye and smallmouth bass. You will be transported to and from your remote bait site by ATV. Average shots are about 20 yards for either gun or bow. We like the spring hunts from mid May to June and the fall hunts from late August to September 10. Opportunity has been close to 100 percent spring or fall and color phase runs about 10 percent for chocolate or cinnamon.

He offers a 6 day full service guided hunt for $3,550 that includes lodging, meals, fishing with boats and motors, skinning and preparation of your bear and airport pickup at Winnipeg. Not included is the 5 percent GST tax or $332 bear license. 2018 spring or fall openings are available. Hunt BL522.  BL522 Hunt Photos.