Black Bear



This bear expert is super hard working and very detail oriented. He has been in the business since he was a kid and has become one of the top Canada outfitters. With plenty of well-run bait stations and lots of cameras he knows where to put you and what to expect. He recently pur- chased another outfitters area and tags giving him well over 1,000 square miles of hunting con- cession plus nice lodge accommodations with good home cooked meals adding up to a super high success memorable experience.

2021 spring season was postponed due to border closure with the pandemic.

2021 fall season he had 25 bear hunters tag 25 bears and the top 7
weighed over 350 pounds.

2020 Canada border was closed due to Corona virus pandemic.

2019 spring his 25 hunters tagged 24 bears and the unsuccessful hunt- er crippled and lost 2 bears. The top bears weighed 470, 395 and 360 pounds.

2019 fall produced 10 bears for all 10 hunters and the largest bear weighed 460 pounds.

Spring hunts are mid May into June and fall dates are early September. 5 day lodge hunts are $3,400 plus $170 GST tax, $119 PST tax, $335 for bear license and $40 fishing license. This out- fitter also offers a very remote high success fly-in hunt for $4,000. Airport pickup in Winnipeg is included.

Most bear outfitters have plenty of openings, but due to repeat bookings openings are limited. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz has been in these camps. 2022 scattered openings or book ahead for 2023. Hunt BL372.  BL372 Hunt Photos

This same outfitter also offers ALBERTA SPRING BEAR HUNTS, where you can take 2 BEARS FOR ONLY $4,300! This hunt is an adventure with a nice tent camp.

2021 he hosted 4 fall hunters and they tagged 6 bruins and wounded 2.

2020 Canada border closed due to Corona virus pandemic.

2019 spring they ran 4 hunts. First hunt 6 bears for 3 hunters, second hunt 3 bears for 2 hunters (one hunter wounded his second bear), third hunt 4 bears for 2 hunters and last hunt 4 bears for 2 hunters. Overall, 17 bears were taken for 9 hunters and they were good quality bears with the best going around 350 pounds.

2018 spring he had 10 bear hunters kill 16 bears and everyone had the opportunity to take 2 bears. Largest bear would go 350 pounds. Two hunters crippled and lost bears.

6 day hunt is $4,300 plus $210 tax and $342 for the bear license. Hunt BLAB372.



Here is a bargain priced Saskatchewan bear hunt with an awesome outfitter that takes a small number of hunters each year with high success on some big bears and includes fishing.

2021 no spring hunt as border was still closed due to pandemic.

2020 Canada border was closed due to Corona virus pandemic.

2019 spring produced an exceptional amount of bear sightings, and some evenings hunters were seeing up to 10 bears. His 14 hunters, most repeats, passed on lots of bears and only killed 9. Most were bowhunters and a monster chocolate bear taken weighed over 500 pounds with a skull over 21 inches. Color phase bear numbers also were up.

2018 spring ended up with 13 hunters putting 12 bears in the salt. Best bear will score over 20 inches and weigh in the 350 pound class. Half of the hunters were archery guys and the unsuccessful hunter was a repeat.

6 day hunts are priced at $3,500 for rifle or archery plus license $315, tax $225 and include nice cabin accommodations and meals. The cabin is situated right on Tobin Lake, known for large walleyes. The Saskatchewan River is also boat accessible from the lodge and it holds some fantastic walleye fishing. He provides boat, motor, and gas. Most bear hunters only fish about 2 to 3 hours per day and normally catch enough walleyes to keep busy.

Spring hunts start mid May and finish mid June. Saskatoon airport pickup is available for $400 per vehicle round trip or rent a car for the 3 1/2 hour drive.  Hunt BL577.  BL577 Hunt Photos.



This outfitter has one of the largest bear hunt- ing areas in Manitoba consisting of over 3000 square miles. Bear sizes are good with an over- all average of 250 plus pounds squaring around that magical 6 foot mark.

2021 spring border was still closed due to pandemic.

Fall of 2021 he hosted 45 hunters and they killed 42 bears, crippled 2 and one hunter passed looking for a particular bear. Best bear went close to 500 pounds, and several were tak- en in the 350 to 400 pound class.

2020 Canada border was closed due to Coro- na virus pandemic.

2019 spring he had 44 hunters put 39 bears in the salt and the biggest bear taken was 575 pounds.

Fall of 2019 produced 29 bears for all 29 hunters, including a monster 550 pound chocolate.

Camp is located on the Winnipeg River with fishing for pike, walleye and smallmouth bass. He normally takes up to 12 hunters per week. Spring fishing is typically best, and non-hunting fishermen can tag along for only $1,050. You will be transported to and from your remote bait site by ATV. Average shots are about 20 yards for either gun or bow. We like the spring hunts from mid May to June and the fall hunts from late August to September 10. Opportunity has been close to 100 percent spring or fall and col- or phase runs about 10 percent for chocolate or cinnamon.

He offers a 6 day full service guided hunt for $4,050 that includes lodging, meals, fishing with boats and motors, skinning and preparation of your bear and airport pickup at Winni- peg. Not included is the $335 bear license and 5 percent GST tax. Hunt BL522.



This wilderness hunt takes place about 200 miles north of Prince George on Uslika Lake. Beautiful scenery combined with some fishing just out the cabin door makes for a very mem- orable hunt. British Columbia does not allow baiting, so the main method of hunting is driving logging roads and glassing clear-cuts or watching feeding areas. Plenty of bears are seen and success continues near or at 100 percent.

2021 spring was still closed due to the virus.

2020 spring season was closed due to the corona virus.

2019 over the course of 6 weeks all 26 hunters were successful, and 10 hunters killed a second bear. The average bear squared out a little over 6 1/2 feet, with a few taken over 7 foot.

5 hunting days is $4,500 guided 2×1 or $5,500 for 1×1 and a second bear can be tak- en for an additional $1,000. Hunts start second week of May and continue for 6 weeks into late June. This hunt is normally done out of his Usi- lika Lake lodge where you can fish in the morn- ings and hunt from 4 to 10 pm in the evenings. Additional costs are license, tag and 5% tax.

Hunters fly into Prince George, overnight and get picked up the following day, no charter flights. Hunt BL4.