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This Nebraska outfit has over 30,000 private acres northwest of North Platte in central Nebraska with over 8 miles of riverbottom and another camp with 70,000 private acres half an hour to the east with 10 miles of riverbottom, both Merriam turkey havens. Success has typically been near100 percent and the majority of hunters take a second gobbler.

He offers 3 day hunts priced at $1,400 that includes 2 birds, nice ranch house lodging, meals and airport pickup in North Platte or fly into Denver and rent a car for the 3 hour drive. Most birds are taken from blinds. If you want a calling guideit is an additional $400. Season opens mid Apriland runs to the end of May. Hunt TUNE565.   TUNE565 Hunt Photos.



This outfitter has several private ranches withvery good Merriam numbers. He takes less than 20 hunters per year and success has typically been 100 percent on 2 gobblers. This area in northeastern New Mexico has plenty of prime habitat including wooded canyons and moist river bottoms.Fresh spring growth in the hay fields concentrates the birds in the cottonwood bottoms. Real nicenew lodge with plenty of bedrooms, 4 bathrooms and top notch meals really makes this 3 day hunt guided 2×1 a great hunt. Hunts start mid April and continue into early May. Openings are limited due to repeat bookings. Hunters fly into Colorado Springs and rent a car for the 3 hour drive to thelodge. Hunt TU278.



We have had hunters take both a Rio and an Eastern on the first day of their hunt with this Kansas outfitter, plenty of birds. Success has alwaysrun very high with most hunters taking 2 birds. He controls over 24,000 private acres and is priced at only $1,400 for 2 birds and 3 days of hunting.This property has both Eastern and Rio turkeysand is located just outside Manhattan in northeastern Kansas. Nice lodge accommodations andmeals with airport pickup in Manhattan included. If you need a calling guide the price is an addition-al $400. Season dates are mid April to late May. HCU consultants Bob Wodzisz and Cliff Graham have taken birds here. Hunt TUKS565.  TUKS565 Hunt Photos. 



With the poor hatch the last 2 springs this Texas outfitter will not be taking any new turkey hunters until spring of 2020.

This outfitter typically takes less than 20 turkey hunters per spring and success runs at or near 100 percent on 2 birds. $1,350 INCLUDES 2 GOBBLERS, nice lodging, meals, guiding and AIRPORT PICKUP! He will only book new hunt-ers after the first of the year to allow past huntersthe opportunity to rebook.

This outfitter operates on a nice private ranch about 40 miles south of San Angelo with over 6,000 acres. He offers 2 1/2 day full service hunts starting the first weekend of April and goes to theend of the month. Hunters can choose their own style of hunting and have a choice of utilizing aguide or hunting on their own. Some hunters prefer to just hike and call, commonly referred to as run and gun, while others would rather hunt over feeders or water areas as the birds will visit these places daily. The outfitter knows the roost sitesand can direct you to an area that holds birds. Bunkhouse accommodations with excellent homecooked meals. This outfitter manages his property for quality and success. San Angelo airport pick- up.  Hunt TU233.  TU233 Hunt Photos.



This outfitter has some of the best Osceola hunting Florida has to offer or you might want to try hunting gators out of an airboat on the swamps at night. Everything from chasing hogs with hounds to fishing some prime Florida waterways, this trip is bargain priced for the memories it will create.

This outfitter located in the southern part of Florida offers his 4 day turkey hunt for $2,500 and you can take one hog at no cost as long as you take the meat home. They have a real nice operation with very comfortable cabins in a great setting in the woods.

They normally harvest 35 to 45 long beards every spring and if you cripple a bird and do notfind it your hunt is over.

Hog hunting package for 3 days and 3 nights is $875 and includes one meat hog, additional trophy hogs are $275 or meat hogs $125.

Gator hunts on 8 to 9 foot gators are $1,500, 9 to 10 foot $2,500, 10 to 11 foot $3,500, 11 to12 foot $4,500, 12 to 13 foot $5,500, 13 foot or over is $10,000 plus $350 per day for lodging and meals. Gator and hog combos make a great trip.

He also offers several packages, such as a 6 foot gator plus a hog, 2 nights lodging, meals and guide for only $1750 in September or October. Nice cabin accommodations and hunters fly intoOrlando or Ft. Meyers and rent a car or airport transportation can be arranged for $300. Hunt HG863.  HG863 Hunt Photos.

We also know an Osceola turkey guide that offers a very inexpensive 2 1/2 day hunt for only $1,400, but you pay for your own motel and meals. The method of hunting is sitting in blinds near food plots and he prefers to only take one hunter at a time and he does the guiding and calling. Crippled birds are considered kills and your hunt is over. He normally does less than 10 hunters per year and success has been running 90 percent. If you need an Osceola to finish your slam this is a bargain. Hunters fly into Orlando and rent a car for a 50 mile drive to Ocala. Most hunters stay at the Days Inn with 24 hour dining on a special rate. Hunt TU481.  TU481 Hunt Photos


2019 will be the first year HCU has listed this outfitter. He is located in northwestern Nebraska known as the Pine Ridge area, beautiful countryknown to hold good Merriam numbers. He has access to 3 ranches from 3,000 acres down to 320 acres.

This is also a good opportunity for archers as this outfitter is a bowhunter himself and he could set up some blinds along travel routes between roosting sites and feeding areas. Archery season normally opens late March, about 3 weeks ahead of shotgun season, but this could be colder snowy conditions.

Spring of 2018 he had 2 bowhunters, both were successful, along with 4 shotgun hunters and they scored on 8 gobblers. He also guided 4 youth hunters and they all tagged birds.

Spring of 2017 he had 4 gun hunters and they killed 8 gobblers.

$750 is the 3 day trespass fee allowing you 2 gobblers. Lodging and meals are not included and most hunters stay at a local motel and eat in local restaurants. A guide can be provided for an additional $350, as long as he scheduled in advance. Shotgun season is typically mid April to late May and early hunts could be in snow. Hunt TU402.  TU402 Hunt Photos



This family run outfit is located in northeastern South Dakota. They hunt family farms totaling over 20,000 private acres and also 6 miles of river frontage on the James River. In fact, this family was instrumental in introducing pheasants to this area over 100 years ago. They train their own labs, short hairs and wire haired dogs and hunters are welcome to bring their own.

Hunting is typically over dogs walking and flushing birds, not driven hunts with blockers like most places. If you have a group of at least 4 you will be your own party or if less you have the option of hiring your own guide for $150 per hunter.

3 day 3 rooster packages starting the thirdSaturday in October are $1,770, 4 days $2,360 and 5 days is $2,950. 3 day 5 rooster packages are $1,995, 4 days $2,585 and 5 days is $3,175. Extra roosters can be taken at $50 per bird and processing is $10 per bird. Hunters can get a 10% discount if hunts are booked by March 15 for the coming fall.

They have waterfowl hunts with 6 miles of river frontage along the James River in the Central Flyway and they also border a 28,000 acre Sand Lake National Wildlife Refuge. Duck hunting starts the first Saturday of October and this can be combined with 3 pheasants per day. 4 days waterfowl/pheasants are $3,500 or 5 days is $4,375.

They have a 3,000 acre pheasant hunting reserve that they open Labor Day weekend for hunters and they can combine pheasants with some local Canadian geese.

Lodging is a 4 story farmhouse built in 1913 and renovated with 15 bedrooms, 10 private baths, large kitchen and dining area, pool table, plasma TV’s, bar and home cooking.

Hunters are picked up at the Aberdeen Airport free of charge. Hunt PH949.