Whitetail Deer – Coues


In 2016 at press time 3 weeks had been completed with 20 hunters killing 18 bucks averaging over 150 inches, with 3 monsters taken grossing 182, 175 and 172 inches. Both unsuccessful hunters were repeats that passed on bucks looking for something special.

2015 fall whitetail hunts produced 43 bucks for 43 hunters, with the top 4 bucks grossing in the 180’s and 170’s. Overall average was amazingly in the 150’s gross score. The outfitter purchased this operation in 2015 near Meadow Lake, known for one of the top areas of Saskatchewan. His area consists of actually 4 outfitter areas combined totaling over 680 square miles! He has 123 deer tags allocated to him for this large area, but only wants to take around half that amount of hunters to maintain trophy quality.

This operation has superb lodge accommodations and they normally use heated double bull blinds, berglass elevated box blinds and some treestands on bait sites. Bait stands are accessed by truck and or quads often off old logging roads.

6 day hunts are $4,800 plus deer license $350 and about $150 in tax. Hunters y into Saskatoon and rent a car for the 3 1/2 hour drive or Edmonton for about 5 1/2 hours. Rifle hunts typically run from early November up to and including the first week of December. They also offer archery or early season muzzleloader hunts. Book this hunt early to get premier dates. HCU’s Scott Steinkruger has hunted this area. Hunt WD304.  WD304 Hunt Photos.



This rancher/outfitter runs a small personal operation taking about 3 or 4 whitetail deer hunters per year in southeastern Montana on several thousand acres. Success typically runs 100 percent on whitetails in the 140 to 160 inch class. He also takes about 6 to 9 muley bucks per year averaging in the 155 to 165 class Boone and Crockett with a chance on 170 or better deer. Deer tags are good for either mule deer or whitetails.


At press time he only had 1 whitetail hunter and he killed a 140 inch buck. In 2015 his 3 whitetail hunters all scored on bucks, including a 160 and 2 more averaging 150 inches.

In 2014 all 4 whitetail hunters took bucks, another typical year where one buck grosses over 160 inches and 3 more averaging 145 to 155 inches.

4 days guided 2×1 is $3,250 and if you draw an antelope tag he allows you to take one the first 2 weeks of deer season at no additional charge. Hunters stay in a local motel for about $70 per room at their own expense along with restaurant meals or they can stay in an old mobile home on the ranch and do their own meals.

Hunt dates are about October 20 to Thanksgiving. Hunters y into Rapid City or Billings and rent a car for the 2 1/2 hour drive.

Montana has changed their deer license program, so now you can typically draw an elk/ deer license for $944 and then apply for the special draw for bull elk in this trophy unit and it is very unlikely that you would draw so you should get back $383, so your deer license is only $561. If you do draw the elk tag this is a great trophy unit and the outfitter will upgrade your hunt to include a bull on a trophy fee basis for only $2,500. Montana now allows you to purchase a bonus point from June to September for $50. Deer/elk draw deadline is March 15 and pronghorn draw deadline is early June. Reserve your spot now for the next available opening in 2018. Hunt WD427.  WD427 Hunt Photos.



At press time the archery season was almost completed. First hunt went 1 for 5, killed a 140 and hit and lost a buck. Second hunt was 6 for  9, killed a 172, 166, 158, 152, 148 and a penalty buck. One buck was hit and lost. Third hunt was underway and one hunter had killed out of the two, a 140 deer.

2015 archery hunt ended up with 18 archers killing 7 bucks, including a 173, 3 over 150 inches, 140 and a couple smaller bucks. They hit and lost 7 more bucks.

2014 was tougher than normal with only taking 5 bucks for 17 archers. 4 bucks were hit and lost and a few were missed. Top 3 bucks grossed 183, 168 and 155. Gun season produced 5 bucks for 11 hunters and late muzzleloader went 8 for 10 on bucks gross scoring from 140 to 160 inches.

They have over 6,000 private acres that are enhanced with plenty of food plots in south central Iowa, Zone 5. They enforce a 140 inch minimum rule and take a very low number of hunters considering the large amount of property, which really helps the trophy quality. They use over 100 lock-on stands and a dozen ladders stands. They also have 10 blinds built on stilts for gun hunters. Archery hunts start the end of October and continue to about November 20. First gun hunt is December 2 to 6, second gun is December 9 to 14 and late muzzleloader is December 26 to January 10.

All hunts are 6 days bow or gun at $3,800 plus 5 percent tax. Arrive Saturday, hunt Sunday to Friday and leave Saturday. They have 2 camps about 25 miles apart. The North Camp is fairly new with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and holds up to 4 hunters. The South Camp is an old farmhouse and it sleeps up to 6.

Draw deadline is June 1 and it normally takes 2 or 3 preference points to draw the archery tag and 1 or 2 points to draw a gun tag. Call 800-367- 1188 during the month of May to acquire your preference point for $52, it is worth getting them for future hunts. Bob Wodzisz has been on these farms. Hunt WD799.  WD799 Hunt Photos.



This hunt takes place near Manhattan, one of the best areas for trophy whitetails. This outfitter has a high clientele repeat booking percentage and this explains why so many deer are passed up while the hunter is looking for true trophy quality.

2016 muzzleloader season went 3 for 5 on bucks averaging over 150 inches. Archery season only produced 3 bucks for 12 hunters, 2 in the 160’s and a 140’s buck. Plenty of bucks seen, but hunters are electing to pass. The rifle hunts had not started yet at press time.

In 2015 the rifle hunt produced 9 bucks for 16 hunters and 4 of those bucks scored in the 170’s. In 2014 the ri e hunt was 13 bucks killed for 18 hunters, including a 188 inch deer and 4 more over 160 inches.

5 day Kansas muzzleloader hunt is $4,000, 6 day archery is $4,000 and 5 day rifle hunts are $4,900. Hunt includes 2×1 guide service, lodge accommodations and meals. Hunt takes place in northeastern Kansas and this is arguably the best whitetail hunting area in Kansas. Hunters y into Kansas City and rent a car. Draw deadline mid April. Limited 2017 openings. Hunt WDK565.  WDK565 Hunt Photos.



At press time in 2016 he had taken 3 rifle whitetail hunters and they had harvested a buck grossing in the 160’s and a 150 inch deer. The unsuccessful hunter passed on a 150 type deer and they missed a monster looking to gross 190 inches. He had one more deer hunter to go for the season.

In 2015 they killed a 187 inch deer along with a couple more good bucks.  This outfitter is an hour and half north of Edmonton and he hunts 70 percent private farmland and about 30 percent bush. He mainly hunts the last 2 weeks of November and has 6 tower stands and 4 ground blinds, all heated. Hunts are Sunday to Sunday, 6 hunting days for $5,600 and this will include license and tax. Accommodations are the outfitters home, with home cooked meals and Edmonton airport pickup is included.

He also offers 6 day moose hunts for $5,700 in early November. In 2016 his 2 moose hunters had both tagged bulls just over 40 inches and just under. HCU’s Scott Steinkruger has hunted with this outfit. Hunt WD832.  WD832 Hunt Photos.



At press time 15 hunters had killed 9 bucks, best buck was an old massive buck that grossed only 162. Majority of the bucks were in the 135 to 140 inch class. Warm weather and no snow had hampered the early hunts, but he had 4 more hunters coming and was hoping for colder weather.

Here is a very solid inexpensive Saskatchewan whitetail hunt that takes place on the fringe of farmland and into the bush. This hunt normally produces about 80 percent success and the average buck grosses around 140 Boone and Crockett inches, with top bucks scoring up into the 160 class. Some years have produced the monster buck Saskatchewan is known for. HCU has worked with this small outfitter on both his whitetail and bear hunts with great success over 15 years.

6 day rifle whitetail hunts in November are only $3,900 and INCLUDE LICENSE AND TAX. He has 25 heated box blinds about 8 to 12 feet off the ground. Nice two story cabin accommodations right on the lake with good shing. This is a super priced hunt and airport pickup can be arranged from Saskatoon at a cost of $400 round trip that can be divided amongst hunters. We prefer the second and third weeks depending on the moon phase. Openings are very limited due to repeat bookings. Hunt WD577.  WD577 Hunt Photos.



This outfitter has over 100,000 private acres northwest of North Platte with over 8 miles of Platte River bottom. He started an extensive protein feeding program several years ago and it has markedly increased antler growth.

2016 archery went 8 kills for 12 hunters, all in the 125 to 150 inch range, nothing huge. First rifle whitetail hunt was just completed at the Island Camp and they went 7 for 9, averaging 140 inches. First mule deer rifle hunt on the West Camp had 9 kills averaging 160 inches, with the top bucks grossing 183 and 181. 3 hunters were still in the field.

Archery hunters typically enjoy 100 percent opportunity on 125 inch bucks with about 40 percent success on bucks in the 130 and up class. Rifle hunts normally run about 75 percent success on bucks averaging 140 inches. Mule deer average about 80 percent success on 160 inch bucks. Typically everyone has multiple opportunities to be successful.

The outfitter hunts out of 2 camps. The Island Camp has 7 miles of riverbottom and bucks in the 120’s to 130’s are very plentiful with the better bucks in 150 to 160 class. He runs archery and 2 rifle hunts consisting of 10 hunters per hunt. It has a remodeled ranch house and new bunkhouse for accommodations.

West Camp is located on 80 square miles in the hills for mule deer and 5 miles of riverbottom on the Platte River for whitetails. He takes archers and normally about 12 mule deer and 5 combo hunters.

5 day bowhunts are $2,800 with a $750 trophy fee run October 24 to 28 or November 1 to 5.

4 day rifle whitetail hunts are $3,750 or mule deer is $4,500.

Nice ranch house accommodations, meals and guiding are included. Licenses are over the counter, no draw. Fly to Denver and rent a car or if you y into North Platte they provide airport pickup. Hunt WD/MD565.  WD/MD565 Hunt Photos.



2016 season ended with 6 archers killing 3 bucks, a 150 and 2 in the 130’s. Rifle hunters went 5 for 10, with the top 2 bucks grossing 160 inches and 145

2015 October/November archery hunt produced 4 bucks for 10 hunters, including two great bucks pushing 160. The first rifle hunt had 6 hunters kill a 170, 148 and a 145.

In 2014 his 9 archers killed 6 bucks, hit and lost 1. Best buck grossed 162 and also a 157 and they went down to about 125. Rifle hunters tagged 4 bucks out of 9 hunters, including 2 in the 150’s.

This 5th generation farmer/outfitter has 8,000 private agriculture/ranch acres in east central Nebraska. Archers are allowed crossbows and muzzleloader hunters do not have any restrictions and are allowed scopes.

They are set up with 20 real nice imitation round bale blinds with windows and one-way curtains. They also have 15 box blinds, some on stilts and some on the ground, all enclosed. 80 ladder stands are also in advantage spots to be used on any hunt. Hunters are to bring their own buddy heaters and propane if they want heated blinds.

Accommodations are nice private cabins with separate bedrooms that can accommodate up to 6 hunters or as low as one and include bedding and towels. All meals are provided and the evening supper is a hot home cooked meal.

Archery hunts are priced at $2,750 from October 15 to November 14 for 5 days, we prefer the later dates. Rifle hunts are 4 days from November 15 to 18 and 20 to 23 at $3,500. Muzzleloader 4 day hunts are December 1 to 31 for $3,000. Prices do not include 5.5 percent state tax, licensing or processing. Licenses are normally $209 plus $28 habitat stamp and can be purchased online in June. Kids up to 16 years of age are only $6. If you wait until arrival licenses can be as high as $400 depending on availability so buy them in advance. He does enforce the cripple policy; if you hit a deer you can only hunt that particular deer.

Hunters fly into Omaha or Lincoln and rent a car for the 2 1/2 hour drive to camp. Hunt WD550.  WD550 Hunt Photos.



2016 was going well for the archery hunters. At press time over the course of several weeks of bow season 27 archers had killed 12 bucks and hit and lost 3. Best buck grossed 187 with 26 points down to the smallest going 136.

This outfit is unique as they prefer hunters wanting to assist in their own hunt. Some hunters come every year and the area they hunt is set aside for their group and only their group, it is not hunted any other time. They assist in stand placement and come out at different times just to scout. The out t also has about 40 stands, 180 acres of food plots and feeders on the properties.

This family operation owns 9,000 DEEDED ACRES in Adams County, which is considered one of the top producing counties in Ohio. It is located in the south-central part of the state near Kentucky.

Accommodations can be a nice ranch house known as Poplar Flat that sleeps 12 with 2 bathrooms or they also have a couple cabins at separate locations equipped for groups of 4 or 5.

5 day bow hunts October to late November hunts are priced at $1,900 with a $500 trophy fee. Late season muzzleloader hunts January 7 to 10 are $2,200 with a $500 trophy fee. Hunters arrive on Sunday, hunt Monday through Friday and depart Saturday. Tags are over the counter, no draw. Very limited openings due to repeat clientele. Hunt WD430.  WD430 Hunt Photos.  

This outfit will offer a fully guided hunt out of their main lodge in 2017. This will be a 5 day bowhunt or the late season 4 day muzzleloader hunt priced at $3,500. We especially like this early January muzzleloader season. Call us for more details. Cliff Graham and Bob Wodzisz have visited these properties.



Here is an Ohio whitetail hunt that takes place just over a 2 hour drive from the Pennsylvania border. The outFItter controls 3,800 acres of private land, with the largest parcel at 1,000 acres and the rest made up of pieces averaging 100 to 200 acres.

He only runs archery and late season muzzleloader hunts, no shotgun season hunters. They mainly use ladder stands or lock-on with climbing sticks.

In 2016 over 5 weeks of archery season their 36 bowhunters tagged 11 bucks, with the top buck grossing 170 inches and 3 more over 140.

In 2015 over the course of 5 archery weeks he took 44 archers and they killed 7 bucks and on the January late season muzzleloader hunt all 4 hunters missed bucks.

Archery hunts run from October 25 to November 22 and are priced at $2,350 and include 5 days of hunting, lodge accommodations, meals and transportation to the stands. January 7 to 10, 4 day season, muzzleloader hunts are $2,100 and also include lodging, meals and transportation to your stand.

Non-resident over the counter licenses are only $125 plus a $24 deer permit, so you only have $150 tied up in licenses. This along with a low cost hunt gives you the opportunity to extend your hunting season out of state. Hunt WD586.

Another Ohio outfitter has several farms totaling about 1,000 private acres only about 2 hours west of the Pennsylvania border. He has a little cabin for the hunters, they do their own meals and the stands are set so they have the run of the properties. He doesn’t mix groups so you need 3 or 4 hunters to book a week. Arrive Sunday, hunt 5 days and leave the following Saturday. In 2016 he had a total of 10 archers kill 5 bucks, best grossing about 140 inches. In 2015 he had 11 archers kill 5 bucks and hit 2, with the best again about 140.

2016 gun season had not been completed at press time, but in 2015 4 shotgun hunters killed 3 bucks, a real nice 160 class and 2 small bucks.

5 day archery hunts are $1,950. Shotgun or muzzleloader 5 day hunts are $2,100.  Hunt WD405.


4 DAYS ONLY $3750

2016 deer hunts were underway at press time. 2015 whitetail hunters were again 100 percent success on 25 bucks averaging 135 and the best buck just made 160 inches. In 2014 all 25 deer hunters tagged bucks with the top bucks grossing in the low 150’s.

This outfitter has 2 ranches totaling over 30,000 private-acres, all free range, located 30 miles south of San Angelo. You can sit in your tower stand and look over plenty of bucks before pulling the trigger on this hunt. He takes about 25 to 30 hunters per year over the course of 6 weeks. Success runs near 100 percent on bucks averaging 135 and the top bucks taken break the 150 inch mark. High deer numbers, nice comfortable ranch house lodging, good weather and fun guides make up the recipe for a very enjoyable hunt.

4 day hunt starting mid-November is only $3,750 and runs to early January, MAKING THIS HUNT AVAILABLE FOR STUDENTS over Christmas break. We prefer the rut dates just around Thanksgiving. Openings are very limited due to repeat customers and normally needs booked a year in advance. Airport pickup in San Angelo included. Hunt WD233.  WD233 Hunt Photos.



This ranch owner only allows a very select number of hunters each year to hunt his ranch, run by him, mainly for enjoyment and to manage a healthy deer herd. Fantastic accommodations coupled with Black Angus steaks grilling over the mesquite fire at the end of the day along with a cold beer or a glass of ne wine. It just doesn’t get any better.

Here is a great bargain, something not common for Texas whitetail hunts. This 1,200 acre private ranch under high fence is located in the Texas panhandle near the town of Clarendon. Arrive on a Thursday, hunt Friday, Saturday, Sunday and depart on Monday. Three hunting days are priced very economically at $3,000 and that includes a buck of 8 or 9 points and gross scoring less than 150 Boone and Crockett inches, very nice accommodations, food and 1 on 1 guide service. Your guide will make the call on size and if he under estimates there is no additional charge to the hunter. Deer grossing from 150 up to 169 Boone and Crockett points have a trophy fee of $2,000. Top trophy bucks scoring over 170 have a $4,500 trophy fee. This ranch has limited hunting and is very brushy where as many mature bucks are not seen all year except for during the rut.

Quail hunting or red stag can be included with this hunt. Texas non-resident license is $300. Hunters are met in Amarillo. Extremely limited openings, call for availability. HCU’s Scott Steinkruger has been on this ranch. Hunt WDP806.  WDP806 Hunt Photos.



This preserve has over 1,000 acres of prime whitetail habitat under high fence in the mountains near Dubois, Pennsylvania. Hunters typically arrive by noon, in time for an evening hunt that day. Overnight and hunt the next 2 days and hunt the last morning if necessary for 3 full days of hunting. All meals are included, along with a big supper after everyone comes in from the days hunt. Meals are typically prepared by their chef with the exception of the morning’s cold breakfast.

Prices are extremely reasonable and include lodging, meals and guide service. Trophy bucks grossing 160 inches are $3,700 plus $60 per inch if over 160. 170 inches is $4,200 plus $60 per inch up to 179, 180 inches $5,150 plus $85 per inch over, 190 inches $6000 plus $85 over and 200 inches $6,850 plus $100 per inch over.

The property typically has over 100 does so hunters can experience rut activity. Accommodations is a real nice lodge that offers private rooms with private baths and also a larger bunkroom with 2 baths, large kitchen and dining area. Hunting methods include treestands, blinds and spot and stalk. Season runs from September to December. State requirements are all animals killed must stay on site for 30 days while being checked for cwd even though there has never been a case on this property.

Pheasants can be added to a whitetail hunt. Hunt WDP591.  WDP591 Hunt Photos.



Here is the best opportunity for a quality Arizona Coues deer without going across the border into old Mexico and you can get a tag. This outfitter specializes in archery hunts, but his gun hunts tend to run near 100 percent success on bucks averaging over 85 inches.

These southern Arizona hunts include lodging, meals and 1×1 guide services for $3,950. Archery hunts are August for 5 days. Archery hunts are conducted by mainly ground blinds, with some treestands and spot and stalk. Gun hunts are basically spot and stalk for the last week of October, second and fourth weeks of November.

Archery tags are over the counter and gun licenses are on a draw that is near 100 percent, with a May 30 deadline. Hunters are picked up in Tucson at no additional cost. Hunt CD404.  CD404 Hunt Photos.

This outfitter also specializes in Sonora, Mexico coues and mule deer hunts. January coues are $4,900 and mule deer is $8,900 and the coues average 105 to 110 and mule deer well over 180. Call us for more details on these hunts.