This outfitter has over 100,000 private acres northwest of North Platte with over 8 miles of Platte River bottom. He started an extensive protein feeding program several years ago and it has markedly increased antler growth.

2016 archery went 8 kills for 12 hunters, all in the 125 to 150 inch range, nothing huge. First rifle whitetail hunt was just completed at the Island Camp and they went 7 for 9, averaging 140 inches. First mule deer rifle hunt on the West Camp had 9 kills averaging 160 inches, with the top bucks grossing 183 and 181. 3 hunters were still in the field.

Archery hunters typically enjoy 100 percent opportunity on 125 inch bucks with about 40 percent success on bucks in the 130 and up class. Rifle hunts normally run about 75 percent success on bucks averaging 140 inches. Mule deer average about 80 percent success on 160 inch bucks. Typically everyone has multiple opportunities to be successful.

The outfitter hunts out of 2 camps. The Island Camp has 7 miles of riverbottom and bucks in the 120’s to 130’s are very plentiful with the better bucks in 150 to 160 class. He runs archery and 2 rifle hunts consisting of 10 hunters per hunt. It has a remodeled ranch house and new bunkhouse for accommodations.

West Camp is located on 80 square miles in the hills for mule deer and 5 miles of riverbottom on the Platte River for whitetails. He takes archers and normally about 12 mule deer and 5 combo hunters.

5 day bowhunts are $2,800 with a $750 trophy fee run October 24 to 28 or November 1 to 5.

4 day rifle whitetail hunts are $3,750 or mule deer is $4,500.

Nice ranch house accommodations, meals and guiding are included. Licenses are over the counter, no draw. Fly to Denver and rent a car or if you y into North Platte they provide airport pickup. Hunt WD/MD565.  

George Arnold and his nice buck.