Mountain Lion


This top lion outfitter hunts 6 different units near his home in western Colorado. His success continues even in poor weather condi- tions. If it gets tough, he has some great mules that go where a truck cannot and by covering country his dogs find lions on bare ground. Bobcats can be added for a $1,000 trophy fee plus tag, and they kill several every year.

Winter of 2020/2021 finished with 6 of the 7 hunters taking home a lion, including 4 toms and 2 females.

Winter of 2019/2020 he had 10 lion hunters kill 8 cats, including a booner taken by HCU’s Jim Elker, even though they had some very tough hunting conditions.

Winter of 2018/2019 his 10 hunters killed 9 toms, including one Boone and Crockett lion.

5 day hunts from late November to end of April are $6,500 guided 1×1. November and April can be dry ground months and he normally allows a couple more days if necessary. Hunters typically stay at a cabin near the out- fitters home or possibly a travel trailer depending on where the hunt takes place and meals are included. Most hunters fly into Grand Junction, where you are met by the outfitter. He is equipped to take a couple buddies at the same time and normally extends the hunt to 10 days. He has plenty of dogs and employs a couple died in the wool cat guides that assist when necessary. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz has been on this hunt.  Hunt ML675.  ML675 Hunt Photos.


If this lion outfit- ter fails to tree a cat during your hunt, he will bring you back for half price. His main goal is to get everyone their lion. 2020/2021 winter finished with 8 hunters tagging 6 cats, including 4 toms and 2 females. 2019/2020 winter produced 5 cats for 7 hunters, including 2 females, one of which was over 12 years in age with teeth worn to nubbins. 2018/2019 winter he took 6 lion hunters and killed 6 cats, 4 toms and 2 females. Terrible snow conditions, with ice made for tough hunting.

This is a very personal family operation that offers 5 day hunts for $5,500 with accommodations in the outfitters ranch house. If two hunters come together he will allow them to stay 10 days. The outfitter also offers a return trip for only half price if he fails to tree you any lion. License is about $350 and round trip airport pickup in Grand Junction is $150. HCU has had several hunters take their spouses on this hunt and the outfitter’s wife will take them on some real nice day trips to surrounding towns for sightseeing and shopping. Non-hunter pricing is $150 per day. Hunts start December 10 and run into late February. Hunt ML21.  ML21 Hunt Photos.


This small personal hound’s man hunts several units in the Montrose and Gunnison area. He starts hunting December 1 and finishes the end of March.

2020/2021 winter he had 5 hunters kill 4 lions, including 3 males and a female.

5 day hunts are priced at $7,000. Pickups and side by sides are mainly used for transportation, but if the snow is deep they can rely on snowmachines. Accommodations is the outfitters home just outside of Hotchkiss. Hunters are picked up at the Montrose airport.  Hunt ML778.


Over the past 15 years this small personal outfitter has taken 78 lynx for 86 hunters, just incredible, no one has lynx success like this. He has a 3,500 square mile area located in prime lynx, cougar and bobcat habitat in south- ern British Columbia bordering a park and a wilderness area, both of which do not allow hunting. The area was owned and run by his father before him, and he has been making a living in this area his entire life.

His mountain lion hunts are also very suc- cessful, as well as being known to produce some extremely big old toms. In the last 9 years 82 out of 89 hunters took home a cougar.

2020/2021 Canada border closed due to Corona virus, but he did take his daughter out and she harvested a monster lynx. He also had 2 residents kill 2 tom cougars.

2019/2020 winter was hampered with some really poor weather conditions, especially for the lion hunting. He ended up killing 7 lions for 10 hunters, 6 were toms and included 2 weighing over 180 pounds. All 6 lynx hunters took home a lynx and one bobcat was harvested.

2018/2019 winter produced 7 lions for 8 hunters, 6 were toms and 3 of the toms were 10 to 12 years old with 15 inch skulls. The smallest tom had a 14 1/2 inch skull. He had 5 lynx hunters and all were successful and they also took 4 bobcats.

He starts mid November and runs through January. 7 day lynx hunts are $7,000 or $10,000 for cougar. After your initial kill you can continue hunting at $750 per day for a bobcat.

There is a 6 percent HST tax and hunters stay in the lodge by the house and are picked up in Penticton, British Columbia  Hunt LX292.  LX292 Hunt Photos.