Be ready to hunt if you are going with this outfitter as he lives and breathes lion hunting and hunts can be physical.

Winter of 2015/2016 he had 12 hunters kill 11 toms and one hunter basically got rained out on a late April hunt due to torrential downpours. Three of the toms were expected to make Boone and Crockett, just unbelievable, and the heaviest cat at 180 pounds was not one of those three. He also treed about 15 bobcats and they took a few of the bigger males. Bobcats can be added for a $1,000 trophy fee plus tag.

Winter of 2014/2015 his 10 hunters tagged 9 cats, 8 toms and 1 female, including a 14 year old tom and 2 more that will come close to book.

Winter of 2013/2014 his 14 hunters took home 12 toms, including a couple real old big toms.

5 day hunts from late November to end of April are $6,000 guided 1×1. November and April can be dry ground hunts and he normally allows a couple more days if necessary. He hunts several different units in western Colorado. Hunters mostly stay at a new lodge near the outfitters home in Rangely or possibly a travel trailer and meals are included. Most hunters y into Grand Junction, where you are met by the outfitter. He is equipped to take a couple buddies at the same time and normally extends the hunt to 8 days. He has plenty of dogs and employs a couple died in the wool cat guides that assist when necessary. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz has been on this hunt. Hunt ML675.  

Steve Shook with his great tom taken on dry ground on Hunt ML675!

Ryan Pallinger with his good tom taken on dry ground on Hunt ML675.

Mike Kaufmann took his big old male Colorado cougar with archery gear on Hunt ML675.

Nelson Brubaker had a tough hunt due to poor weather conditions and basically no snow on Hunt ML675, but did manage to tag a real nice Colorado tom.

Pennsylvania hunter, Jim Biel, took this massive tom mountain lion and a nice bobcat on Hunt ML675 this past winter. He said the hunt was everything he had hoped for and more.

ML675 Congratulations to David Wasberg who just retuned home from taking this B&C cat on hunt ML675 on March 24. Dave said that this hunt will go down as one of the most difficult, most thrilling, most satisfying and enjoyable experiences he’s ever had in the field. He said mentally and emotionally, this journey has left him more alive, invigorated and connected. Yes cougar hunting can do that to you! 

Rod Frazho took this Boone and Crockett tom on Hunt ML675. In fact, this outfitter was an unbelievable 13 for 13 this winter on mature toms.

Lew Kieler with his big tom taken on Hunt ML675.

Lew’s son-in-law took this bobcat on the same hunt along with another cougar.

Lew’s son-in-law took cougar on the same hunt.

Mike Moran with his 160lb tom.

Marshall Steele and his nice tom.

Bill Hanzel and his nice mountain lion.