This Yukon area was bought by a young outfitter, who grew up in the outfitting business, back in 2014. It had not been commercially hunted for the previous 15 years.

2020 Canada border was closed due to Corona virus pandemic, but they did host a couple Canadian moose hunters that tagged out including a bull just shy of 69 inches and a grizzly.

In 2019 all 6 of his moose hunters tagged bulls. Best bull went 64 inches wide. Average bull was between 58 and 59 inches. One grizzly was also taken on the moose hunt.

2018 first hunt he had 2 hunters willing to try a new area, but the moose were not there. Second hunt went 4 for 4 on bulls plus a grizzly, including HCU’s Frank Kusler’s archery bull.

Horseback moose hunts are priced at $28,500 for 10 days, 8 actual hunting days, and INCLUDE ROUND TRIP CHARTER FROM WHITEHORSE, LICENSES, GOVERNMENT ROYALTIES AND TAXES.

Moose hunts will be September to early October. Male grizzly can be added on a $10,000 trophy fee. 2022 openings. Hunt MS135.  MS135 Hunt Photos.


This very remote area has a quota of 20 moose per year, but the outfitter typically only takes around 12 to insure quality. This 3,500 square mile area is in northern British Columbia where the bulls average much wider spreads than southern British Columbia.

2020 Canada border was closed due to Corona virus pandemic, but he did take 3 Canadian hunters and they killed 3 bulls.

2019 produced 10 bulls for 12 hunters, including 5 record book bulls grossing over 200 inches. Of the 2 unsuccessful hunters one tagged both a caribou and mountain goat, while the other hunter also killed a billy. 4 mountain caribou were also tagged on the mixed bag hunts, with the top one scoring 419.

The outfitter rotates his moose hunts giving some areas the year off from hunting pressure. 10 day horseback moose hunts are $18,500 and run from September 5 to October 7. These hunts can be extended to 14 days and combined with goat for an additional $4,000 or Mountain caribou for $6,000. He also has lake hunts available that could be less physical. Camps vary from cabins to comfortable wall tents with wood floors.

Hunters arrive in Fort Nelson, overnight and then charter to the main lodge at their own expense for about $2,500, along with license, tags, hunter preservation fund and 5% tax. Flights from base camp to the hunting area are included. Next openings are 2022. Hunt MS277.

10 DAYS 2X1 $14,700

This outfitter flies his own planes, has had this outfit for over 20 years, great guides and cooks with class A camps scattered all over his area.

This is a bargain priced moose hunt for quality bulls averaging spreads of 50 inches. This large 4,500 square mile area is located only 60 miles from the Yukon border in the Cassiar Mountains produces some large Canadian bulls, not like the similar priced smaller bulls further south in B.C. and a second animal can be taken on a trophy fee of $4,000.

2020 Canada border was closed due to Corona virus pandemic.

2019 he had a dozen moose hunters tag 8 bulls, including one Boone and Crockett bull. Moose hunting was quite challenging due to an early season August snow that dropped 2 to 4 feet. This moved the moose and grizzlies into more concentrated areas that were not in the best interest of the moose.

2018 produced a total of 25 bulls and the top 2 Boone and Crockett bulls scored 208 and 207.

The outfitter offers bargain priced hunts for a couple hunting buddies that are willing to go guided 2×1. 10 hunting days for one species guided 2×1 is $14,700 each or 1×1 is $21,000 for 2 species, moose, goat, caribou or elk. Shorter 7 day hunts guided 1×1 are $14,700 for a moose or goat. A second animal can be taken on a trophy fee of $4,000. Trophy fees are paid for wounded and lost animals.

The Cassiar Mountains in his area run up to 6,500 feet and timberline is at 4,500. The valley floor is about 3,000 to 3,500 feet above sea level and they normally hunt between 4,000 and 5,000 feet for goats. Hunters arrive and overnight in Whitehorse. Rent a car to Watson Lake and round trip charter to camp for a total of $2,500 plus licenses, 5 percent HST tax and $250 hunter preservation fund. Limited openings for 2022. HCU has worked with this outfitter for over 15 years. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz and Cliff Graham have hunted this area. Hunt MS491.  MS491 Hunt Photos.


This outfitter flies his own plane and knows this great moose Unit 19 very well along the Hoholitna River. He takes a very limited amount of hunters out of this remote camp with five log cabins for accommodations, including a steam bath.

2020 he had 8 hunters tag 7 bulls all between 64 and 66 inches and a couple of the hunters were on moose/brown bear combo hunts and were successful on their bear as well.

2019 his 5 guided moose hunters killed 3 bulls, one hunter passed on several bulls looking for something special and the other unsuccessful hunter was physically limited.

In 2018 all 3 moose hunters tagged bulls 62 or 63 inches wide. One of the hunters was on a combination moose/brown bear hunt and he tagged an 8 1/2 foot brownie along with his 62 inch bull.

10 day hunts guided 1×1 for moose are $18,500 and start early to mid September, compare this price to a N.W.T. or Yukon moose hunt and you see the value. Brown bear can be combined with the moose hunt for only an additional $5,500. 10 day fall or spring brown bear only hunts are $14,500.

Hunters fly from Anchorage to Port Alsworth for approximately $500 round trip. The outfitter will charter the hunters to camp at his expense. Limited openings in 2021 so book now for 2022.  Hunt MS781.

This same outfitter also offers UNGUIDED MOOSE HUNTS for the experienced hunters, requiring a minimum of 2 hunters per party. Price is very reasonable at $6,000 per hunter and includes camp tent, cots and cooking supplies, food is not included on these spike camp or float type hunts. He allows you to stay the full 11 day season if you like. Bulls must have a 50 inch minimum spread or have 4 brow tines on one side to be legal. He normally has some packers available for a reasonable rate, so you butcher and sack up the meat and he can haul a couple packers in to assist in getting the meat hauled out.

In 2020 his 7 unguided drop camp hunters killed 3 bulls with the best going 62 inches.

In 2019 his 5 unguided hunters killed 4 bulls and the unsuccessful hunter passed.

In 2018 he dropped off 3 unguided moose hunters and they killed 2 bulls. 2021 hunts are limited so book now for 2022. Hunt MSUN781.


This family run outfit has a game rich 7,000 square mile concession that does not see any resi- dent pressure. They only take 5 to 7 moose hunters per year and in the last 9 years they have only had one hunter not kill a bull. Their mountain caribou hunting is nothing less than fantastic for both quality and success. HCU has never had a hunter not kill a moose and mountain caribou on this hunt.

2020 Canada border was closed due to Corona virus pandemic.

2019 finished up with 7 hunters tagging 6 bulls averaging 60 plus inches and the best bull made the Boone and Crockett record book. The unsuccessful hunter passed on several bulls. Over the course of the season over 20 mountain caribou were harvested averaging in the 380’s.

2018 they hosted 5 moose hunters and all 5 scored on bulls from 67 inches down to 58, with an overall average of 62 inches.

All hunts are started out of base camp. Hunter and guide are then flown into a remote tent camp where they either backpack or river raft. 9 day backpack or river hunts from September 10 to 18 guided 1×1; during the rut are $25,500 plus $200 preservation fund, licenses and 5 percent tax and caribou can be added for a trophy fee of $6,000. Once you score the hunter is typically flown back to a comfortable base camp where you can enjoy a hot shower with cabin accommodations and some fishing for lake trout and grayling. They close their season September 19 for all hunts due to early winters, so the moose hunts are prime rut. Charter flight from Norman Wells is about $1,700. Limited openings for 2023. HCU has been working with this outfit for the past 20 years. Cliff Graham and Bob Wodzisz have taken moose and caribou with this outfit. Hunt MS250.  MS250 Hunt Photos.


This family operation has 5 camps, 2 fly-in and 3 drive-in. Over the course of the 2 month season they normally take a total of 10 or 12 hunters to each camp per year. This keeps their success high and quality good. They moose hunt from early September to early November.

2020 Canada border was closed due to Corona virus pandemic.

2019 finished up with 52 hunters tagging 44 bulls and 2 cows, 4 bulls were also hit and lost. Top 2 bulls had spreads of 49 inches and 3 more 45 inch bulls were also taken, with an overall average of about 40 inches.

2018 they had 60 moose hunters killing 52 bulls and a couple cows.

6 day hunt guided 1×1 from mid September to early November is $6,500 plus $570 license and 15 percent HST tax. Most camps have cabin accommodations with electricity, shower, and wood heat. Two camps require a float plane to reach and this is included in the price. In more remote areas hunters may be required to spike camp. Black bear can be taken on a $500 kill fee plus $120 license. Limited openings in 2022. HCU has worked with this outfitter for over 15 years. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz and his wife Shoshana both took bulls with this outfit. Hunt MS94.  MS94 Hunt Photos.


If you want to be pampered on a moose hunt with super lodging you need to look at this outfitter in area 40. They also have a camp in area 45 that is a little more rustic and remote.

2020 Canada border was closed due to Corona virus pandemic.

In 2019 area 40 they had 45 hunters tag 40 bulls and 3 cows, 2 went home empty. In area 45 they had 27 moose hunters kill 23 bulls and a couple cows, 2 no kills. Top bulls went 48 inches.

In 2018 they had 6 archery hunters tag 4 bulls and one archer returned in rifle season and filled his tag. In area 40 they had 38 rifle hunters kill 33 bulls and all but one had an opportunity. In area 45 they took 23 rifle moose hunters and killed 20 bulls.

Moose hunts are 6 days guided 1×1 at $6,100 or 2×1 is $5,600 with LICENSE INCLUDED, but not the 15 percent HST tax. Black bear can be added to any hunt for $500 plus the cost of the $150 license. Caribou only hunts have been near 100 percent success priced at $11,200 for 6 days and INCLUDES license. All hunting areas are accessed by argo or walking, no helicopters or planes. These tend to be physical hunts with hiking involved. Cripple policy is in effect if you wound an animal your hunt is done.

Area 40 has the plush lodge with sauna, hot tub, bathroom for each bedroom, no need to bring sleeping bags, breakfast and supper at the lodge, cook, butcher on site with 2 walk in freezers. Moose are taken back to the lodge, skinned and then taken to the processor. Hunters can expect to pay approximately $350 for moose or $200 for caribou processing. It is then taken back to the lodge, boxed and put in the freezer ready to go with the hunter.

They also offer moose hunts in area 45 bordering area 40. It is a typical Newfoundland moose camp with cabins, bunks, woodstove, generator, toilet, shower and hunters eat in the main cabin with the guides. This can be a 2×1 or 1×1 hunt. Once everyone in this camp tags out they typically return to the main lodge in area 40.

Archery hunts are offered in both areas the first 2 weeks of September and overall success is quite high, almost comparable to rifle hunts. Rifle hunts run from mid September to November and the rut is typically the last week of September and the first week of October.

Caribou in 2019 was 12 for 12 on bulls, including 6 bow hunters. 2018 were 10 for 11 and all were archers. 2017 was 11 for 11 and 10 were bowhunters.

Hunters pay 15 percent HST tax on hunt cost and pick up is included at Deer Lake Airport at no charge for regular hunting days Sunday to Sunday. If it is any other day the cost is $300 to travel by taxi. Limited openings for 2022, book now for 2023. Hunt MS709.  MS709 Hunt Photos.


HCU works with several outfits for Shiras moose in Utah and success has continued at 100 percent. These private free range ranches get landowner vouchers guaranteeing you a moose tag. We have never had a hunter go home without taking a bull on any of these hunts, including archers.

One of these outfitters has a 35,000 acre ranch in northeastern Utah that has produced some great bulls over the years. They get 2 tags per year and have been 100 percent success. Hunts are currently priced at $16,500 guided 1×1 for 5 days and they normally hunt early October. The outfitters lease situation with the landowner is priced yearly, so the hunt price is subject to change. Lodge accommodations with airport pickup in Salt Lake City included. Next opening 2022. Hunt MS255.  MS255 Hunt Photos.