This outfitter has 2 areas, area 40 has a fancy lodge with all the amenities and area 45 that is a little more rustic, but has some good bulls.

Last fall in area 40 they had 42 moose hunters kill 37 bulls, including 2 top bulls over 50 inches and 2 more measuring 46. In area 45 they had 23 hunters kill 23 bulls with 4 or 5 in the trophy class. This is typical success for numbers and size as past years.

Hunts are guided 1×1 and priced at 6 days for moose at $5,900 or 2×1 is $5,400 and when caribou tags are available a combination hunt is $14,400. LICENSES ARE INCLUDED in the price, but not the 15 percent HST tax. Black bear can be added to any hunt for $500 plus the cost of the $120 license. Caribou only hunts have been 100 percent success priced at $9,000 for 6 days and INCLUDES license. All hunting areas are accessed by argo or walking, no helicopters or planes. These tend to be physical hunts with hiking involved. Cripple policy is in effect, if you wound an animal your hunt is done.

Area 40 has the plush lodge with sauna, hot tub, bathroom for each bedroom, no need to bring sleeping bags, breakfast and supper at the lodge, cook, butcher on site with 2 walk in freezers. Moose are taken back to the lodge, skinned and then taken to the processor. Hunters can expect to pay $300 for moose or $200 for caribou processing. It is then taken back to the lodge, boxed and put in the freezer ready to go with the hunter.

They also offer moose hunts in area 45 bordering area 40. It is a typical Newfoundland moose camp with cabins, bunks, woodstove, generator, toilet, shower and hunters eat in the main cabin with the guides. They do have a nice new lodge available for after you tag out.

Archery hunts are offered in all 3 areas the first 2 weeks of September and overall success is very high, almost comparable to rifle hunts. Rifle hunts run from mid-September to November and the rut is typically the last week of September and the first week of October.

Caribou hunts in 2016 were 10 for 11 (all bowhunters), 2015 went 11 for 11. 2014 went 10 for 11, with a traditional archer missing 2 bulls. 2013 was 100 percent with 11 hunters, including 8 archers, taking 11 bulls including one Boone and Crockett record book bull and several Pope and Young bulls.

Hunters pay 15 percent HST tax on hunt cost and pick up is included at Deer Lake Airport at no charge if hunting Sunday to Sunday.
Hunt MS709. 

Gary Heubel with a good bull taken on Hunt MS709