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2019 is pretty much full, but here are a few late openings still available for this fall. You can look up the HUNT NUMBER from our SPECIE INDEX TO THE LEFT to read many more details on any of these hunts and feel free to call us to discuss any hunt in more detail.




Colorado mixed bag hunt EK72 second hunt October 19 to 23. Price is only $5000 per hunter with a max of 4 hunters on the private ranch located near Paradox. 5 day hunt for bull elk, cow elk and buck mule deer, 3 animals with no harvest fees. Includes 2×1 guiding, lodging and meals.


Colorado elk hunt EK554 third hunt for up to 2 hunters November 2 to 6. 5 days guided 2×1 $7500. This hunt takes place near Trinidad in southeastern Colorado on 100,000 private acres.


Colorado cow elk only $2000 or a group of 4 at $1,800 EKC554. Private land, includes 2×1 guiding, lodging and meals in early November.




Colorado MD163 one opening on the second hunt (first deer hunt) October 19 to 23. 5 days $6000 1×1 plus trophy fees on bucks grossing over 170 inches. Will require points to draw or purchase one of the landowner vouchers.


Colorado MDM554, October 19 to 23 or November 2 to 6. 5 days $4500 guided 2×1 with lodging and meals. This hunt takes place near Montrose, Colorado.


Colorado MD554, October 19 to 23 or November 2 to 6. 5 days $4500 guided 2×1 with lodging and meals. This hunt takes place on 100,000 acres of private land in southeastern Colorado.


Wyoming mule deer/pronghorn combo hunt at $5500 or mule deer only for $4000. 30,000 acres of private ranches in southeastern Wyoming, cabin accommodations, 2×1 guiding October 15 to 25. March 31 draw deadline and we expect hunters to be successful in the draw with 0 points.  Hunt MD/PG264.


New Mexico 5 day deer 1×1 $8500 late November or early December. Possibly a September muzzleloader hunt, all on large private ranches and they typically only take about 6 trophy mule deer hunters per year. Hunt MD278.


Utah trophy hunt MD255 where bucks killed average over 190 inches and the price reflects the quality. This hunt is typically booked 2 years ahead to get a spot, but we have an early September hunt priced at $17,000 and a spot later at $15,000. 1×1 5 days.


One Colorado top quality trophy archery mule deer hunt on MDB163. This is our best archery hunt in a very good area near Crawford that produces some tremendous deer especially in the archery season. Price is $6000 1×1 plus trophy fees of $500 for every 10 inches over 170. Example a buck in the high 180’s would cost you a trophy fee of $1000.




Iowa whitetails Hunt WD799. Archery and shotgun/muzzleloader openings at $4000. Archery hunts are 6 days and gun are 5. You will need 3 points to draw a tag. We also recommend all whitetail hunters to get a point by calling 800-367-1188 in May. Very easy to do over the phone by credit card for about $50 and you do not have to designate a unit or choice of weapon, jut get a point.


Nebraska archery whitetail $3750 5 days full service, October 28 to November 1. Last fall his 10 archers killed 6 bucks including 2 that grossed over 160 inches. All private land with a 125 inch minimum.  Hunt WDB565.


Montana unguided whitetail opening week October 26. $2000 per hunter private land on Hunt WDUN534 for up to 4 hunters. Very rustic accommodations included, but no meals or guide. This is a trespass fee property.




Colorado pronghorn on a RFW, anytime after August 15 we have 4 or 5 openings. Price is $2750 for Hunt PG226 and success has been 100 percent as on all our pronghorn hunts. 3 days full service 2×1.


Colorado pronghorn on our best property has 2 openings between October 7 and 14. $3500 3 days 2×1 full service in southeastern Colorado.  Hunt PG554.


Wyoming pronghorn only $2000 on Hunt PG264. This is a good hunt for the money. Older cabin accommodations with a small outfitter running a family business. Southeastern Wyoming near Wheatland.


If you have at least 6 preference points and want to put in for a top unit call us on Hunt PG371. This outfitter operates in all the top Wyoming pronghorn units and stays very small by only taking a few hunters each year.


We have some scattered black bear, brown bear, grizzly, mountain lion, mountain goat, sheep, moose, caribou and muskox spots available.


Naturally we have some terrific turkey hunts from Nebraska $775 to Florida for only $1400.


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