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HCU just had a family of 4 cancel their August 15 to 17, 2015 Colorado pronghorn hunt due to a job relocation out of the country. This opens up these 4 spots perfect for students or teachers wanting to hunt before the fall classes. It is also the very first hunt allowing you the first opportunity to hunt on this 20,000 acre ranch in 2015. Price is $2,500 guided 2×1 and includes the landowner voucher guaranteeing you a pronghorn license, no drawing. Past several years the success has been 100 percent on bucks in the 13 to 15-inch range. New bunkhouse accommodations with family style meals and airport pickup included in Hayden or you can fly into Denver and rent a car. Call us ASAP if you are interested in Hunt PG226.

Art Jillson took his bull elephant near the Botswana border.


One of our South Africa PH’s acquired this 70,000 private acre lease along the South Africa/ Botswana border a couple years ago with 5 elephant permits. Success has been 100 percent on bulls averaging in the 35 to 45 pound range, with top end reaching about 55 pounds. This is a 10-day hunt discounted to $30,000 from $40,000 due to a cancellation.  This price includes day rate and trophy fee.

Hunting methods are glassing from high spots and covering country by vehicle looking for fresh tracks then hiking. The last 2 hunters tagged out in 4 days and 6 days. This hunt can take place any time between June and October with a ranch providing 5-star accommodations. Expect to see about 200 elephants over the course of 10 days. Hippos priced at $7,000 can also be taken in this area. Hunt ELLD.


The favorite hunts for 2015 are either filling fast or are already booked up. Here are a few top end hunts that still have some availability for this coming fall.



Colorado 4-day horseback elk hunt on private land. Price is right at only $4,700 and this has the traditional elk ambiance with a renovated turn of the century cabin for accommodations, a 45 minute horseback ride up the mountain each morning, good elk numbers with high success and a ride back down to camp and a hot supper each evening. Open dates are November 5 to 8 or 11 to 14. Over the counter tags are good for the first date and the later date will require putting in for the draw, which we expect to be 100 percent. There are also a few open archery spots on this ranch. In 2014 over the course of the complete bow season he had 17 archers kill 9 bulls, cripple and lose 9 bulls and miss 2. This 4-day horseback spot and stalk archery hunt is priced at $5,200. Call on Hunt EK824.



The outfitter that has the Chase Ranch recently acquired the hunting rights on the Ponil Ranch that borders the Chase to the north. It has had a real high success rate on big bulls past years and we expect some super 6-point bulls to be taken in 2015. 5-day hunts will be priced at $7,000 with no trophy fees and will include a landowner voucher so the tag is guaranteed, no draw. Dates will run from early October to early December. Hunt EK333.



This 15,000 acre ranch is in the CWMU Program allowing them to rifle hunt elk during the September bugle season. The ranch gets 20 landowner vouchers, guaranteed tag no draw, and last fall 20 hunters tagged 17 bulls. Bulls typically range from 260 to 290 gross points, with the best bulls grossing around 300 inches. 5-day hunts start September 7 and run to October 6. Hunts are priced at $7,700 guided 2×1 with meals and camping trailer accommodations. Hunt EK310.


If you were lucky enough to have drawn a Wyoming Unit 7 bull elk tag give us a call as we work with a couple ranches that typically produce some great bulls.


UTAH MULE DEER $2200 to $4500

The outfitter picked up this 22,000 acre ranch in 2013 and lowered the number of deer to be taken in 2014 in order to make this a trophy deer hunt in the near future. Last fall they only killed 12 trophy deer ranging from in the 150’s up to the mid-180’s. They took one archer and he tagged a 31-inch buck grossing 175 inches. These 5 day hunts are reasonably priced at only $4,500 guided 1×1, but the hunters are responsible for their own motel lodging and restaurant meals. If you want the outfitter to provide the motel and meals the price is $5,600. Hunts start early September and run to early November.

They also took 12 management bucks off the property in 2014 and these hunts are bargain priced at only $2,200 guided 2×1. Guaranteed licenses, no draw, and hunters are picked up at the Salt Lake City airport. Hunt MDWH830. 



This rancher/outfitter has 8,000 private agriculture/ranch acres with good whitetail numbers. He normally takes a dozen hunters for each of the 3 seasons, archery, rifle and late muzzleloader. Bowhunters are allowed crossbows and muzzleloader hunters do not have any restrictions. The rifle season starts mid-November right in the heat of the rut. He takes 2 groups of about 6 each for 4 day rifle hunts priced at $3500. Surprisingly there are 4 openings for the first rifle hunt in 2015 November 14 to 17. He utilizes imitation round bale blinds with windows and if you bring a buddy heater with you it will be a cozy sit.

He also has 4 archery spots available October 25 to 29, but keep in mind the full moon is the 27th. Bowhunts are 5 days at $2,750. He also has room for muzzleloader hunters the month of December priced at $3,000 for 4 days. All hunts include lodging and meals. Call on Hunt WD550.   



This outfitter’s family owns 15,000 private acres in southeast Kansas in unit 14. Last year over the course of the archery season his 22 bowhunters tagged 16 bucks gross scoring from 140 to 161 inches and they also killed a monster 190-inch buck. He takes up to about 8 rifle hunters per year, 4 on each back to back hunt in December. Success normally runs over 50 percent on bucks in the 140 to 160-inch range.

     He has a few archery openings for the first week of November and also the last week, which could be a tough week. The first gun hunt is booked with 4, but the second hunt is wide open. He has 26 baited stands with 26 cameras and utilizes ground blinds, ladder stands or lock-ons. All hunts are 5 days and include accommodations in the outfitter’s finished basement with meals. Don’t expect to see a lot of deer on this hunt like you would in Nebraska or Iowa, but buck to doe ratio is high. There is a 140-inch minimum with a $500 fine. Draw has been 100 percent and application deadline is in April and left over tags go on sale in early June. Hunt WD437.



Past HCU hunters have been 100 percent successful on this hunt. He was filled up with 9 hunters for 2015, but a group of 4 have cancelled for May 18 to 23 of this spring. Last year he had 8 hunters take 8 bears, including several archers. One archer took the best bear weighing in at 350 pounds. Bears typically average in the 225 to 250 pound range and about 40% are off color.

     6-day hunt is $2,500 and includes the 6% HST tax, but not the $335 license. House accommodations in Hodgson, meals and airport pickup in Winnipeg is included. Hunt BL44.



This outfitter was booked full for 2015 and 2016, but 2 hunters have cancelled for this fall. Openings are available on the backpack hunt July 26 to August 4 or August 28 to September 8. Both hunts are 10 days at $21,000 or the late hunt could be a mixed bag hunt. In 2014 they had 21 sheep hunters kill 19 rams, including 2 archers and one took the new #4 all-time Pope and Young ram. Mountain caribou can be added on a trophy fee of $4,500 and success has been 100 percent on quality bulls. HCU has worked with this outfit for over 15 years and never had a sheep hunter come home without a ram. Hunters charter from Norman Wells for approximately $1,200 roundtrip to camp. Hunt DS250. 



This outfit only takes about a dozen sheep hunters each year and success has run 100 percent the last couple years with each year producing a ram over 40 inches. This is one of the highest sheep density areas in the Yukon and has probably the most gentle sheep terrain. 10-day horseback hunts guided 1×1 are priced at $17,500. Rustic cabin accommodations are the norm, with the outside chance of a night or two at a spike camp. They currently have 3 openings for 2015. One spot August 23 to September 1 and two spots September 3 to 12. Charter flights, taxes, licenses, government royalties and hunter preservation fund total add expenses of $2,500. So your complete package is $20,000. Hunt DS393.



Here is a bargain priced mountain goat hunt out of Prince William Sound. Last year all 3 hunters tagged goats and in 2013; 5 of the 6 hunters bagged billies. Hunters stay on a 28-foot boat with an enclosed cabin and utilize a zodiac to reach shore once a huntable goat is spotted. 7-day September/October hunts are $9,500 and a packer can be hired to assist the hunter for only $800. Hunters are met in Anchorage, no charter flights. 2 spots are open for this coming fall. Hunt MG242.


We still have a few openings for SOUTH AFRICA PLAINSGAME HUNTS. These packages are priced right, for example;


6 hunting days, includes taxes, licenses, day rates and trophy fees on these five animals; cape kudu, gemsbok, impala, blesbok and springbok and also INCLUDES AIRFARE for only $6,600. Hunt SAGD.


6 hunting days, includes day rates and trophy fees on these five animals; kudu, blesbok, impala, duiker, springbok and baboon, all free-range hunting and also INCLUDES AIRFARE for only $7,000. Hunt SAAP.


Additional animals can be taken for trophy fees. Call one of our consultants for more details and available dates.


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