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HCU’s Bob Wodzisz will be on an exploratory GREENLAND MUSKOX hunt next month to try and find a cheaper high success destination to tag a muskox, as prices have climbed exponentially in Nunavut. This spring hunt will be for muskox only, but if all goes as expected there will be fall hunts that could include Canadian Barren Ground Caribou along with muskox. March spring hunts for muskox will be priced at ONLY $5000 (Nunavut is $14,500). We expect fall hunts to be $5900 or $8500 for a combination hunt late August and September (Cambridge Bay is $16,500). We will post how it all plays out on our homepage late March.



One of our Colorado outfitters has picked up a new ranch just east of Montrose. He is familiar with the property and operation so it should be an easy transition. We expect this private property to have good elk numbers with high success. On the plus side the mule deer look pretty darn good. He is only planning on taking 4 rifle elk hunters on the first rifle season and up to 4 deer hunters plus maybe an elk hunter or 2 on the second season. These hunts booked within the first 2 weeks he picked up the lease, but he still has all 4 archery elk spots available for the prime dates of September 19 to 23 for this fall. Hunters can expect your normal Colorado bulls, 5 points and maybe some small 6 pointers, this is not a trophy hunt but we expect some real good spot and stalk calling action. 5 day hunts guided 2×1 with ranch house accommodations and meals will be $5,000 and the dates should be tops. If you are interested call us on Hunt EKBM554.



Here is a brief list of hunts that still have some scattered openings for this upcoming fall season. Guaranteed licenses and if it does involve a draw the success has been 100 percent. You can look up the hunt number on our site for more details or call us.



We have 2 ranches with openings on the second rifle season, both with high success.

HUNT EK163 had 7 rifle hunters on the second hunt in 2017 and 6 took home bulls. Price is $5,000 5 days 2×1, October 20-24, cabin accommodations, no horses.

HUNT EK824 splits the second season into 2 parts. Last fall the first part of the second season he had 7 hunters kill 4 bulls, cripple one and miss 5. Second half of second season produced 7 bulls for 7 hunters. Price is $5,000 4 days 2×1, October 20-23 or 25-28, cabin accommodations, horseback daily.


HUNT EKGE72 is the top trophy elk hunt (also the most expensive) and has produced the largest bulls over the past several years. Price is $15,000 for 5 days 1×1 with 2 openings September 10 to 15 and 2 openings September 17 to 22. This 20,000 acre Utah ranch normally takes about 15 rifle hunters per year during the rut. This ranch is in the Cooperative Wildlife Management Program allowing it to conduct hunts during the rut with rifles. Past years has basically been 100 percent success on bulls averaging around 340 gross Boone and Crockett. Best bull taken by an HCU hunter has grossed over 390.


HUNT EK72 just had 2 spots open up on the first hunt. He only takes 4 hunters and this hunt is best for a father/son or older hunters that just can’t hike as it is mostly stand hunting. Last fall the 4 hunters tagged 3 bulls and the unsuccessful hunter was holding out for a monster bull that had been seen. This is a good private land hunt for 5 point or smaller 6 point bulls and the price is extremely reasonable at only $4500 for 5 days with ranch house accommodations and great meals.


HUNT EK775 is the only public land hunt we list in Montana. We seldom deal with public land hunts as the success is typically poor. This particular hunt has proved over the years to be an exception as their success has been above average on 5 point and some decent 6 point bulls. First rifle hunt is full, but they have scattered openings on later hunts and a few on the September archery hunt that has proved to be a good value producing some real nice bulls. Price is $4,000 for 5 days guided 2×1 with wall tent accommodations, meals and horseback.



 HUNT MD278 takes place in northeastern New Mexico during a special late season. The outfitter takes only 4 or 5 hunters total from late November to early December. Last fall all 5 hunters killed bucks, including a great 4×4 with a kicker grossing 192, but the rest were just 170’s type bucks. Price is $7,500 for 5 days guided 1×1 with a nice lodge and meals.



HUNT WD554 is a December southeastern Colorado hunt where the outfitter has plenty of private property and normally only takes 4 or 5 whitetail hunters per year. He sometimes does one early during the regular mule deer hunt, but mainly he does them in early December. Last year they killed a 170 inch non-typical and in 2016 they took their best buck to date, a 180 type buck. The average regular buck taken has been in the 135 to 150 class. Price is $4,500 5 days 2×1 with basic ranch house accommodations and meals.


HUNT WD304 takes place near Meadow Lake in northwestern Saskatchewan in an area well known for tremendous genetics. Up until last fall the average buck taken here has grossed an impressive 150 inches, but last fall the average was down. Over the course of 5 weeks 43 hunters tagged 36 bucks, including 4 in the 160’s, but no monsters. He has an enormous area, actually four outfitter areas combined into one, 680 square miles. A beautiful lodge and they mostly use heated double bull blinds or elevated box blinds. He has openings almost every week from late October to the end of November. Price is $5400 6 days plus tax and license. For the hunter wanting warm weather they also offer an early season muzzleloader hunt.



HUNT PG278 is in northeastern New Mexico. Past success has been 100% on nice bucks with decent mass. He normally runs about 7 to 10 hunters on more country than he can hunt. He has 3 or 4 openings for either August 25 to 27 or September 7 to 9. Price is $3,000 guided 2×1 with nice lodge accommodations and meals.


HUNT PG226 is in the Ranching For Wildlife Program out of Craig Colorado. He still has a few openings for this fall from late August to end of October. Success has been 100% on bucks averaging in the 70’s. Price is $2,500 guided 2×1 with bunkhouse accommodations and meals.



 HUNT BL304 is in northern Saskatchewan. This outfitter has only taken a few hunters over the past 2 springs and everyone has taken a bear. Stands are setup for 20 yard bowshots. Fishing is just outside the lodge door on a big lake with plenty of walleyes and pike. Boats, motors and tackle available at no additional cost during the month of May. Price is $3,800 5 days plus $315 tag and $225 tax, with nice lodge accommodations and meals.


HUNT BL577 is located on Tobin Lake in Saskatchewan. Openings are the first week of June or September for the fall hunt that can be combined with whitetails. Last spring all 12 hunters tagged bears and several had 20 inch plus skulls. Half the hunters were archers. Boats/motors/gas included for fishing. Price is $2,900 6 days plus $315 tag and $225 tax, with lodge accommodations and meals.


HUNT BL94 has produced some monster bears out of Newfoundland. Last spring 6 of the 8 hunters took home a bear. One weighed in at over 500 pounds with most going 300 plus. They run hunts from mid June to mid July. Price is $2,400 for 6 days plus tag and tax.


HUNT BL805 takes place in northern Alberta with a 2 bear limit. Last spring his 8 archers and 4 rifle hunters killed 22 bears. All took 2 bears except 2 repeat rifle hunters that only wanted one. Average bear taken is 6 foot 3 inches, with some squaring over 7 foot. Hunts are mid May to mid June with fishing included. This is a super high density bear area where this outfitter has 9,000 square miles. Color phase can be from 20 to 40 percent and fishing is also included. Price is $4,500 all inclusive for 2 bears and includes license, tax, etc. Wall tents with wooden floors, cots with sleeping bags, guides, camp helper and meals.



HUNT BR907 is a boat hunt off Admiralty Island. This outfitter takes 7 hunters per year and over the past 6 years only one hunter has gone home without a nice boar. He has one opening on the second spring hunt May 8 to 19. Price is $20,000 10 days 1×1 with accommodations and meals aboard his 50 foot yacht.



HUNT ML675 in western Colorado has a few scattered spots from early December to February of next winter. Success on big cats has been unmatched with this outfitter. Price is $6,000 5 days 1×1 with cabin accommodations and meals.



HUNT DS393 takes place in the Yukon. The outfitter had 13 hunters last fall and 11 tagged rams. Best ram won the Yukon Belt Buckle and went over 40 inches, 2 more broke 39 inches. One of the unsuccessful hunters was just too out of shape to hunt sheep and the other never had a good opportunity. He runs 3 hunters per hunt with horses and cabins. This is one of the gentler areas to hunt sheep. He has 2 openings September 3 to 12 for this fall. Price is $21,000 10 days and includes charter flight, licenses, royalty fees and hunter preservation fund. The only added cost is the 5% tax.


HUNT DS135 is a Yukon hunt that has an opening August 31 to September 9. Last fall all 12 hunters tagged rams, including one 40 incher. Price is $22,000 all inclusive 8 days, 1×1, horseback.


HUNT SS483 is a northern British Columbia stone sheep hunt. He has a couple openings for 2018. Last fall all 6 hunters took home rams and in 2016 all 8 hunters scored. Price is $42,500 15 days, guide, wrangler and 6 horses. Hunters charter from Ft. Nelson.



HUNT MG907 is a super Alaska boat hunt and he has a couple openings on his first hunt, October 16 to 24. This hunt had an unbelievable track record over the course of 2014, 2015 and 2016 he had 28 goat hunters kill 27 billies, they do not shoot nannies. In 2017 he had 9 hunters, the first 6 killed nice billies and then 2 hunters crippled billies and were not able to retrieve them and the last hunter only wanted a Boone and Crockett and he missed what they thought was a book billy. Price is $13,500 7 days, 1×1 with nice accommodations aboard the 50 foot yacht and super meals.


HUNT MG491 is a northern British Columbia horseback hunt in a very high density goat area with big bodied billies. He has a couple 7 day openings. Last fall success was again 100 percent and typically everyone that goes after a goat as their main animal scores as long as they are physically able. Price is $12,000 7 days, 1×1 with horses and hiking.



 HUNT MS135 is a terrific Yukon horseback hunt. He has a couple moose openings mid and late September. Last fall 6 of the 7 hunters tagged bulls averaging 60 inches. The unsuccessful hunter was 80 years old and missed a bull and passed on a couple others. In 2016 all 8 hunters killed bulls. Price is $21,000 all inclusive (charter, licenses, royalty fees, taxes) 8 days, 1×1 and horseback.


HUNT MS491 is in northern British Columbia bordering the Yukon. He has a couple September openings. Last fall everyone wanting a moose scored. They normally take about 20 bulls per year averaging 50+ inches, with 3 or 4 making the book. Price is $12,000 7 days, 1×1, typically horseback or a lake hunt.



HUNT WF254 has been a very successful Alberta wolf hunt. Last year the first hunter tagged a gray male on day 3. Second hunter scored on a black and gray the first day. Third hunter had some physical difficulties, but saw 6 wolves. Fourth hunter missed 2 and crippled 2 in 5 days. This older farmer says he isn’t going to run hunts much longer so if you are interested do not wait. He has a list of hunters and when he gets wolves on the baits and patterned he calls for a hunter to get up there ASAP. He has 3 bait sites and all can be watched from heated blinds. He only takes one hunter at a time. Price is $4,000 6 days 1×1 with in house accommodations and meals. $500 down will put you on the on-call list and if you pass you stay in for the next opportunity.



We have spring gobbler hunts available for Merriam, Eastern, Rio and Osceola in Nebraska, Kansas, New Mexico and a Florida hunt for only $1,400. You won’t find a cheaper Osceola hunt.


AFRICA, NEW ZEALAND, ARGENTINA has limited openings so give us a call and we can discuss the possibilities.


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