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just came available for September 24 to 29 on our best ranch. The hunt had been full, but 2 hunters had to reschedule for next year. The hunts are discounted from $15,000 to $13,000 on this CWMU 20,000 acre ranch. The ranch is allocated 16 trophy bull permits per year and success is typically 100 percent. Bulls normally average gross scoring 340 to 350 Boone and Crockett with the top bulls scoring higher. 5 day hunts guided 1×1 with ranch house accommodations, home cooked meals and older hunters can physically do this September rifle rut hunt. Call us on Hunt EKGE72.

Some great bulls are taken on Hunt EKGE72.


Ken Patula and his hunting buddy, Bruce Parsley, took a couple nice caribou bulls on their Alaska hunt CU64.

Allen Henderson just back from his second safari with this outfit. Here he is with an old trophy buffalo and a magnificent nyala.



This longtime outfitter has a few openings available for this December now priced at only $3,200 for a 4 day hunt and the dates could work for students over Christmas break. He has a couple private ranches with over 30,000 acres and success typically runs near 100 percent on bucks averaging about the 130 class and they normally take a few top end bucks breaking the 150 inch mark. High deer numbers, nice comfortable ranch house accommodations, good weather and fun guides make up a recipe for an affordable and enjoyable hunt. Airport pickup in San Angelo is also included. Hunt WD233.

Hurley Blankenship took this beautiful 40 inch ram on day #1 in northern British Columbia on Hunt SS491.

Chuck Behary and his taxidermist pal, Rick Young, took these colorful Nebraska merriams on an HCU hunt.

Josh and Kim Henning made Namibia their first African plainsgame hunt. They took several animals including Kim’s kudu, Josh’s bow killed black wildebeest and he also made short work of a few jackals.


One of our longtime Utah CWMU outfitters just received 2 additional tags. One elk permit and one trophy deer permit. His hunts had been booked full for some time, but we are pleased to have these 2 spots available for this coming fall. Here is a brief write up on these hunts.

This CWMU outfitter operates on 14,000 free range private acres in northeastern Utah. The ranch is allowed to offer a very limited amount of rifle hunts for both elk and deer from early September, during the elk rut, to early November. The ranch has the landowner vouchers, so this is a guaranteed tag with no drawing.

In 2017 they hosted a total of 10 trophy elk hunters and 4 management bull hunters. All were successful except for one trophy elk hunter that crippled and lost his bull. The largest bull gross scored 340 Boone and Crockett and the next 2 broke the 320 mark. Most bulls taken gross scored in the 280 to 300 inch category.

In 2017 they did 7 trophy mule deer hunters and 7 management hunters. 5 of the 7 trophy hunters took home a buck. Top bucks included 2 grossing just over 190 inches and one in the 180’s. All 7 management hunters tagged deer. While scouting they had seen 5 bucks over the 190 inch mark on the ranch.

These hunts are for 5 days guided 1×1 priced at $7500 plus license, tag and tax, approximate total will be around $8300. Accommodations will be in a travel trailer at a campground close to the ranch. Available dates would be September 3 to 7 (elk only) or October 1-5, 15-19 or 22-26 for either elk or deer. Hunting is mostly done by using pickup trucks and Ranger UTV’s with plenty of glassing and spot and stalk. Airport pickup at Salt Lake City included. Call on hunts EK830 or MD830.

Here are a couple of the bulls taken last fall on Hunt EK830.


HCU hunter, Mike Salmon, with his great 2017 buck on Hunt MD830.


We have 2 hunters booking this Colorado elk/deer private land combo hunt and have room for 2 more. Call ASAP if interested on the hunt listed below, EK72.

OCTOBER 20 TO 24, 2018

HCU typically has the first bull elk rifle hunt on this ranch and they take 4 hunters at $4500 each with exceptional success. You can see 3 of the bulls taken last fall in our 2018 Big Game Annual. The second hunt has been repeatedly booked for the past several years and just now came available for this fall of 2018. It is a 5 day hunt and hunters can take a bull elk and a buck mule deer with landowner deer vouchers. This hunt is an exceptional value and a terrific opportunity for hunters wanting to bring home a freezer full of meat. We have 2 of the 4 spots sold, price is $4,950 each. Call us on Hunt EK72 for more details.






Dave Smith with a 150 inch Saskatchewan buck on Hunt WD304.

Mark Smith with his Saskatchewan buck.

HUNT WD304 takes place near Meadow Lake in northwestern Saskatchewan in an area well known for tremendous genetics. Up until last fall the average buck taken here has grossed an impressive 150 inches, but last fall the average was down. Over the course of 5 weeks 43 hunters tagged 36 bucks, including 4 in the 160’s, but no monsters. He has an enormous area, actually four outfitter areas combined into one, 680 square miles. A beautiful lodge and they mostly use heated double bull blinds or elevated box blinds. He has openings almost every week from late October to the end of November. Price is $5400 6 days plus tax and license. For the hunter wanting warm weather they also offer an early season muzzleloader hunt.



Holger Jensen with a heavy mass buck on Hunt PG278.

Mark Muchow with a nice representative N.M. buck on Hunt PG278.

HUNT PG278 is in northeastern New Mexico. Past success has been 100% on nice bucks with decent mass. He normally runs about 7 to 10 hunters on more country than he can hunt. He has 3 or 4 openings for either August 25 to 27 or September 7 to 9. Price is $3,000 guided 2×1 with nice lodge accommodations and meals.



Ryan Pallinger with his Colorado tom.

Scott Wimer with his big Colorado tom on Hunt ML675.

HUNT ML675 in western Colorado has a few scattered spots from early December to February of next winter. Success on big cats has been unmatched with 10 hunters killing 10 cats so far, 9 toms and one female, he still has 3 hunters to go in April. Price is $6,000
5 days 1×1 with cabin accommodations and meals.



HUNT MG907 is a super Alaska boat hunt and he has one opening on his first hunt, October 16 to 24. This hunt had an unbelievable track record over the course of 2014, 2015 and 2016 he had 28 goat hunters kill 27 billies, they do not shoot nannies. In 2017 he had 9 hunters, the first 6 killed nice billies and then 2 hunters crippled billies and were not able to retrieve them and the last hunter only wanted a Boone and Crockett and he missed what they thought was a book billy. Price is $13,500 7 days, 1×1 with nice accommodations aboard the 50 foot yacht and super meals.


AFRICA, NEW ZEALAND, ARGENTINA has scattered openings so give us a call and we can discuss the possibilities.

HCU’s Mark Rupert just completed his New Zealand Hunt NZ643. He took a fine silver medal stag, real nice mature fallow deer and managed to tag a free range tahr.


Drew Cowden bow killed a nice Manitoba bruin on Hunt BL372.


Les Compton with a well deserved mature Namibia leopard on Hunt NMNES.

Here are a couple pics from some HCU hunters coming back from their spring hunts.

Dave Wright took a mixed bag on his safari ranging from the diminutive steenbok to an old bull cape buffalo on Hunt SAGD.

Longtime HCU hunter, George Eberwine, with his Argentina red stag he took on Hunt ARPG.

Tom Losk took his Florida Osceola this spring priced at only $1,400 on Hunt TU481.

Matt Kilduff took this over 30 inch aoudad on our Texas Hunt AU565.

Rick Kolesar’s group of 6 hunters took these 12 Alberta bears on Hunt BL805.

This was Rick’s second archery bear that had a 20 inch skull on Hunt BL805.

Andy Popejoy took this massive Texas aoudad on Hunt AU11.


Bob Wodzisz with his nice mature muskox bull.

Bob and Dennis Bzwoka with Dennis’s muskox taken on the first morning.

Bob Wodzisz also connected on this big arctic hare.

This was Bob and Dennis’s camp during their hunt. Nothing fancy, but warm and did just fine.

A couple guides and the cook having a dinner in camp.


HCU’s Bob Wodzisz took a hunter with him checking out a new Greenland muskox/caribou operation in early March. Spring hunts are just for muskox as the better caribou bulls have lost their antlers by this time. The fall hunt can include caribou along with muskox.

Bob and Dennis flew out of Chicago to Copenhagen, Denmark on an 8 hour flight. Spent the night close to the Copenhagen airport at a nice hotel priced at $290 for double occupancy with a great breakfast. They also have a nice restaurant and lounge. Next day took a 4 hour flight to Kangerlussuaq, Greenland where they were met by the outfitter and dropped off travel clothes and gear not needed for their hunt. Went by pickup for about 40 minutes driving up a frozen fjord. Went another 45 minutes by track ATV and snowmobile on the frozen river to their camp. Normally they are able to drive trucks to the camp, but this spring it was unusually colder and they had to reach camp by other means. Camp was a small heated cabin with outhouse facilities, no shower, but not necessary as the spring hunt is only 3 days. Bob had enough time to get out and harvest an arctic hare before supper consisting of muskox meat.

First morning out they took ATV’s up the frozen river system glassing for muskox. By 10 am they had seen 3 groups of muskox totaling about 30 animals and Bob’s hunter, Dennis, killed a nice mature bull they estimated at 10 years of age. Back to camp by 1 pm where they had a nice lunch. Bob and his guide went back out in the afternoon where they looked over 5 more groups of muskox totaling about 50 animals and decided to pass and spend a little more time hunting the next day.

Second morning after a big breakfast they headed down another river system and up into the mountains. Passed on a group of 5 bulls and rode into a big wide valley where they glassed 5 more groups consisting of about 40 muskox in all. The guide picked out an old mature bull and Bob filled his tag. After pictures, skinning and quartering they headed back to camp while chasing a few ptarmigan on the way. After a big supper they had an enjoyable night watching a spectacular display of the Northern Lights.

Third day since their tags were filled they decided to pack up and head back to town. They were dropped off at a hotel by the Kangerlussuaq airport, where a room was priced at $275 for double occupancy. The hotel had a small restaurant/lounge and a couple close local souvenir shops to purchase a few trinkets. They checked in grabbed a shower and supper, while the guide brought back their travel clothes and stored luggage.

Fourth day they flew out of Greenland about noon, landed in Copenhagen, Denmark that evening and spent the night. Next day they left Copenhagen about noon, flew to New Jersey then the last flight to home arriving around 6 that evening.

Current price in this spring muskox hunt is $5,200.

Bob is looking to put together a small group for the fall muskox hunt that can INCLUDE A CARIBOU for late September or early October of 2018. We are anticipating a 5 or 6 day hunt will be priced at $6,100 for muskox or caribou only or a combination would be $8,900. This would most likely be the pricing if we can get September dates that will not require a helicopter transfer.

If you are interested in possibly going along on this 2018 fall hunt call Bob Wodzisz at 330-730-3473 or if you just want to discuss a future Greenland hunt.  Hunt MU299.

Our 36 page color 2018 Big Game Annual will be sent out late January and if you are not on our mailing list please email us your address so you receive the new brochure.

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