We highly recommend this FREE RANGE South Africa adventure more than any other. This outfitter is one of the most reliable, honest, hardworking in the business and his Number 1 goal besides having his hunters take quality animals is to show you the best time while you are in country. He is on top of all aspects from the time you arrive in South Africa to when your trophies arrive back home.

This “EASTERN CAPE PACKAGE” price includes all in country transport, services of a PH and staff, meals, alcohol, field preparation, VAT tax and delivery of trophies to export taxidermist. This price is based on a 2×1 hunter/guide ratio, 6 full days hunting, trophy fees for 7 animals (Cape kudu, gemsbok, impala, warthog, baboon and 2 cull animals, a wildebeest and blesbok), all licenses and round trip airfare to Port Elizabeth, South Africa. If you prefer 1×1 guide service, the total upgrade is an additional $600. Extra add on days are $300 guided 2×1 or $400 guided 1×1 plus VAT tax. Observers are $185 per day.

The $8,820 price is subject to change, up or down, until airline tickets are purchased. At the time of printing, this price is accurate from most U.S. gateway cities. We have allocated $2,000 towards airfare (actual cost of safari is only $6,820) and if airfare is less, you get a rebate or if it is higher you pick up the difference.

This 250,000 acre free range area has 25 indigenous species available ranging from the small duiker antelope to the 2,000 pound Cape eland. Accommodations consists of 3 different lodge locations with entertainment area and trophy room plus private en suite chalets with thatched roofs. Excellent meals are prepared with your game meat along with other choices accompanied with traditional South African wines or beverage of your choice.

This South African PH has VERY RARE HUNTING RIGHTS AND CAMPS in THREE different FREE RANGE LOCATIONS. His Eastern Cape camp has a large variety of plains game species in high numbers and the other two camps are more specific specie areas known for nyala, bushbuck, southern greater kudu, lechwe, vaal rhebuck or bush pig.

This outfit also offers a “BUDGET EASTERN CAPE PACKAGE” priced at ONLY $6,225 AND INCLUDES AIRFARE for 6 nights/5 hunting days that includes trophy fees for kudu, impala, warthog or springbok, cull black wildebeest and a cull blesbok.

They offer management cull pricing on older females or non-trophy males as determined by the PH and cull animals are all exportable.

They also have a camp in the Kwa Zulu Natal region that has exceptional free range nyala and bushbuck accessible with a short flight from Johannesburg to Durban or a day’s drive. The different locations can be reached with a 2 to 8 hour vehicle ride depending on the camp, making it possible to hunt different camps on the same safari, without extra flights. Terrain varies in the different areas from rolling hills with scattered thorn and brushy hillsides in the Eastern Cape to more mountain terrain with thick bush, valleys, and flowing rivers in Kwa Zulu Natal.

They offer day trips for non-hunters at $350 per guide and this includes a vehicle, and the cost can be split amongst passengers. These are exclusively for your group, no mixed parties. Close by are national parks, Big 5 game reserves and there is a nice bed and breakfast on the Indian Ocean for your pleasure.

Additional animals can be taken for the trophy fees listed below and extra days can be added:

baboon $350           hartebeest $1250     springbok black $650 $650 blesbok $500     impala $500               springbok white $950

bushbuck $1250        jackal $250               steenbok $500

bushpig $1200         klipspringer $1800      vaal rhebok $1900

caracal $1300         kudu cape $1900           warthog $500

duiker $450           kudu gr southern $2750  waterbuck $2400

duiker blue $2000     lechwe $2900              wildebeest blak $950

eland $2900           nyala $2650               wildebeest blu $1100

gemsbok $1900        reedbuck cmn $950       zebra burchell $1450

giraffe $3500         reedbuck mtn $650                          grysbok $1800       springbok $450

This outfit offers exceptional safaris with fantastic free range hunting, great accommodations and excellent meals.

They also offer a 7 DAY CAPE BUFFALO on a 60,000 acre preserve for $15,220, all inclusive.

HCU consultants Bob Wodzisz, Cliff Graham and Scott Steinkruger have hunted their assorted camps. Hunt SAAP. SAAP Hunt Photos.



This outfitter has some of the best trophy quality in South Africa. He has a 50,000 acre free range area to go along with the normal high fence South Africa operation.

This package price includes all in country transport, services of PH and staff, meals, alcohol, field preparation and delivery of trophies to export taxidermist. This price is based on a 2×1 hunter/guide ratio, 6 full days hunting and trophy fees for 4 animals (kudu, gemsbok, impala, and springbok), all licenses and taxes, round trip airfare to Kimberley, RSA. 1×1 guide upgrade is an additional $50 per day. Extra add-on days are $300 guided 2×1 or $350 guided 1×1. Observers are $200 a day.

The $7,200 price is subject to change, up or down, until airline tickets are purchased. At the time of printing, this price is accurate from most U.S. gateway cities. We have allocated $2,000 towards airfare (actual cost of safari is only $5,200) and if airfare is less, we will pass the savings along and if the airfare is higher, we will pass that along also. Hunt SAGD.

Additional animals can be taken for the trophy fees listed below:

blesbok $450          kudu greater $3200         springbok cop $950

blesbok white $950    lechwe $2800               steenbok $400

bushbuck $1500        nyala $2500                tsessebe $1600

duiker $400           ostrich $450               warthog $500

eland $2200           reedbuck common $1200 waterbuck $1800

gemsbok $1200         reedbuck mountain $900     wildebest blak$1100

giraffe $3500         roan $4800           wildebest blue$1100

hartebeest $1100 sable $3500               zebra burchell$1300

impala $450           springbok $450             zebra hartmann$1800

kudu cape $1800 springbok black $650

FOUR SPRINGBOK SLAM – consisting of the common, black, white and copper springboks for 6 days at $3,500 and additional animals can be taken on trophy fees.

CAPE BUFFALO UP TO 42 INCHES $12,500 OR COMBO WITH SABLE OR ROAN guided 1×1 for 8 days is only $14,950.

HCU consultants Craig Green, Scott Steinkruger, Cliff Graham and Bob Wodzisz have all hunted here. Hunt SAGD. SAGD Hunt Photos.



This PH grew up in the hunting industry in Namibia and became the youngest qualified big game professional hunter in Namibian history and he is also one of the few PH’s that has hunted all the big five. He has the hunting rights on their concession consisting of 400,000 wild African acres and his family also owns a 17,000 acre high fence reserve within the concession where hunters are able to pursue animals that are not indigenous to Namibia, although 90 percent of the hunts take place on the free range conservancy.

These safaris include pickup and return to Windhoek Airport, concession area fees, PH, gun bearer, tracker, skinner, camp staff, field transportation, daily laundry service, accommodations, meals, alcoholic beverages in moderation, soft drinks, field preparation and delivery of trophies to export taxidermist. Hunting days can be arranged for only $350 guided 2×1 or $450 guided 1×1 and observers are only $150 per day. 15% VAT tax on day rates only is not included and the hunter permit of $25.

Luxury accommodations are in a typical African savanna setting with all rooms having en-suite bathrooms and located about 70 yards apart overlooking a natural waterhole that is frequented by many species of wild animals. They also have a family unit with two bedrooms and a private connected sitting room. The lodge has a dining area where traditional meals are prepared mainly on the outside barbeque under the stars with many of the meats from the day’s harvest. A large trophy room with a bar and pool table is all yours to enjoy after a long day out in the hunting field. Evening drinks are enjoyed around the campfire each night after hunting.

This outfit is a family operation with over 25 years of experience that offers both traditional spot and stalk hunting on open wild Africa lands conveniently located only 1 1/2 hours southeast of Windhoek. Hunt NMKS. (bold)

Animals can be taken for the trophy fees listed below:

baboon $300           red hartebeest $900

blesbok $900          roan $8000

duiker $400           sable $7000

eland $2500           springbok $600

gemsbok $600          steenbok $400

giraffe $2500         warthog $600

greater kudu $2500    waterbuck $2500

impala $700           wildebeest black $1400

jackal free           wildebeest blue $900

nyala $4000           zebra Burchell $1250

ostrich $500          zebra Hartmann $1250

They also offer photographic touring safaris or even hunting combined with touring trips to the 14,000 square mile Etosha National Park or the Skeleton Coast, where the Atlantic Ocean meets the Namib Desert for fishing and sightseeing in a game park or any area of your choice.


Hunt like Teddy Roosevelt did in the early 1900’s. This concession is over one million acres of remote African bush that holds lots of elephant, lion, leopard, buffalo, hyena and plainsgame including sable. The area also holds arguably the highest concentration of hippo and crocodile in Africa.

Hunters fly into Johannesburg, clear guns then check for next day, overnight at the Africa Sky guest house at their expense, next day fly SA Airlink to Tete in northern Mozambique (about $200 each way) where they clear customs and then charter to camp flying west towards Zimbabwe for 1 hour 20 minutes, landing on an airstrip 10 minutes from camp on the southern border of the Zambezi River. Typically use a Cessna 206, that can carry 2 or 3 hunters comfortably with rifles and luggage. Figure about $3500 per airplane roundtrip split amongst hunters.

They have 2 permanent camps, Main Camp is on the south bank of the Zambezi River and Mbadzi Camp is on the shore of Lake Cahora Bassa. Both are luxury camps in wild Africa and not many tsetse flies.

Here are a couple examples of safaris and prices that DO NOT INCLUDE trophy fees.

18 day lion/leopard or buff and plains game $45,000

15 day leopard/buff/plains game $26,250

15 day leopard/plains game $1500/$22,250

15 day 2 buffalo/plains game $22,250

15 day buff/sable/croc/hippo $22,250

12 day buff/croc/plains game $16,200

Trophy fees:

baboon $450                          hyena $3000

buffalo $6500 2nd buff $8500         impala $450

bushbuck $1800                       kudu $2750

bushpig $1200                        leopard $9500

crocodile $8000                lion $24,000 (importable)

duiker $750                          porcupine $500

eland $2900                          sable $7000

elephant $24,000 (non-importable) warthog $750

Sharpe’s grysbok $1500               waterbuck $2450

hippo $8000                          Burchell’s zebra $2400

They do offer a 10 day buffalo hunt including trophy fee for $18,900.

Leopard hunts are pre-baited and highly successful. Lots of buffalo and past hunters have all taken one or two bulls. Most bulls will be in the 38 to 41 inch class with bigger bulls taken every year. Hippo success has run 100 percent and same for crocs.

This concession is known for dangerous game more than plainsgame, but does have huge eland, plenty of spotted hyena, excellent sable upwards of 42 to 45 inches, good Sharps Grysbok, waterbuck, bushbuck, impala, kudu, duiker, warthog, baboon, Burchell’s zebra, and some others, along with tiger fishing. They are trying to secure permits for roan.

Additional costs per hunter are rifle import $300 (rifles can be rented very inexpensively), hunting card $300 and trophy prep and transport $300. Observers rate is $350 per day. Hunt MZZ.


2021/2022/2023 ALL 100 PERCENT KILLS

This Namibia PH had another year of 100 percent success on male leopards in both Namibia baited hunts and his southern Botswana hound hunts.

Namibia leopard hunts are the traditional baited style that include long hours in the blind waiting for that big male to appear. They utilize trail cameras and once a good cat is spotted a blind will be built normally 70 to 100 yards from the bait. They only target and take big males.

Luxury hunting lodges and tented camps with en suite bathrooms along with daily laundry, fine dining accompanied with the finest cuisine and a variety of spirits.

Price breakdown is 14 hunting days plus 2 days $14,000, tag $5,000, trophy fee $10,000 totaling $29,000. Prebaiting is highly recommended at an additional $2,000.

Hunters fly into Windhoek where they are met and driven to camp.

They also work with a BOTSWANA outfit that conducts LEOPARD HUNTS WITH DOGS and bushmen and you can stay until you kill! Success has continued at 100 percent going 4 for 4 and pricing is broken down for a 10 day hunt totaling 12 days at $11,610, 14% VAT tax $1,625, bushmen trackers and dogs $5,000, Resource Utilization Fee $11,500, government license fee $5,000, trophy fee $11,765 totaling $46,500. This hunt is in the Kalahari area of southern Botswana. Hunt NMEJS.