This South African PH has VERY RARE HUNTING RIGHTS AND CAMPS in THREE different FREE RANGE LOCATIONS. His Eastern Cape camp has a large variety of plains game species in high numbers and the other two are more speci c specie areas known for nyala, bushbuck, southern greater kudu, lechwe, vaal rhebuck or bush pig.

This “Eastern Cape package” price includes all in country transport, services of a PH and staff, meals, alcohol, field preparation and delivery of trophies to export taxidermist. This price is based on a 2×1 hunter/guide ratio, 6 full days hunting, trophy fees for 6 animals (Cape kudu, impala, springbok, blesbok, duiker and baboon), all licenses and round trip airfare to Port Elizabeth, RSA. Day rate tax of 14 percent is additional and on this package it totals $252. 1×1 guide upgrade is an additional $100 per day. Extra add on days are $300 guided 2×1 or $400 guided 1×1. Observers are $185 per day.

The $6,600 price is subject to change, up or down, until airline tickets are purchased. At the time of printing, this price is accurate from most U.S. gateway cities. We have allocated $2,000 towards airfare (actual cost of safari is only $4,600) and if airfare is less you get a rebate or if it is higher you pick up the difference.

This area has 25 indigenous species available ranging from duiker to cape eland. Accommodations consist of a very nice lodge with entertainment area and trophy room plus 4 private en suite chalets with thatched roofs. Excellent meals are prepared with your trophies along with other choices accompanied with traditional South African wines or beverage of your choice.

This outfit also offers a “BUDGET EASTERN CAPE PACKAGE” priced at ONLY $3,800 PLUS AIRFARE for 5 hunting days that includes trophy fees for kudu, impala, warthog or springbok, cull black wildebeest and a cull blesbok.

His “EASTERN CAPE PREMIUM PACKAGE” IS $6,850 PLUS AIRFARE for 7 hunting days and includes trophy fees for kudu, gemsbok, bushbuck, impala, blesbok, duiker and baboon.

They also have a camp in the Kwa Zulu Natal region that has exceptional free range nyala and bushbuck accessible with a short ight from Johannesburg to Durban. The different locations can be reached with a 2 to 8 hour vehicle ride depending on the camp, making it possible to hunt different camps on the same safari. Terrain varies in the different areas from rolling hills with scattered thorn and brushy hillsides in the Eastern Cape to more mountain terrain with thick bush, valleys and owing rivers in Kwa Zulu Natal.

They also offer day trips for non-hunters at $350 per guide and this includes a vehicle and the cost can be split amongst passengers. These are exclusively for your group, no mixed parties. Close by are national parks, Big 5 game reserves and there is a really nice bed and breakfast on the Indian Ocean for your pleasure.

Additional animals can be taken for the trophy fees listed below and extra days can be added:

baboon $350                  impala $450                        bushbuck $950
bushpig $1200              caracal $1300                    duiker $400
duiker blue $2000      eland $2550                        gemsbok $1350
giraffe $3500                 reedbuck mtn $550        hartebeest $110 springbok black $650 jackal $250                         klipspringer $1500 kudu cape $1450          kudu gr southern $2650
lechwe $2900                 nyala $2650                       ostrich $800
reedbuck cmn $850    zebra burchell $1450   springbok $400 blesbok $500                  grysbok $1500                 springbok white $950
steenbok $450               suni $1650                          vaal rhebok $1600 warthog $450                 waterbuck $2400           wildebeest blak $850 wildebeest blue $950

This outfit offers exceptional safaris with fantastic free range hunting, great accommodations and excellent meals. HCU has worked with this out t for the past 7 years and HCU consultants Bob Wodzisz, Cliff Graham and Scott Steinkruger have hunted here. Hunt SAAP. 

Dal Kube with his giant Vaal Rhebuck taken in South Africa on the eastern cape on Hunt SAAP.

Bob Link with his black springbok.

Bob with a great bushbuck.

Bob with his Nyala taken on this trip.

Lastly, Bob took this exceptional Sable.

Ron Seibert was hunting with Bob and took this nice sable.

Ron also took this nice black wildebeest.

This particular camp is known as their Bavaains Camp and is a 3 hour ride from Port Elizabeth.

A couple more photos of the main camp

Alaina and Allen with Alaina’s mountain reedbuck.

Allen has hunted Africa several times and wanted to take a nice free-range red hartebeest on this hunt.

Bushbuck are quite a trophy and Allen was happy to take this one.

Alaina took this mature impala.

Hunters and guides glassing some high desert country.

Alaina was also able to take this very inexpensive cull kudu bull.

The Hendersons also spent a day at the Addo Elephant Park, about a 2 hour drive south.