HCU has worked with this PH more than a decade and HCU consultants Scott Steinkruger, Cliff Graham and Bob Wodzisz have hunted here. Over 60 percent of our customers have rebooked this hunt for a second trip and 20 percent book for a third. Don’t be fooled by the low price, this out tter has some of the best trophy quality in South Africa and he has a 50,000 acre free range area to go along with the normal high fence South Africa operation.

This package price includes all in country transport, services of PH and staff, meals, alcohol, field preparation and delivery of trophies to export taxidermist. This price is based on a 2×1 hunter/guide ratio, 6 full days hunting, trophy fees for 5 animals (Cape kudu, gemsbok, impala, blesbok and springbok), all licenses and taxes, round trip airfare to Kimberley, RSA. 1×1 guide upgrade is an additional $100 per day. Extra add-on days are $300 guided 2×1 or $400 guided 1×1. Observers are $200 a day.

The $6,500 price is subject to change, up or down, until airline tickets are purchased. At the time of printing, this price is accurate from most U.S. gateway cities. We have allocated $2,000 towards airfare (actual cost of safari is only $4,500) and if airfare is less, we will pass the savings along and if the airfare is higher, we will pass that along also.

Additional animals can be taken for the trophy fees listed below:

blesbok $450           blesbok white $850        bushbuck $1500
duiker $400              eland $1800                        gemsbok $900
giraffe $3500           hartebeest $900               impala $450
kudu cape $1500   kudu greater $2200       lechwe $2800
nyala $2500              ostrich $450                       reedbuck common $1200 reedbuck mountain $900                                     sable $6500
springbok $450      springbok black $650    springbok copper $1800 steenbok $400        warthog $400                    waterbuck $1800 wildebeest black $900                                           wildebeest blue $900 zebra burchell $1300                                              zebra hartmann $1800

Additional species are available, INCLUDING CAPE BUFFALO $13,500, LION FOR $18,000, LIONESS $7,500. Hunt SAGD.


SAGD Zack English gemsbok 2015
Zack English with his gemsbok taken on Hunt SAGD.

SAGD Skip Fedigan 41 inch buff 2015
Skip Fedigan with his 41 inch cape buffalo taken on Hunt SAGD.

Art Jillson took his bull elephant near the Botswana border.

HCU’s Art Jillson took this monster hippo with our South African PH near the Botswana border.

Ed Taylor with his monster 57.5 inch kudu taken on Hunt SAGD!!  Below are some of the other animals that Ed took on the hunt!

Ed with his nice bushbuck.

Ed with his great nyala!

Ed with his zebra taken on Hunt SAGD.

Ed with his ostrich.

Ed Bearer just returned from South Africa Hunt SAGD and took some great animals including this terrific cape kudu and monster blue wildebeest.

Dave Osborne took his 5th South Africa safari with HCU this past summer on Hunt SAGD. Dave is 80 years old and going like a champ. He has taken both sons, Ed and Curt on several of these adventures and just can’t get enough. Dave has taken quite an impressive amount of African animals on his trips and feels this is the best value for your dollar.

Dave Osborne with his heavy horned springbok taken on Hunt SAGD on his 5th African Safari!

Dave Osborne with his geat eland!

Ed Osborne accompanied his Dad, Dave on his past 3 South Africa adventures and on this trip took a freak gemsbok and a real good heavy old impala, along with several other animals.

Brenda Yakubik and Skip Fedigan just returned with some of these trophies taken on Hunt SAGD.

Mike Huber and his father George with his gemsbok, blesbok, cape kudu, impala and springbok taken on Hunt SAGD!

Hunter is Al Lowe with his South Africa lion. This is an exceptional male.

Al Lowe with his good black wildebeest.

Al Lowe with his impala.

Al Lowe with his good sable.

Dave’s red hartebeest had exceptional mass.

This is an exceptional cape kudu measuring over 52 inches.

Very nice mature springbok.

This impala has good length and mass.

Dave took this above average blesbok.

Everyone wants to take a warthog on their first safari.

This PH produces the best gemsbok for his clients.

Dave added a black wildebeest to his hit list.

Bryan Sorennsen and his black wildebeest.

Bryan Sorennsen and his impala.

Bryan Sorennsen and his springbok.

Bryan Sorennsen and his kudu.

Bryan Sorennsen and his zebra.

Sorennsen family with a blue wildebeest.

Sorennsen family with an eland.

Sorennsen family with a steinbok.

Sorennsen family with a

Sorennsen family with a red hartebeest.

Sorennsen family with another steinbok.

Sorennsen family with a zebra.

Bryan Sorennsen and his warthog.

SAGD Sorennson family red hartebeest

SAGD Sorennson family gemsbok.

Don Wehr and his Burchekk’s zebra.

Don Wehr and his nice gemsbok.

Don Wehr and his nice impala.

Doug English with his springbok.

Graig Nordgram with his good greater kudu.

Jim Taylor and his nice impala.

Jim Taylor and his nice greater kudu.

Josh Campton with his good gemsbok.

Justin Campton with his good eland.

Justin, Les and Josh with their blue wildebeest.

Kerr Miller with his blue wildebeest.

Kudo Zubo with his cape kudu.

Les Campton with his black wildebeest.

Mark Davidson with a good cape kudu.

Mark Davidson with his steinbuck.

Mark Donahue with his blesbok.

Matthew Beasley with his nice sable.

Ray Arch with his impala.

Tim Walker with his impala.

Zach Beasley with his nice black springbok.

Zach Beasley with his nice blesbok.

Zach Neher with his blesbok.

Daniel Quesenberry with his 48″ greater kudu,