Last winter 2015/2016 his 5 lion hunters killed 4, including one female in their better deer areas. The unsuccessful hunter will return to try again.

Winter of 2014/2015, this out tter took 3 toms for his 3 hunters and 2 were really big old mature toms. Winter of 2013/2014 proved tough with poor snow conditions and they ended up killing 3 toms for 5 hunters. 2012/2013 winter produced 5 cats for 5 hunters, including 4 toms with 3 monsters going in the 160 to 180 pound weight class.

This is a very personal family operation that offers 5 day hunts for $5,500 with nice ranch house accommodations. If 2 hunters come together he will allow them to stay 10 days. The out tter also offers a return trip for only half price if he fails to tree you any lion. License is about $350 and round trip airport pickup in Grand Junction is $150. HCU has had several hunters take their spouses on this hunt and the outfitter’s wife will take them on some real nice day trips to surrounding towns for sightseeing and shopping. Non-hunter pricing is $150 per day. Hunts start December 10 and run into late February.  Hunt ML21. 

I shot it the first morning of the hunt even though there was little snow. It was a very good time and good hunt, just like all the other hunts you have booked for me. My wife also had a good time as a non hunter. She traveled with us till we crossed the tracks, then stayed with the truck. Again thanks! Thanks, Gary Heubel (Hunt ML21)

HCU hunter Mark Puerschner took this big tom with the help of one of the Colorado crews.

Jim Kautz took his tom on Hunt ML21.

Kevin Fenton with his big tom!

Jim Kelly with his big tom.

Otis Asal with his big tom!

Al Faber with his good tom taken with archery equipment.

John Banbury with his good cat.

Kermit Bright with his nice cat.

Rory and Jason McKean with their good tom.

Tom Kunst and his great tom!

Mike Metzger with his good tom.

Floyd Stambaugh and his nice tom.

Richard Nichols and his nice tom.

Andy Matis with his nice tom.