Over the past 11 years this out tter has taken 57 lynx for 63 hunters, an unbelievable feat. He has a 3,500 square mile area located in prime lynx, cougar and bobcat habitat in southern British Columbia just north of the state of Washington.

His mountain lion hunts are also very successful, as well as being known to produce some really big toms. 2015/2016 season 9 cougar hunters killed 9 cats, they intentionally took 2 females out of his bighorn sheep area. 2014/2015 winter 11 lion hunters scored on 10 cats, including 9 toms. 2013/2014 winter produced 11 lions for all 11 hunters including 3 monsters that weighed in the 180 to 200 pound class. In 2012/13 winter his 12 cougar hunters took home 11 cats. In 2011/12 all 6 hunters took home toms.

He starts mid November and runs through January. 7 day lynx hunts are $7,000 or $10,000 for cougar. After your initial kill you can continue hunting at $750 per day for additional species, bobcat or lynx, and there are no trophy fees. There is a 6 percent HST tax and hunters stay in the lodge by the house and are picked up in Penticton, British Columbia. Hunt LX292. 

ML292 Jason Hathaway lynx
Jason Hathaway wanted a big lynx and boy did he get one. He went with probably the best lynx outfitter in British Columbia and scored the last day on Hunt ML292.