At press time 15 hunters had killed 9 bucks, best buck was an old massive buck that grossed only 162. Majority of the bucks were in the 135 to 140 inch class. Warm weather and no snow had hampered the early hunts, but he had 4 more hunters coming and was hoping for colder weather.

Here is a very solid inexpensive Saskatchewan whitetail hunt that takes place on the fringe of farmland and into the bush. This hunt normally produces about 80 percent success and the average buck grosses around 140 Boone and Crockett inches, with top bucks scoring up into the 160 class. Some years have produced the monster buck Saskatchewan is known for. HCU has worked with this small outfitter on both his whitetail and bear hunts with great success over 15 years.

6 day rifle whitetail hunts in November are only $3,900 and INCLUDE LICENSE AND TAX. He has 25 heated box blinds about 8 to 12 feet off the ground. Nice two story cabin accommodations right on the lake with good shing. This is a super priced hunt and airport pickup can be arranged from Saskatoon at a cost of $400 round trip that can be divided amongst hunters. We prefer the second and third weeks depending on the moon phase. Openings are very limited due to repeat bookings. Hunt WD577.