At press time the archery season was almost completed. First hunt went 1 for 5, killed a 140 and hit and lost a buck. Second hunt was 6 for  9, killed a 172, 166, 158, 152, 148 and a penalty buck. One buck was hit and lost. Third hunt was underway and one hunter had killed out of the two, a 140 deer.

2015 archery hunt ended up with 18 archers killing 7 bucks, including a 173, 3 over 150 inches, 140 and a couple smaller bucks. They hit and lost 7 more bucks.

2014 was tougher than normal with only taking 5 bucks for 17 archers. 4 bucks were hit and lost and a few were missed. Top 3 bucks grossed 183, 168 and 155. Gun season produced 5 bucks for 11 hunters and late muzzleloader went 8 for 10 on bucks gross scoring from 140 to 160 inches.

They have over 6,000 private acres that are enhanced with plenty of food plots in south central Iowa, Zone 5. They enforce a 140 inch minimum rule and take a very low number of hunters considering the large amount of property, which really helps the trophy quality. They use over 100 lock-on stands and a dozen ladders stands. They also have 10 blinds built on stilts for gun hunters. Archery hunts start the end of October and continue to about November 20. First gun hunt is December 2 to 6, second gun is December 9 to 14 and late muzzleloader is December 26 to January 10.

All hunts are 6 days bow or gun at $3,800 plus 5 percent tax. Arrive Saturday, hunt Sunday to Friday and leave Saturday. They have 2 camps about 25 miles apart. The North Camp is fairly new with 3 bedrooms and 2 baths and holds up to 4 hunters. The South Camp is an old farmhouse and it sleeps up to 6.

Draw deadline is June 1 and it normally takes 2 or 3 preference points to draw the archery tag and 1 or 2 points to draw a gun tag. Call 800-367- 1188 during the month of May to acquire your preference point for $52, it is worth getting them for future hunts. Bob Wodzisz has been on these farms. Hunt WD799.