This ranch owner only allows a very select number of hunters each year to hunt his ranch, run by him, mainly for enjoyment and to manage a healthy deer herd. Fantastic accommodations coupled with Black Angus steaks grilling over the mesquite fire at the end of the day along with a cold beer or a glass of ne wine. It just doesn’t get any better.

Here is a great bargain, something not common for Texas whitetail hunts. This 1,200 acre private ranch under high fence is located in the Texas panhandle near the town of Clarendon. Arrive on a Thursday, hunt Friday, Saturday, Sunday and depart on Monday. Three hunting days are priced very economically at $3,000 and that includes a buck of 8 or 9 points and gross scoring less than 150 Boone and Crockett inches, very nice accommodations, food and 1 on 1 guide service. Your guide will make the call on size and if he under estimates there is no additional charge to the hunter. Deer grossing from 150 up to 169 Boone and Crockett points have a trophy fee of $2,000. Top trophy bucks scoring over 170 have a $4,500 trophy fee. This ranch has limited hunting and is very brushy where as many mature bucks are not seen all year except for during the rut.

Quail hunting or red stag can be included with this hunt. Texas non-resident license is $300. Hunters are met in Amarillo. Extremely limited openings, call for availability. HCU’s Scott Steinkruger has been on this ranch. Hunt WDP806.  

Bill Aldrich with a great buck.

Dick Nussmbaumer with his nice buck.

Ty Schomaker with his nice buck.

Dick Nussbaumer and his nice buck.

Vartan Abkarian with his good buck.