We work with 2 outfitters in the Northwest Territories that offer premier mountain caribou hunts. Success generally runs at or near 100 percent on bulls with average gross scores of 375 to 380 Boone and Crockett, with some scoring into the 430’s and typically about 25 percent score over the 390 record book minimum. Both outfits will typically take 15 to 25 bulls per year, either on straight caribou hunts or as extra animals on the sheep and moose hunts. Both hunts require a round trip charter out of Norman Wells priced close to $1,400.

The second outfitter offers 9 day backpack hunts guided 2×1 from July 26 to September 19 priced at $11,000 plus $100 preservation fund and 2 1/2 percent taxes. He also offers moose on the later caribou hunts for a kill fee of $11,500. Caribou can be taken on a $5,000 trophy fee as add-ons for his sheep and moose hunts. HCU consultants Bob Wodzisz and Cliff Graham have taken moose and caribou with this outfit.  Hunt CU250. 

CU250 Mark Rupert 2015Mark Rupert with his mountain caribou taken on hunt CU250!

Gary Heubel with a big mountain caribou taken on this hunt.

Mohammad Ali with his great bull!

Barry Sommerville and his big caribou.

Bob Jenkins and his nice caribou.

Dave Jenkins and his nice caribou.

Jason Hathaway with his nice caribou.

Mike Jenkins and his nice caribou.

Shoshana Wodzisz and her nice caribou.

Bob Wodzisz and his big bull.

Rob Ricker and his nice bull.

Bob Altemus with his big bull.