This outfitter picked up a new ranch in 2016 adding about 30,000 private acres to his existing 40,000 acres. This gave him the ability to run about 24 aoudad hunters in 2016 and at press time everyone had taken a good ram.

2015 was another great year for all the aoudad hunters that went with this outfitter. 21 kills for all 21 hunters, with the best ram going 33 inches and 3 more over 30 inches. He has 3 ranches south of Marfa in west Texas in mountainous country with elevations up to 6,000 feet. Most rams taken are in the 28 to 30 inch bracket, with average shots from 150 to 400 yards.

2014 was also 100 percent success on rams mostly in the 28 to 33 inch category.

Not every year is going to be 100 percent success, but he has always had 100 percent opportunity with a very high success rate. He has been hunting rams in West Texas for over 30 years and manages his country for trophy rams being careful to only take a few of the most mature every year. All hunts are 4 full days of hunting, ranch/ bunkhouse accommodations, includes meals, 2×1 guiding at $5,000. Texas non-resident license is only $48. Hunts begin just after Thanksgiving and go to mid April.

Hunters need to be in shape and prepared for long distance shooting, as some shots are across canyons and fairly open at land. Spot and stalk, using pickups and quads to traverse the country is the method of hunting. Hunters can y to Midland or El Paso and rent a car for the 3 hour drive to the ranch. Next available opening is mid March of 2017. Hunt AU11.