Last fall this outfitter hosted 11 sheep hunters and 9 took home rams, including a 41 inch plus ram and one just shy of 40. One unsuccessful hunter was a repeat hunter that had taken a ram here previously and ended up passing looking for a trophy ram. The other unsuccessful hunter was an older gentleman that saw 16 rams, but was unable to hike to them.

This Yukon Territory private concession has a very high density dall sheep population and is one of the least physically demanding when it comes to the terrain, don’t get us wrong it is still sheep hunting, but just not as rugged as most sheep areas.

2015 regular sheep season saw 12 hunters tag 11 rams, with the unsuccessful hunter on a mid- September hunt passing early on a legal full curl ram then 12 inches of snow dumped on the area and he did not get another opportunity. Best ram taken was just shy of 40 inches.

2014 went 12 for 12, with the best ram going 40 inches.

2013 went 12 for 12, with the best ram going 41 inches.

Rams typically average 36 to 37 inches and 10 1/2 years in age. All horseback 12 days,

10 actual hunting days, with more than 6 rustic cabin accommodations with wood heat scattered throughout the area. Cabins are mostly located from 3200 feet to 4000-foot elevations and the highest mountain in the area is at 7000 feet. They typically take 3 sheep hunters per hunt starting August 1 to mid-September for a total of 12 per year.

$18,500 guided 1×1 and gure an additional $2,500 to cover charter flight (about $1,000), license, tags, government royalties, tax and hunter preservation fund. Most hunters take their sheep horns and cape with them on the ight home as long as they get checked in town by Fish and Game. 2017 is booked full and 3 or 4 openings remain for 2018 at press time. Hunt DS393.