This hunt is typically one of our best COLORADO bowhunts on private land priced at $4,500 for 5 days guided 2×1 during the month of September, but 2016 was really tough. He has a couple private ranches with cabin accommodations in the mountains east of Hotchkiss, an area known for high elk numbers.

2016 season had super warm conditions, the elk were there, but things just didn’t click to get bulls on the ground. Over the course of a couple bowhunts 9 archers killed one bull, missed a couple, killed a couple cows and missed a bear. Action was good.

In 2015 on the rst archery hunt his 3 bowhunters killed 2 bulls in the 250 to 260 class and the hunter that did not tag an elk was on a combo hunt and arrowed a 175 inch muley. On the second archery hunt he had 5 bowhunters kill 3 bulls, one hunter missed and the other archer never had an opportunity. One archer killed a bull and a great 180 inch muley.

In 2014 his 5 bowhunters killed 3 bulls, all 5×5’s that were called in. Other bulls were missed and passed along with several cows. 2 bears were taken with archery gear by elk hunters.

In 2013 his 8 archers took 5 bulls, 4 of them were 5×5’s and one 4×4. One bull was hit and lost and another missed. Hunt EKB163.