This longtime Newfoundland moose/caribou out tter had been taking a very limited amount of spring bear hunters (6 to 10) up until 2010 with great success on big bears. They didn’t run any bear hunters for the next 3 years and then in 2014 they took one and he scored. Spring of 2015 they got up and running again producing 12 bears for 9 hunters, including 2 weighing over 500 pounds, a 422 pounder, 2 at 350 and the rest coming in at 200 to 300 pounds. This includes 3 bowhunters that killed 3 bears and also crippled and lost 3. 4 of the hunters took 2 bears each, one hunter had poor luck and just did not get an opportunity and another hunter passed on a big bear early and didn’t get a second opportunity.

In 2016 they killed 3 bears for 6 hunters, a 548 pounder, 440 and a small bear. One guy hit and lost a bear.

Price is only $2,400 for a 6 day spring bait hunt plus license and tax, with nice cabin accommodations that are suitable to bring along a non hunting spouse for only $700. They typically run hunts from mid June to mid July and hunters can do some fishing for small brook trout right by the cabin or also in a nearby river. Fly into Deer Lake where you will be met by the outfitter. Hunt BL94.