Spring of 2016 he had 11 hunters kill 20 bears, all but 2 hunters tagged 2 bears each and they both killed. One bear was a monster with a 21 PLUS INCH SKULL. They killed 3 BEARS SQUARING 7 FOOT and 5 were off colored bears.

2015 spring produced 10 bears for 5 hunters, including 2 that squared out at an amazing 7 foot. This out tter has tags near his home in Unit 506 and also north in Unit 509, about a 50 minute drive from the house. 2014 spring he had 5 hunters up north and they took 9 bears, including 3 that would go 7 foot or better. He had 3 hunters near his home in Unit 506 and they only took 3 bears for 3 hunters.

This hunt allows you to take 2 bears so be especially selective on your second bear. Normally the main reason an outfitter takes really huge bears like this is because of a new area or he is up against an area that does not allow hunting, like a park, that he can pull old bears out of or his area is extremely under hunted. So if you are looking for a huge bear at a very reasonable rate that even allows you to take 2, you had better look at this hunt.

6 day May hunts for 2 bears including lodging, meals, guiding, license, tax and airport pickup in Edmonton is only $4,300. Hunt BL832.