Last winter he had 2 hunters with no kills, super tough rain and ice conditions, although they did manage to tree a female. He has opted for a new line of lion hounds for this coming winter and we are all looking forward to see the outcome. This is a really hard working out tter in a great area who does everything in his power to have successful hunters. Call us for this past winters stats and 2017/2018 season openings.

2014/2015 winter he hunted 3 guys and they killed 2 big mature toms and a female. He cancelled 3 hunters due to bad weather conditions. Over the previous 10 winters he has hosted a total of 42 hunters and they killed 37 lions, of which 34 were toms. The area is well known for big toms and the price is low at only $6,000 plus license and tax for a 7 day hunt compared to other out ts in this area that charge over $7,500. The scenery is fantastic and you won’t nd a harder working out tter. He takes a very limited number of hunters per year, typically 3 or 4, in his 3,500 square mile concession near the Washington border. Hunters rent a car for the short drive across the border, no charter flights. Next available opening is winter of 2017/2018. HCU’s Bob Wodzisz, scored on a big cougar and lynx on this hunt. Hunt ML140.  

Scott Guskin with a great tom taken on this hunt in 2011.

Scott Harrower took his big tom on a HCU British Columbia hunt.

Rick Kolesar took his mountain lion and bobcat in British Columbia on Hunt ML140. Rick reported that this was a very rewarding trip with a super hard working outfitter/guide.

Rick with his nice bobcat also.

Ed Housel with his nice tom.

Rick Case with his big tom.

HCU Bob Wodzisz with his lynx.

Michael Deschaine and his nice tom.

Michael Deschaine and his bobcat.

Michael Gittelman with his nice tom.